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  1. Started gathering parts to do a custom water loop...

    1. GPChannel


      Can't wait 🙂

  2. Would be interesting but easy to fall and die.
  3. It's gone mainly because DT was hosting it and left the mod, I took all of the assets but as of now the first level doesn't render correctly on the current EXE due to the render engine changes, the level is like super dark. The maps lighting and shaders have to be redone.
  4. It was taken down since the game has undergone so many changes. The only thing that remains the same is the map architecture but the render engine is different as are all the models. I've taken control of the mod btw in case you might not have known and I rarely post here anymore, mostly on the jkcommunity discord.
  5. Once I get the clothing where I want in MD which should be quick, just haven't had time, I'm gonna send them over to ZBrush as base meshes and kinda just focus on the face. Been following the tutorials you suggested. I've also been just practicing by starting over multiple times lol but I feel like the head I have now is a really good starting point rather than a random base mesh.
  6. Oh yeah, I guess I can upload some more recent ones, that whole model got scrapped lol. I've got the shirt how I want it in MD, just gotta make back pockets and the zipper flap for the pants and then bring both of those into ZBrush. I forget about posting updates here. SomaZ did the base for the head, I just made the ears and did some touch up but there isn't much detail there yet. This head is a keeper for sure, feel like it's as close as I can get to Jason Court.
  7. We thought about the first level originally only because it WAS complete but after the render engine change all the shaders and textures now have to be remade. Will definitely do a level that lets the player use the saber.
  8. Well don't have an answer for that just yet, keep redoing Kyles outfit in Marvelous Designer but I would like to get as much geo detail as possible, even down to the skin pores/wrinkles just so the baked maps can be as detailed as possible.
  9. We want to do a demo, just gotta figure out what level.
  10. Just hear zbrush users saying that theres no such thing as too much ram lol. I'm at 32gb total atm and was considering going higher.
  11. Looks amazing. How many points is it? How many sub tools is it built of? I've pretty much been doing nothing but focusing on ZBrush lately trying to catch up and have a more modern 3D workflow. Also curious about system performance with something of that detail, mainly RAM usage.
  12. Pretty far off and we're a small team.
  13. No, we just are mostly active on jkcommunity discord, only really post large updates here from time to time.
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