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We are geth.


This model is a completely custom made replica of the geth trooper from the Mass Effect series. It is particularly modeled off of the geth engineer variant found most easily in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer game. All content is completely custom. This means the mesh was 100% made from scratch, the textures were fully painted by hand by myself with no photosourcing at all, and even the soundset is completely custom made with no sounds sourced directly from the game.


This model took me about two weeks to sculpt, two weeks to paint, and two weeks to do all the retexturing and packaging for Jedi Academy. I began work on July 31st and am officially calling it done today, on September 12th. This is the most challenging, most rewarding, and most successful project I have completed to date. I'm very happy with the results and I'm hoping the Mass Effect fans out there -- and maybe even some folks who aren't into Mass Effect -- will enjoy playing with this model as much as I've enjoyed creating it.


There are seventeen (yes, you read that right) skins included with this package. Ten of them are made by me, one is made by @Veilor, one is made by @Cloud Senatu, and five are made by @Ruxith. Skins mimicking real Mass Effect NPC's are as follows (some are loosely based on their in-game counterparts in cases where a new mesh would be required):

  • geth trooper
  • geth rocket trooper (ME3)
  • geth prime (red team skin)
  • geth hunter (ME3)
  • geth pyro (loose interpretation)
  • geth destroyer (Veilor's skin)
  • Legion (pre-gaping hole)

NPC's for these skins are also available. They can be spawned with the following commands:


npc spawn:

  • geth
  • geth-hunter
  • geth-pyro
  • geth-rocket
  • geth-prime
  • geth-destroyer
  • geth-legion

This model is fairly high poly for a game this old. During testing several testers experienced some very significant FPS loss - myself included - when spawning multiple geth. Nobody reported any crashes in multiplayer, but having five geth on screen took my FPS from 90 to 30. This is going to be unavoidable at close range. There are plans to add a future version with LOD's (which hopefully won't fall through) so once that happens it should mitigate some of the performance loss when geth models are at a greater distance.


I'd also like to take this moment to mention that the geth is segmented to achieve two things:

  1. If you like dismemberment, the geth comes apart at all the right places and has caps. Chop him up.
  2. All meshes are fewer than 500 polies, meaning dynamic shadows are supported (if that's your thing).

Please see the read-me for additional information on crediting & known bugs.


My Other Mass Effect Mods:









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Astonishing detail.


Lovin' the work, big Mass Effect Fan, like most so this is really impressive i my books.


Well done !

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Awesome Job! This is my favourite JK3 Skin Pack , anyway I was wondering if you could make a Krogan Trooper Pack? :3

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On 8/30/2021 at 10:10 AM, Peprykus said:

Anyone here knows what's the command for other models than the standard ME1 Geth?

All commands can be found in the description.

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