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  1. You keep doing these amazing things man, damn. Thank you for sharing!
    Worthy of the title "3rd Jedi's Home map" and runs surprisingly well too, a few places where FPS drops but you hardly even notice it. 👍
  2. Closing down the Jedi Home III -topic makes no sense at all.

  3. In Star Wars we have this thing called the Force that gives people, oh I don't know - certain abilities, some considered to be unnatural. Superheroes and their abilities generally speaking, are not that different. Levitation, mind control, acrobatic fighting etc.
  4. Good to know that you're still working on this.
    So this is from the movie called 'The Cube'. Awesome! Looks spot on.
    Awesome! Not fully textured yet, though? UV map painfully visible. 5/5 in any case, much appreciated.
  5. There's absolutely no reason to go on the defensive here. You also don't get to passively silence anyone by demanding respect for any authors privacy or pace of work - because no one is demanding or pressuring AngelModder to do anything. But the fact remains that this project has long since come to a point where all we can do, is to ask - wait and hope. And doing so shouldn't lead to a Staff member waltzing in saying: "have some respect, sit down and wait patiently". That's basically what happened here. And there's a meme about it which you may have seen (hint: will ferrell). So we don't
  6. Hi there! So is it Boots or Sella now?? Pick one, please.
  7. Whatever happened to that Hapslash Darth Vader model? (2:AM random thoughts..)


  8. It's been ready for the final compile since June 2019, -or so he says on the previous page (18). Maybe he's planning on releasing the map for Holidays?
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