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Jedi Knight Series _humanoid Animation Rig BETA

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About This File

This is a custom biped rig I made in Softimage Mod Tool 7.5 to make animations for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. This rig uses a highly complex set of constrained controllers, animated parameters and linked expressions to achieve realistic movement without having to pose every bone 1 at a time. You will need some knowledge of Softimage to fully utilize this biped as the file alone wont make you a master animator overnight. To see a video tutorial on how this is used to make a working animation in Jedi Academy look here...




If you want the model to load with textures applied the scene will look for them in C:/base/models/players/kyle/


What's New in Version BETA


  • Added new neck constraints, neck bone is no longer present for selection, a simple spine control now replaces the head and neck controls. Moving the head control will now affect the twisting and movement of the neck.
  • Motion bone no longer has to be worried about, set it up so that it stays at the global coordinates it needs to be to keep the character on the ground, it is hidden now.
  • Changed the wrist controls so that hand movement and picking up of the wrist now have their own controller. Realized the old setup would make the hand move awkwardly if the controller was moved a lot.
  • Hand controllers didn't have neutral poses applied, fixed.
  • Changed the arm up vector constraints to something a little prettier to look at.
  • General clean up of scene, since Kyle isn't exported he didn't need to be set up like a game character, he is now 1 mesh rather than multiple, used clusters to preserve UV mapping and material assignments of parts.
  • Improved the weights some, far from good but enough to see what you're doing since Kyle isn't exported so his weights don't have to be perfect. Maybe one day when I'm bored I'll spend some time with them.
  • Controller added in front of the face, moving it will control where the eyes look, they will always look in the direction of the controller, it moves with the head so it wont affect anything adversely.
  • Fixed right hand controller and added prettier model_root controller.
  • Made new jaw controller
  • Made new hand controllers that work without constraint compensation (a good thing)
  • Made new brow control
  • Fixed eyelid controller since JA uses the eye bones to control the lids and not the eyes
  • Removed controllers for the roll division, the rolling or twisting of the arms and thighs is now automated using expressions.
  • Added a synoptic page, more hand controls using stored poses and sliders.

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I try to rotate wrist control, yet it doesn't moves like in the video.


Fixed, there is a thread in the WIP section of the forum, if there are any further issues or suggestions for improvement please post there as I'm much more likely to see it.

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