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    I really like the new and polished weapon models but my camera is shaking a lot when firing weapons, after a minute or so I start to feel very nauseous. Is there a way to disable this head bobbing / shaking when firing a weapon like the blaster rifle?
  1. I downloaded the newest version of OpenJK (openjk-2020-09-07-ca63f215-windows from https://builds.openjk.org/) and tried launching a solo game but the same issue seems to happen. After clicking on "Next" to start the game the loading screen is stuck at "Starting up...", a few seconds later my normal mouse cursor is visible, the game stops doing anything (same happens when creating a LAN game). Is there anything else I can do at this point?
  2. Ah yes that could be it, I used the "setforceall" command because I played a modded story line and started without any abilities. I am unsure about that debug build, I just downloaded the latest version of OpenJK and then installed it like it was explained in the installation guide (placing the files into the GameData folder and then running the new .exe files). Other than that I didn't change anything besides using the console commands.
  3. Oh ok, thanks for replying! Another question unrelated to this issue: since I installed OpenJK I also see weird behavior in the fighting styles that I can use. Normally you can chose between fast, medium and strong but for some reason I have a 4th fighting style after the strong one. If I press the button to change the fighting style while using the red one, it stays at red but now uses the animations of the fast (blue) fighting style, just very slow (like when using the red style). Is this a bug or intended to work like that?
  4. Hello, I downloaded OpenJK because in many Steam threads I read that it fixes the crashing issue that happens when you try to create a solo game against bots with a custom resolution (1920x1080 in this case). I tried everything out in Singleplayer and it works fine but if I now try to create a solo game in the multiplayer menu it "crashes", nothing happens and I am stuck in the loading screen. Am I missing something that I need to do? I couldn't find anything on the internet, people only say that one should use OpenJK to avoid this crash but it seems to not work for me. There is a workaround without the mod where you have to host a local game and then open the game again to join it but that doesn't seem to work with OpenJK either, if I start to host the game it just gets stuck at the same point. Joining normal multiplayer games I find in the server browser works fine, still, in the normal version of Jedi Academy I was able to set my FOV to 110, that doesn't seem to work in OpenJK either, after restarting the value is set back to 80. Does anyone know what I need to do?
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