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  1. Good! Have a nice play! 😉
  2. There've been several periods of rise and decline. I would say, that currently the JK community is mostly calm, but not without enthusiasm. 🙂 Just like in the 2000s era there is the FILES section, and just like in those years people continue to communicate here via good old Forums instead of sticking to the Social Media. We also have a Wiki about JK series and the modding aspects of it. One of the most notable changes is a number of authors, I would say, who continue to bring joy with lots of new models from almost every Star Wars story, which exists today. And yes, the JK source files were 'released' several years ago, which sparked quite an interest of coders to the JA engine capabilities and beyond.
  3. There was time, when I learnt mapping with WorldCraft editor (this one was Half-Life video game, but I created 1 small map for JO as well), after which I switched to Gtk Radiant, which was far better in hundreds of terms. Currently I'm trying to get used to NetRadiant, which seems to be gaining popularity among fans more and more. Original Dark Forces, Dark Forces II and MOTS had other editors. I can't name them, but there were several mods, some quite peculiar. There was even an Episode I mod for Dark Forces II MOTS, where you can play Obi Wan and slash Battle Droids on Naboo.
  4. Even if you fix the path to the main JA folder, you'll also have to check one more position: like C:\Users\Documents\My Games\OpenJK\DP_Chapter1
  5. Nobody reported this problem before, but it might depend on the JA version or your PC specifics. One person mentioned, that he couldn't load one of the next maps in a similar manner (but the game crashed) due to a wrong path way for the mod. Quite often people make a wrong folder inside the base folder, run the mod and then the issues begin. The issues was fixed with the right path name: it must be DP_Chapter1 (not DPChapter1). You could try using Esc button multiple times during the loading screen and see whether the game would bring you to the Main Menu (it should do that). If so, you might check whether it made a Save File for the next map.
  6. That's quite an unusual bug. I've never encountered anything like. But I would agree, that the problem could with visual card specifics. In my experience different versions of GtkRadiant worked differently on the very same PC. My favourite one was 1.3 for a very long time, until I had to switch to newer ones, which sometimes showed very different bugs. The most stable is 1.6.6 which I use these days.
  7. That's what I said above – Regions change as they are explored more and more. As we know now – Kreia mentioned, that the Sith wait in the unknown, so Dromund Kaas was most likely an absolutely unknown location during the era of the Jedi Civil War and before. It was best known with the crusade of the Sith Emperor Vitiate. I guess some time after Valkorion was defeated, Dromund Kaas might have been abandoned (the Sith might have resettled elsewhere). As Dromund Kaas isn't exactly a planet most people would like to visit (for trade, curiosity or friendly reasons), the path there became lost in time. Other planets in that region (not star system) could still be a place for travellers though, who would ignore Dromund Kaas. Speaking of this Sith World I just recalled, how I played Mysteries of the Sith years ago and mostly forgot about the planet until it came to light again as the Imperial capital in SWTOR.
  8. I think humans visited the region hundreds of times before the events of A New Hope, so the answer is most likely yes. I doubt the Sith species actually exist by the time of the Galactic Empire of Palpatine though, as their most active role in the Galaxy was long before even the perish of the Sith on Ruusan (around 1000 BBY). The Unknown regions hold lots of many others however, the thing is that it's not just planets or systems not shown on maps, but the lack of hyperspace routes, like the Perlemian trade route. Depending on the location, some worlds like Taris flourished until a new, better hyperspace lane was found. Perlemian route ended with Quermia, led directly to Wild Space. Wild Space differs from the Unknown regions in terms, that it surrounds the Known regions of the Galaxy, like the Outer Rim. It's possible, that Wild Space is at least partly known to include some planets and home of various species, but is difficult to organize on maps or control by larger governments like the Republic, the Empire or Hutt Cartel. For instance there could be multiple pirate worlds, which are difficult to find and navigation isn't clear. Unknown regions are also far larger – enough to include something as big as a secret intergalactic government. Not sure about the Sith Empire. It's best to check this one with the SWTOR lore. My guess is that Dromund Kaas was part of the Unknown regions in the past, but became part of Wild Space because this area became better known to a larger Galaxy due to the war conflict between the Sith Empire and the Old Republic. Kreia indirectly hints, that this the where the True Sith hide. When they attack, the location is no longer that secretive. By the time of the Clone Wars Dromund Kass had an entry in the Jedi Archives, but is believed to have been removed from it together with 20 more planets like Kamino and Dagobah. Nevertheless Clone Wars affected DK too, and it was later used by the Empire for the acolytes. And then appeared in MOTS – so by this time it could be part of a more or less known Galactic space, rarely visited by anyone.
  9. I didn't like the show overall, but some scenes and episodes were good. The introduction of the Mandalorian was well-made and enjoyable, however the general feel was closer to Star Trek than Star Wars (imho). I guess in this series we could say, that the unknown appearance of the main character without emotions on the "face" works both ways – a mysterious warrior, but with the story pace too slow. Again, this is how I feel about the character.
  10. Depends on the era of Star Wars. As dark soul stated above, some are no longer in existence. True Sith were in that area around the time, shown in the SWTOR video game. Chiss are the ones coming from somewhere of that region as well, the same goes to the Rakata Empire, which had their Capital planet (Lehon or Rakata Prime) located in the Unknown regions (however the 500 controlled worlds were in different parts of the modern Galaxy, like Dantooine, Tatooine and many others). I guess Humans could exist in the Unknown regions as well – some of them could be the ancestors of the space travellers or resettlers from the old times, who tried to escape the many conflicts of the Galaxy in the past. Others could be the immigrated species like slaves, captured by someone from the UR and taken there to serve. Pirates and Mercenaries could be there too! We can also assume, that some species which are known as near-humans (like Chiss) could have their home planets in that area. I think the authors left some parts of the Galaxy unexplored, because it always offered an opportunity to create something new for books, video games, comics, etc. and preserve the element of mystery in Star Wars universe. Both UR and the Wild Space.
  11. I guess, you can simply have a look at one of these old maps of the Galaxy. The Unknown regions are a large part of the Galaxy, not explored, thus there are quite a lot of uncharted worlds there, as well as unknown species. It might not be the same size as the known Galaxy, but is pretty large. One difference could be the lack of an established hyperspace or trade route, which leads to Coruscant. There is also a large area called the Wild Space. This is mostly a known section, but with many unknown worlds, rarely visited by common travellers or traders.
  12. I made my own ancient Sith Lord NPC, with the Cultist class applied. It had a different model, no weapons and used Lightning extensively. It's important to note, that the Class would work differently depending if other conditions are met as well: like a number of weapons (or lack of these), level of Force powers and other lines inside the *.npc file. Just for info: in Jedi Outcast, NPC_Class wouldn't work, if the NPC file didn't have the standard class word in the name of the NPC. For example: Jack wouldn't work in JO, but Jedi_Jack, as well as rodian_Jack would be able to act as a Jedi or as a Rodian respectively. Only for Jedi Outcast.
  13. Coding is needed only if you want to change the Kyle_boss class specifics and add something more to the behaviour of it (that is if you want to add something more complex than common scripts through BehavEd usually do). If you want your NPC to fight simply like Kyle does from DS storyline of JA, then you can copy Kyle_Boss.npc and change model and name there inside this file (no need for coding, just open it as a TXT).
  14. You need to change the NPC class as well. For this one it should also be Kyle_boss. Some classes have unique specifics about them, like Imperials can't use Kyle's blaster for example. And Boba Fett can't be killed, even if you beat him badly. However some of these can still be altered additionally via scripts.
  15. @Apprentice 1) It was always my intention to make a proper installation .exe for the mod (like it was with the Demo). I know how to make one in fact, but even in this case I would have to spend time on making an installer instead of making the mod itself. Back those days we had a friend, who would spend time solely on the technical aspects such as making an installer for us ? Now our team consists of only a few people, contributing to the project, aside from the voice actors. 2) We had to stick to OpenJK, as it fixes a lot of JA bugs, which prevented DP from running (due to amount of details and the size of the areas). Making other options for the resolution is also the most welcome thing, but we'll need another team member for that, while everyone is busy with making models, textures, maps, etc. JA isn't exactly the best game for solving technical issues of it, so sometimes it's what made people change their mind about helping with making a new story for this game. 3) The reason here is purely the same as with finding people to help us finish the unfinished stuff. There aren't many to find. I had a lot of ideas both for the gameplay and for the visual aspects, for example. I would have preferred to change the game engine and make it visually appealing like Warzone by @UniqueOne, or adding some tasty elements like what Rend2 can do as mentioned by @Xycaleth . But usually people want to create their own project, because this gives a certain creative freedom. I was asked by various people to help to work on Star Wars mods for the Empire at war and other games, and I would always have to say – I'm sorry, but I can't (simply because I want a story of my own and I'm working on it). Finding a Voice actor in English is equally problematic if not even a harder task. Persuading our friends was a challenge (some agreed without reservations though), but that didn't go smooth at the start. Later on I met new people, who agreed to provide voices for the NPCs, which are quite many in DP (there were more than 50 pages of dialogs at the very start). Currently I rewrote part of them and asked new people to voice characters in a new manner. Some were added later and are completely new. A few years ago, one User offered his help with voicing everything into English, but it didn't go anywhere, even though he gave me some examples of their work. @lang_french also offered his help with voicing all the parts in DP in French, but the reason why it's not currently possible is the same – too many voices and characters and some parts currently being updated. A good idea and reasonable points, but there are simply no resources to fulfill them all.
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