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  1. I'll admit I was sort of hoping they'd wait until 2019 or whenever so they could do a trilogy game, to better mesh with LSW and LSW2, but... realistically I'm sure that was never going to happen TFA just crossed 2 billion, after all. Still, this looks hilarious and I'm sure I'll play it. I played the original two to death, and I've dabbled here and there in the post-Indy Lego games. Here's hoping they recreate the next two trailers in Lego format in the lead-up to the June release
  2. @@Circa: That would certainly make me and many others quite happy, as well as being very appropriate for the time. Hope it's true! While it's true that Del Toro would almost definitely make a great Imperial commander/general/Moff/whatever, my money's actually on him being a Resistance/Republic military leader instead. TFA introduced four villains, didn't kill any of them, and underused all but one. Del Toro taking Hux's place makes Hux rather useless to the series. The Republic on the other hand just had its government and leaders wiped out. If it is to survive, someone would have to step up and take over. It makes sense for it to be a military take over, either by what's left of the Republic army or perhaps even by the Resistance. Benicio Del Toro could play the new head of the Republic(Technically, Leia could also serve that roll, but I get the feeling that they don't want to give Fisher a lot of screen time...). That said, he could still be a villain, even as the head of the Republic. Or perhaps not a 'villain', but ruthless and uncompromising. I think that could be an interesting direction to take the series in, the Republic becoming darker/greyer and more militaristic to combat the unequivocally evil First Order, with the Jedi and the main characters just caught in the middle.
  3. Maybe, but the thing about 2017 is that it marks the 40th anniversary of the original's release. They've got the wrong month now, but right year.
  4. ^^I hope so. My reaction to announcements of delays is almost always as follows, first the initial disappointment, then the acknowledgement that it's almost certainly for the better. Besides, even with that delay, Episode VIII will still be the shortest wait between episodes so far.
  5. Back in 2008 when the movie came out(I was actually ignorant of the upcoming show at all, I thought it was just a standalone movie), I despised Ahsoka's character, both from an in-story and out-of-story point of view. From an in-story viewpoint she was very annoying and insisted on giving everyone nicknames, and from an out-of-story viewpoint she was an obligatory kid because it was a kids movie and it broke the canon because why the heck would no one ever mention Anakin's apprentice in Episode III or beyond? And the fact that I found the character design to be somewhat sleazy wasn't helping any, either... That was me in 2008 anyway, over the years I softened to the concept and realized that, with the show, there's plenty of time to remove 'trouble characters' like Anakin's and Dooku's apprentices. But even without that problem, the movie itself was so off-putting I didn't get around to giving the show a shot until... 2015, once it was all done and on home video - I've got to admit, over the course of five and a half seasons, Ahsoka's character really grew on me. I could admit I liked her in Season 3, though really I think I did in 2, I was just in denial because I'd disliked Season 1 and the movie so much. Any early complaints I had are completely gone, I think Ahsoka as Anakin's apprentice worked fantastically, not just from a character standpoint but from the larger saga standpoint as well. While it is a shame the show had to be cut prematurely, Ahsoka had a great outro, and the general format of the stories made it pretty believable that Episode III was simply the 6-part finale. Paradoxically, because I know this couldn't happen, I wish that Ahsoka could've been in Episode III, to be killed by Anakin. Tragic, yes, but that's what Episode III is supposed to be. The way the prequel trilogy is, the only Jedi that Anakin had a real emotional connection to was Kenobi - and obviously Vader can't kill him, so instead the only ones Vader gets to kill are Mace(Whom both the audience and character barely care about, if at all) and some younglings. Imagine the emotional impact of that, vs. the hypothetical version of Episode III where he kills his own apprentice. Granted, the prequel writing and characters being what they are, that probably wouldn't have had the 'oomph' it should have, but... eh, I can dream. Basically what I'm saying is that I'd love an Episode III remake by The Clone Wars team done as an 8-part arc. Or even a season-long arc, why not. But yeah, Ahsoka's pretty great. Kenobi's still my favorite Jedi(One of the few SW characters I actually like *all* incarnations of, be they prequel, original, animated or otherwise), but Ahsoka's probably in the top 5 at least. I'm also a big fan of her theme music, it's my favorite non-Williams Star Wars track. Sorry about the long post, I'm prone to making those if I'm not careful. Or even if I am. Or any other time.
  6. @ & @@eezstreet While you might be right that Finn and Poe technically could've been merged, the theory that Finn was added later is incorrect, according to the art and making of book I've been reading the past few days. In the earlier script, Finn(known as Sam) and Poe(John Doe) escape pretty much as they do in the movie, and then part on hostile terms on Jakku. I'm not really sure what becomes of John Doe in that version of the script, but Sam goes on to be a main character alongside Rey(Known then as Kira). Random side note, but in the early concept art for these character and this sequence, made long before casting, Sam, the trooper, is white, while John Doe, the resistance pilot, is black. In a later, near-final script, Poe was supposed to die in the crash. That was current all the way up until casting, as confirmed by JJ and Oscar Isaac. JJ specifically made the script change to have Poe survive because he wanted Isaac in the sequels. But yeah, regardless of names and where they decided to take the character and such, the concept of a defecting storm trooper as one of the main cast was there almost from the beginning. Poe was barely a presence at all(Even less than the actual movie) until very late versions of the script.
  7. @: Very interesting, and it sounds very plausible. I didn't notice Luke was near a grave/shrine/statue, but I'll keep an eye out for next time. The only part of this theory that doesn't make sense to me is Han Solo watching her. He found her by accident, and then told Chewie he was going to ditch her and Finn somewhere immediately, why would he do that if he'd been watching her? And how did he find her in the first place if not by accident? While I do like the Kenobi theory, it doesn't make as much sense as the Luke one, at least not yet. And it'd be harder to explain, since she'd have to be his granddaughter and not just daughter as with Luke... then again, Obi-Wan and Vader both having rival grandchildren is perhaps an interesting angle to take. Eh, just thinking aloud now. Fun theories, regardless.
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