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  1. I'm a noob. I just fiddle with sab files. I can understand code a little and I was just wondering if it's possible to force an npc to walk instead of running. Like restrict running altogether but the command is coded to the lightsaber just like force restrict command. And if so, what might be the command?
  2. Hi. May I please have a link as well for the stances? I'm quite curious. Thank you
  3. Rarufu


    Rarufu. I'm new here. Born an hour ago. I've been browsing mods from the forum since late 2019. Thank you for being generous with the free content. I wanna thank the community developers for it, keeping a 2003 game alive and way older than skyrim. Mods are fun and amazing! I used to own the game with a disk but then it broke. Nostalgia kicked in so I downloaded a bootleg (2010). I deleted my copy eventually. Then I found the MovieDuels 2 Remake and I remember Jka was good and had fond memories of Outcast multilayer as well. So I bought a GoG version of both including dkf2 and got me back to playing Jedi Academy now. They are all great titles worth spending money on. I decided to make an account just now because I've been tinkering with mods for fun using note and pakscape. (personal use like add bot files and sounds). Recently picked up peneke pack and tried my hand on extracting models for mp use. I just basically try copying other pk3 formats as reference of repacking but I wonder why some parts don't tend to work as they should nd it bothers me. I need help understanding some stuff.
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