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  1. Randomness does indeed exist within the commands: through IF and ELSE commands. For this you'll most likely need 3 tasks (each task = with a command to change behaviour "set"), like Task1, Task2, Task3. And then the lines such as these ones: In this case the game would Run one of the three tasks randomly. You'll have to experiments with numbers (instead of 0.340, 0.510) in order to achieve the result you want.
  2. I've never heard of anything like that, however there could be minor restrictions with a few characters (there is an older Droid model on Ord Mantell, which can't be cut into pieces per se). Most NPCs are original or newer ones, but with no dismemberment restrictions. DP uses OpenJK as a base for a smooth run.
  3. Scripts are one of the most important things in modding. Aside from basic things they allow to add (objectives, cinematics, etc.) they help you with creating a more vivid environment, like adding speeders at the distance or making peculiar platforms or puzzles. Sometimes scripts allow you to cheat the game engine and make more characters, than NPC limits would allow (at least visually). In any case studying scripts and Behaved is a good thing to do after learning the basics of mapping.
  4. Well, competition is always good. Now, that EA aren't the monopolists, the games might actually look at least slightly different and be as good as during the golden era (which I consider to be somewhere between Dark Forces release and Revenge of the Sith). EA might have experience with Bioware, but Ubisoft made open world of different style, like Chicago in Watch Dogs and Ancient Egypt in AC: Origins. Personally it was GTA San Andreas that made me think – why Lucasarts wouldn't want to release something as massive as that game at the time. And I don't count SW Galaxies and SWTOR. I
  5. Moving one of several brushes of a func entity and pressing CTRL+Z afterwards also allows selecting an entire func_**** entity.
  6. I've encountered this issue as well and only with OpenJK installed. The thing is that original JA and OpenJK sometimes use different folders for Saved Games and some other files. Thus it's possible to use both saves and different maps. This explanation isn't very accurate, but it might help you understand what might be the problem. In order to avoid this (and for dozens of other reasons) it's best to make test versions of your map before compiling the final one. I test certain scenes and scripts on test01, test02, etc. while the versions of the map itself include smth like dg_city_v1.map
  7. Almost any shader with a transparency can be used here. Several original textures from JA use the Hologram effect, such as this one on Coruscant: textures/rooftop/screen1 { q3map_nolightmap { map textures/rooftop/screen1 blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO depthWrite } { map textures/rooftop/screen1_txt blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE depthWrite rgbGen identity } } Just change the names to fit in with your own folder and texture. There are even more simple shaders for a similar effect.
  8. An intersting thing, I've never tried it. Even though I would always follow most of the rules, like making portals, adding misc_model_breakables, using detail brushes instead of structure ones where possible, dividing the map into separate areas, etc. As I understand – you suggest adding Caulk brushes outside your visible/playable area and thus fill in the voids outside your map in order to make the whole space (used in Radiant) to look like a cube.
  9. It would be nice to see Mandalore in the next season: unlike other planets currently shown in the show, it's not something to be easily made with some dull rocks, palms and sand. That requires good backgrounds and CGI of an entire city with large buildings.
  10. The last episode more than enjoyable, yet the announcement after the ending is troubling. And according to the rumours – that one is the only new project to be released in the next few years. I guess this episode and Mandalorian as a whole was a test of skill and resources, so I hope any new series would be much better. However, before 2022 many of the announced titles will be shut down most likely. Not waiting for Mandalorian Season 3, but rather eager to see Cassian Andor show as well as a few others (Willow too).
  11. 'The Rescue' is one of the 2,5 episodes in the whole Mandalorian series, which I actually enjoyed (the other two being Chapter 6: The Prisoner and «Chapter 13: The Jedi»). This time they paid much attention to the details and put much effort in the story and characters. Aside from lack of interesting planets, Mandalorian was full of Deus Ex Machina. The last episode seems to work without it though.
  12. Fixed. There was this picture of the Jedi Enclave from SWTOR. And I must add, that there were also some ancient ruins in that game.They could have used it as an inspiration.
  13. Dantooine is a pack of maps and well, it's finished ? It's part of Chapter 2, but currently the maps before Dantooine aren't complete yet. Due to pandemia and a huge amount of the main work, we had to make a pause with the modding. In plans: returning to the work right after December 25th.
  14. My major concern with the show is that most locations are quite similar and dull: desert, forests, swamps, snowy areas. Why don't they make some peculiar red-coloured villages with whitened palms? Or crystal planets with flying slugs? Or blue coloured tropical canyons with exploding hedgehogs with beaks? Why nothing like Felucia or Saleucami? These two looked pretty much unusual and would have been a nice addition for a change in the scenes. The authors try to pay much attention to the costumes and characters, but forget about details and atmosphere in the background. They could have
  15. I feel somehow, that Slave I might end in the hands of Din in the future. Not this season, but in the end perhaps.
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