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  1. Hi Dark Apprentice  could we use your DarthVader model  it for Star Wars Galactic Adventures.

    1. dark_apprentice


      Sure, go ahead and credit it with all the other authors involved, not sure of which version you refer for Vader, I think some models are outdated and some can be hidden in my WIP page here. Sorry just barely having time for anything SW related for a long, long time. Cheers.

  2. Actually mine and Punisher's versions were first, before Tompa made his version for his mod. And no, long time not into sharing/releasing anything, barely have the time to work on anything new/old.
  3. Anakin Skywalker (Original Trilogy - Sebastian Shaw) version 3. If Anakin survived after his redemption to the light. Credits to: Jeff (hand textures to match face), The Punisher (Troubleshooting of weight issues), Sirius (polishing of face texture). Body mesh: Free Radicals Battlefront 3 "Old Ben Kenobi", hair mesh: Force Arena "Full Krenic / Animated version". Photoshopped head morph of Anakin/Hayden, since no good reference photos available of Sebastian Shaw.
  4. You may try to hide his right hand from the skin file? Otherwise it's great model. Also could eventually help with Dagobah Luke, but will have to check with a friend.
  5. There might be one, there might not. The future always in motion is...
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