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  1. I guess, i have never tried to change the size of a lightmap before importing it
  2. You can export the lightmaps from a compiled bsp via the -export switch in q3map2 (and import with the -import switch) but this only gives you a .tga image that you can edit You can't re-render the light on the map itself unless someone knows of a way to extract the compiled map geometry with the lightmap uv's intact
  3. This was a really fun contest. I hope we can do more like it in the future.
  4. 199 downloads

    Contest Entry for the JKHub Chinese New Year 2018 So here is my entry for the Chinese new year contest. It's a Asian temple inspired, somewhat big, duel map. The map has a mirror disigen with a big temple on each end. Between the temples are 4 small mini "dojos", they are mostly empty but each have a different wall design. In between the dojos is a big path connection the 2 major temples. The environment around the temples are a bit empty, but you get to enjoy a custom skybox made in blender3D. The map has bot support, bit it's somewhat wonky. I'd like to tanks Szico for his modelpack - https://jkhub.org/files/file/1976-map-models-pack-01/ All custom textures are from Textures.com To install: Put the PK3 file in your gamedata/base folder
  5. Hmmm i use gimp myself and that has an option to RLE compress a tga image that i always disable, try do the same thing in photofiltre or play around with some other save settings.
  6. What do you use to save the tga's with? And does jka show an error?
  7. So the optimal thing to do would be to have all non-transparent textures as jpg's and transparent textures as tga's? any other fun facts about how the game handels textures?
  8. Does the progressive jpg option have anything to say?
  9. I think this was once asked on the old filefront forums but i couldn't find anything on google or here. So basically i just want some infomation on the pros and cons on the different texture formats supported by the game (.jpg, .png, .tga). Stuff like, whats best to use on transparent texture (png or tga) and a normal texture (jpg or tga). I seem to remember something about png being smaller file size on disk but taking longer to load compared to tga and jpg, but is there other infomation worth mentioning?
  10. 100 downloads

    My entry for 2016 Halloween contest consists of a foggy graveyard and what is possible the worst pumpkin model on this site I tried to make a small FFA map to begin with but life and stuff took a lot of time away, so now we have a old graveyard coated in halloween purple.
  11. only the brushes and entities patch meshes like curves and cylinders will be deleted
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