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  1. 20,744 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: 28 New Saber Colors AUTHOR: Arachno-Man FILENAME: 28colors.pk3 FILESIZE: 891 bytes DATE RELEASED: February, 24 2015 CREDITS to: just my self since this is a small mod INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the 28colors.PK3 file in you C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: 28 new saber colors to select at any time! Included is an image with each saber command, for example if you want to use the first color on the list type "saber saber_1000" into your jedi academy console. Each color has its own number for easy selection BUGS: none at all. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod and you may want to print out the image provided to know what colors you want to use at any time. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  2. 664 downloads

    Lightsabers from Episode 9. They work in SP, have not tested in MP. In order to use in-game enable cheats and type: saber rey_ep9 (for rey's new hilt) saber leia_ep9 (for leia's hilt) saber darkrey (for rey's sith staff) Enjoy!
  3. 1,267 downloads

    Accurate remakes of the lightsabers from TFU. Tested in SP. To access the sabers in-game, enable cheats and use the following names: saber_galen saber_galen2 saber_galen3 saber_galen4 (Ceremonial Jedi Robes) saber_stalker saber_rahm saber_maris saber_kento (Galen Marek's Father) saber_pike1 (Kazdan Paratus) saber_pike2 (Royal Guard) Programs used: Blender 2.83 Substance Painter Substance Player Quixel Suite Special thanks to Swegmaster for helping me optimize the models!
  4. 534 downloads

    Stellan Gios's Lightsaber from The High Republic. Tested in SP. To access in-game, enable cheats and type the following in the console: saber saber_stellangios1 (for the closed cross guard variant) saber saber_stellangios2 (for the opened cross guard variant) Programs used: Blender 2.9 Substance Painter Quixel Suite
  5. 2,569 downloads

    This pack includes several lightsabers from the old republic as well as a few remakes of hilts made by Rooxon and AshuraDX. The names of the sabers are included in the read me file in the zip file. Tested in SP. Programs used: Blender 2.81 Substance Painter Substance Player Quixel Suite Photoshop Special thanks to AshuraDX for his PBR to JKA smart material.
  6. 22,462 downloads

    One thing I noticed was that there were no hilt packs on JKHub. There were a bunch on JK3Files, but none were uploaded here. I figured I should combine the best ones. This mod's goal is to bring together the best lightsaber hilts that have been made for JK2 and JA and make them easily accessible in the SP menu and in the game in general. I take no credit for any of these models or skins, although I did tweak a couple of them a bit. Hilts included are as follows: Anakin (Episode III) Anakin (Episode II) Obi-Wan (Episode I & II) Obi-Wan (Episode III) Obi-Wan (Episode IV) Darth Vader (Episode IV & V) Darth Vader (Episode VI) Luke (Episode VI) Mace Windu Darth Sidious Plo Koon Shaak Ti Darth Maul Darth Maul (damaged) Qui-Gon Count Dooku Known Bugs: The shader for the Luke model is a little wonky in the menu but looks fine ingame. Comments: This is also compatible with my Ingame Character & Saber Menus. Credits: Hapslash, Trauma Sensei, Broken Hope, Revan Dark, and Khaliban
  7. 619 downloads

    new textures / shaders by The Punisher This a re-skin of an old version of Dooku's Light saber hilt form his days as a Jedi. I found the saber hilt in an old hilt pack with over 100 hilts. Unfortunately, the zip file does not contains any read me file with more information about the creator(s). I've attached a screenshot comparing the original hilt and the re-skinned version (new textures and shaders). Also included an optional file with SP support which will replace saber #5 in the SP menu selection. Install: Place the zzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber.pk3 and zzzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber_sp.pk3 (optional) in your base folder To use: use "saber jedi_dooku" form the JKA console to activate the hilt. Uninstall: remove the file zzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber.pk3 (and zzzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber_sp.pk3 if used) from your base folder. SPECIAL CREDITS: Original creator whoever he is.
  8. Version 1.0


    I'm back with my first (semi-original) mod! After learning how to edit effects (kinda), I came up with this creation. This is a lore-accurate representation of the lightning seen on Sadow's sword in the Star Wars comics. There are some glitches, like lightning appearing somewhere on any map you're currently on. There is single-player support for the weapon, as well as multiplayer support. Yes, the lightning STAYS on the sword when you use it. The model itself was not made by me, it was made by Darth Java, and re-uploaded by JKHub. You can find the original model here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3156-naga-sadows-sith-sword/ Have fun with the mod, and above all else, have a great day!
  9. 204 downloads

    Author: RecklessJames Filename: lightsabers_hilts_vinesaber.pk3 Filesize: 200kb Release Date: 12/13/2016 Version: 1.0 This is my very first mod for JK3, a lightsaber based on the Twitch stream known as Vinesauce! Vinesauce is a comedy focused stream, if you wish to know more about them then you can visit their website: http://vinesauce.com/ I'm very happy with the model, but I suck a bit at texturing since I'm new. Maybe in the future I'll do a better one (but probably not lol). If there's any Vinesauce fans out there, I hope you enjoy! For those who are curious, the player skin/model featured in these pics are from the mod "Kyle Katarn in Jedi Robes" which you can download here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/622-kyle-katarn-in-jedi-robes/
  10. Version 1.03


    NOTE: The player model used in the screenshots is not part of this download and it was not created by Darth Martyr. You can download the Kylo Ren player model made by Kualan here This is Kylo Ren's Lightsaber. If you didn't already know, Kylo Ren is the main antagonist in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His unique saber is built very poorly and must utilize two ventilation ports at the top of the saber. It is, however, of ancient design that dates back to the Great Scourge of Malachor. Due to the saber containing a cracked Kyber crystal, the blade has a very unstable look to it. This saber includes custom sounds that are accurate to the ones featured in the film. It has an optional Blade Effect as well as single player support.
  11. 1,609 downloads

    If you are anything like me you will have noticed that the lightsabers that show up in both trilogies, Ben and Anakin's, are not consistent throughout. To use this mod you MUST have Circa's Saga Hilts Pack (I don't know how to link it). What this mod does is simply replaces the models for Anakin's episode 3 lightsaber with the one Luke is given and later shows up again in The Force Awakens, and Obi-Wans episode 3 lightsaber to match Ben's considering they are both supposed to be the same hilt. It also replaces Vader's I believe, not 100% sure if the original pack had the same Vader hilt model. In this I've included two versions, one with shaders and one without. The shaders are more consistent with the original hilt pack by Circa but the ones without shaders have a unique look that I also enjoy. Hapslash, Trauma Sensei, Broken Hope, Revan Dark, and Khaliban, Circa
  12. Version 1.0


    This mod adds some sabers that simulate a few possible RGB colors in singleplayer. This ONLY includes single sabers and dual wielding, no saber staves. It is possible to make this sort of thing for saber staves, but you would need to edit a model and add a couple of blade tags. Check out a hilt-making tutorial if you're feeling up to it. INSTALLATION: Place the add_saber_colors.pk3 in your Jedi Academy GameData\Base folder. USAGE: Load a save or start a new game. Press shift + tab to open the console. Type helpusobi 1 to enable cheats. saber sabername for a single saber, or saber sabername sabername to dual wield sabers. The available sabernames/colors are: col_white col_cyan col_lime col_darkorange col_pink col_violet col_salmondark col_salmonlight col_salmonpink col_twocolor col_multicolor All of the sabers except twocolor and multicolor should be equivalent in gameplay to normal sabers, except for some mostly unnoticeable things (more sparks, etc). Twocolor and Multicolor are different, as they aren't composed of two fully overlapping blades like the rest. This means that they may be slightly more or less powerful than normal sabers. I tried to compensate, but it's not ideal. I strongly recommend editing the files and playing around with the twocolor and multicolor color combinations if you're partial to those. There are quite a few possibilities. All of the sabers use the saber_9/Firebrand hilt. If you wish to use a different one, simply edit the colored.sab file within the pk3 and change the "saberModel" line to whatever model you wish to use. You should be able to use any hilt, default or not. KNOWN BUGS: The saber colors reset upon a mapchange, forcing you to use the saber cheat again. I don't know of a way to fix this at this point.
  13. 3,899 downloads

    This mod fixes the base lightsabers to be a bit higher in the hand. If you notice, all of them are held very low in the game, it looks unnatural. All single hilts are affected, including Luke's, Desann's, and the Reborn hilt, but not Kyle's hilt, as it wasn't needed. Staff hilts were fine as well. See the pictures attached. Hopefully no bugs with animations or anything like that. I'm surprised this wasn't done before, as this has bothered me for years.
  14. Version 2


    Author: Khaliban Submitted by: Arrow These are the most accurate renditions of the original trilogy lightsabers I have ever seen. The shaders look a bit off in the menu but they look great in game. If you have the ingame saber menu then to use these sabers enter the commands: saber ben saber oldben saber vader saber luke If not, then these will appear during the two opportunities to pick your saber in the story mode. I found it interesting that there are actually a few differences between the saber Anakin uses in Revenge Of The Sith and the one Ben gives Luke in the original trilogy despite being the "same" lightsaber. I'm curious to see which design they go with in The Force Awakens. This mod was made by Khaliban, he deserves all the credit for these awesome sabers.
  15. 1,294 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Backhand Base Sabers AUTHOR: Kylo Ren FILENAME: zz_BASEsabers_backhand.pk3 FILESIZE: 996 kb DATE RELEASED: September, 6th 2015 CREDITS to: Myself INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the zz_BASEsabers_backhand.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: This is a modification that turns EVERY base saber in Jedi Academy into backhand lightsabers. This includes all from the assets but DOES NOT include the sith scepter or the staff sabers. BUGS: None. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  16. Version v2


    Hello everyone, I present to you the package of visual enhancements to the colors of all lightsabers. The effects of the sabers that includes the game by default are too bright for my taste, therefore, realize other simpler and more prolix as the sabers of the prequels. THIS IS MY FIRST MOD, I hope u like it. Name: Best colors for lightsabers Category: Visual, lightsaber File type: .rar (PK3) By ZA-7 Instructions: - Extract the "Better_Lightsabers_custom_colors_BY_ZA-7.pk3" file in the "Base" folder of your game. Post data: Remember, if you have other mods that change the colors of lightsabers perhaps these new not work, therefore, I recommend eliminate or move them to another folder so that they work properly.
  17. 424 downloads

    Author: Kahn D'halaine My personal lightsaber, also my very first modelling work. A very general, yet unique lightsaber design, resembling agility and control. It features a unique activation sound ( JKA only) that I think is very good, even though the model isn't that good... I'll release an update later on in a saber pack. To get it in SP, the code is "saber dhalaine".
  18. 2,010 downloads

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEYDkT_86XU Mod Name: Classic Jedi Project JKJA Lightsaber Hilts. Author: Omega1 Models and Textures: Omega1, DT85 Description: A rework of the default JKJA Lightsaber hilts, two versions are included, one as a basic rework, and the other as a classic formula rework which adds the addition of the activation box/switch and D-ring (something which I think all lightsabers should have). CJP JKA Hilts: - Modified models - Rescaled - Repositioned - Retextured - Activation Boxes/switches - D-Rings JKA Base Hilts Reworked: - Modified models - Rescaled - Repositioned - Retextured ONLY USE ONE OF THE INCLUDED VERSIONS! Known Bugs: - None. Installation: Copy either "CJP JKA Hilts" or "JKA Base Hilts Reworked" over to your "Jedi Academy\GameData\base" Folder.
  19. 837 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Stormtrooper Hilt + NPC AUTHOR: Arachno-Man FILENAME: Stormtrooper_Saber.pk3 FILESIZE: 226 kb DATE RELEASED: February, 26 2015 CREDITS to: 1ShotDoctor and myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the Stormtrooper_Saber.PK3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: This is an edit of an existing file by 1ShotDoctor. You can find the original here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Stormtrooper_Saber;72285 One thing struck me with this file. After downloading and installing, the in-game version was VERY different from the screenshots that came with it. The file was incomplete compared to the screenshots as it had an important SHADER image missing and there was no texture for the handle. I have created both files to complete the model! Before I completed the Saber files, there were several texture issues, which caused various things not to work properly. all now fixed! If you want to know an entire story on the Stormtrooper Saber, you may find that here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force-sensitive_stormtrooper Now I have read the Origin Story of this Saber and having "Force Sensitive" Stormtroopers, which actually sounds alot like the new FORCE AWAKENS movie story. Because of this, I have also added an extra NPC file. Here are the commands you may now use! saber trooper_saber npc spawn forcetrooper playermodel forcetrooper BUGS: None at all! COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. On a side note I attempted to contact 1ShotDoctor but his email no longer exists and has not been online in a long time so this is made in his honour. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  20. 1,250 downloads

    Mod Name: Mara Jade Jedi Knight Lightsaber. Author: Omega1 Models and Textures: DT85, Omega Description: Mara Jade's Lightsaber which she used as a Jedi Knight. Known Bugs: - None. Installation: Copy the contents of the zip file over to your "Jedi Academy\GameData\base" Folder.
  21. 1,667 downloads

    Original Author: Teh_Blizzy This saber is simply a gauntlet with sabers shooting out of it. Its sorta similar to the gauntlet knife the Predator uses except with sabers on it. If you want to inflict more damage on your opponents or just want to try something different give this a try. Recommended for use with Dual Sabers for more damage. Please enjoy This file was uploaded with direct permission from the original author. Permission can be found here. Author: Teh_Blizzy Email: TehBlizzy@gmail.com Release Date: 07-09-2007 Size: 44.14 KB Filename: blades_of_fury.zip Source: www.jk2files.com Uploaded by: Original author may contact the staff here if they wish this file to be removed.
  22. Version 1.0


    Installing this file will in a sense patch the game so that in single player when you cut a enemys staff in half (yes it works, it's rare and only works in SP) they will weild 2 halves of the staff model they used and weild them in the dual saber style. These models are selectable in the MP menu if for whatever reason you want to use them that way, they just have simple names relating to their staff counterpart. This was a simple mod I made in my free time taking a mere hour to simply import all the staffs, delete half of them and export, the .sab file to make them work was already included in the assets. To install this mod just unzip the broken sabers.pk3 file into your /Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base/ folder. Have fun.
  23. Version v1.0


    My first real lightsaber hilts for jedi academy. this pack contains 3 different lego hilts; a normal one, an inverted normal hilt and Darth Maul's double saber from lego star wars the game. All sabers have shaders and are available in both sp and mp. enjoy.
  24. Version REVISED 1.1


    (Please note - This is a re-release and as such some of the readme content is old and outdated) Due to feedback, and the fact that I myself was not satisfied with my previous release of this blade pack, I have completely remade the glows for my Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Lightsaber Blades. Most people were unhappy with the sky blue blade, and after a 5th viewing of the movie, I was too. So I have gone back and made the blue closer to what is seen in the film, and also made the glows about 64 pixels thinner. While this introduces a little bit of grainyness, the overall blade looks much better.
  25. 5,598 downloads

    (Please note - This is a re-release and as such some of the readme content is old and outdated) This is a set of custom lightsaber designs I made. For those of you paying attention, yes the Azlon Tir model is my personal saber, and the design of the actual character's saber in the story I am writing (don't expect it anytime soon folks, I havent gotten very far with writing it) Anyway, there are 3 single hilts and 1 lightstaff. They all feature spec mapping. If you have my high-detail Obi Wan RotS hilt, then you already have support for these in both SP and MP. If you find any bugs let me know.
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