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  1. So far this character is one of a few things I enjoyed in the new Book of Boba Fett series. Nice job of making him available in JA!
  2. This is a very interesting discussion. Compiling a map for JA is perhaps the least favourite things... (I'm not alone here). There are different things, which affect the compile time, indeed. Textures that emit light also seem to cause trouble in this regard, but too many models, shaders and other things too. Too bad JA is a game from the old times, when you couldn't create a new map in real-time, seeing everything right away.
  3. This is legendary. Besides being of great design, the map found its way into other mods, working as a hub in SWG (if I'm correct, it's been long ago for me))), and it would be no wonder, that a lot fan-made stories took place on Taris, with this map in mind.
  4. Oh, I remember that Frigate from Battlefront II. Always would try to destroy it first, when flying in space. Good old memories.
  5. Omg. The only thing I can currently think of is this : Hopefully someone would be as creative in bringing Dimitrescu to JK as the people who added Piglet and others to Resident Evil.
  6. NumberWan


    I'm not much into MP, but the design – is what truly important to me. I like the Antique look of this map, and even though it's very simple in design – it's remarkable for its pure form and feel. I hope, you make more like this – for example the interior of Pantheon in Rome! It's quite large and has some peculiar niches and details, while the area is quite large to become an FFA or perhaps a Duel map.
  7. Somehow Kyle Katarn looks far better than the original characters made for GoH from the start. I guess, it's actually quite low-poly, but looks neat in-game on a mobile due to shaders and good quality of textures. I tried this game long ago, but eventually deleted it due to the fact, that you need lot of credits to have the units you want. It's difficult to ignore the fact, that the developers put much effort into adding Kyle Katarn into the game – the details are awesome. I also like the idea, that here Kyle follows his original path – he's an agent in the beginning, then he becomes a Jedi! Also the icon for his powers is that of Jedi Outcast. Oh and there is a Jedi Valley level, which is very close in its appearance to Dark Forces II. This isn't the first time we see Legends characters in GoH, as Kreia and others made it into the game years ago. Dash Rendar is also in the game.
  8. NumberWan


    It's been so long! Yet the maps for Sulon are complete for the most part. I changed a few things like scripts, textures, added new models and characters, as well as changed the general layout. This map of Morgan Katarn's house was the very first map I made for Jedi Outcast back in 2005 or so. I can't say I was satisfied with it those days, but there was little I could do to improve it. I think, it's a nice to thing to preserve its somehow naive interpretation from dark Forces II, yet I've added some details to bring back the spirit of good old DF2. Currently some models are in process of completion and some textures were replaced with a HD version.
  9. If this were a SP map, I would make a trigger and a script, that causes the map to shake, when the Player uses a blaster outside. Perhaps this is possible for MP as well. It would be logical to add a horizontal cylinder with the worms intestines, slightly visible in the dark. The fog could be replaced with a circle 9instead of a square) + JK has the FX fog as well, which could be added into the map in GtkRadiant. For the sake of fun – I would add the teeth at the distance, which would open and close from time to time. In any case, a nice start. Hope some of these suggestions would help!
  10. That's what I said – change the script with a set_skin command. The best method in my opinion.
  11. Did you have this problem before you tried adding the mods? Did you encounter this issue with a different version of JA?
  12. Theoretically it's possible. Especially if they have unique NPC_targetnames, then they can be replaced with other skins or even models via a script.
  13. Haven't seen anything like that, but when I tried to work with menu files, a similar problem actually happened, but this was due to my actions. Are there any mods or files installed in your JA folder?
  14. This is Ruusan too Not Sulon. Good to see this iconic location at JKHUB!
  15. There have always been various Star Wars stories, told by fans. I remember some from 2000s, which mostly relied on real actors and simple CGI. Since then the whole area of making a SW content made major steps forward and are quite close to professional projects. I add these to my collection from time to time. This short video shows us, how Darth Nihilus wiped out all life on Katarr. Perhaps you know more stories?
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