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  1. This video tutorial shows rudimentary UV mapping by using gmax. This tutorial was made on the spot, and I had no idea how to properly use gmax, so it's a very good demonstration on how to approach it as a beginner . This tutorial should only be used to get started UV mapping for beginners. https://youtu.be/WdX9h6A75ms
  2. This tutorial will take you from reference to in-game on how to make a lightsaber hilt. It covers reference, modeling, uv mapping, exporting, and all the steps it takes to put the PK3 together and get the model working in-game. Meant to be a replacement for the popular but outdated tutorial by Virtue. Tools you'll need GmaxMD3 ImporterMD3 ExporterImage editing software, such as GIMPMD3ViewNotepadPakscapeThe first thing you need to do when making a hilt is to have an idea of what it is you want to make. Reference images are a dream, so if you have an idea for a hilt try drawing it on a piece
  3. Program used: 3DMax 7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6UfCittExQ
  4. This simple but comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to make a very basic sword model from generic shapes. It is ideal for learning to make weapons for video game modding. Tools you will need 3DS Max (or gmax)Image editing software, such as GIMPNOTE: This tutorial was written with 3DS Max in mind. Some parts may not be compatible with GMAX - I can't say for certain because I don't use it and don't know what functions it doesn't have. See the attached key below to find all important buttons/functions listed in this tutorial: This tutorial will cover all aspects of both modelling
  5. Tools you will need: PakscapeNotepad (or similar)1. Open up "assets1.pk3" (found in your Jedi Academy base folder). 2. Extract "saber.menu" from the ui folder. You can put this in any folder -- you'll just need to edit it a bit. 3. Open "saber.menu" with notepad (or a similar text-editor). 4. Use the "find" function to search for this text string: single_2 NOTE: Steps 5 through 7 are for single sabers or dual sabers ONLY. 5. After you've searched for single_2 you should see a list that looks something like this: @MENUS_SINGLE_HILT1 "single_1" @MENUS_SINGLE_HILT2 "single_2" @MENUS_SING
  6. This short introductory tutorial will show you the basics on how to setup ModView and how to properly use it for viewing models using the Quake3 engine. Tools you will need PakscapeModViewAny in-game modelIf you haven't, download ModView (See above) ModView is a very picky application. It requires a specific file structure to run properly, as well as a bunch of files. I'll guide you through the setup process in another step-by-step method.Make a folder called "base" anywhere on your PC. You may use your Jedi Academy base folder, if you wish.Make a folder, inside "base", called "models".Make
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