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  1. This was probably one of the first mods I tried back in 2000s. Well, 'Nine rooms' was perhaps the very first, but after that I tried these, that were available on various CDs to PC games magazines. Simple, yet so much fun – these small projects are indeed remarkable for their author's passion and so much soul deep inside these short stories.
  2. This is sooo cool. Definitely a great choice of forms and attention to details!
  3. The easiest way to learn about JA moding is to explore its contents. Start with assets, which are in various *.pk3 archives (they can easily be opened with ZIP for example). If you intend to edit NPCs, then you'll have to look into ext_data folder insides the archive, which in turn includes *.npc files. You can open them with a notepad, and you'll see a text, which describes the character (model, weapon, sounds, health, etc.). You can use this 'text' as a basis for making your own NPC. You can learn more about NPC files here.
  4. It didn't work. I made a script, which affected an NPC with a certain NPC_targetname. In SP there were no results. However it's true, that some commands do work in MP though, so perhaps both methods will do fine in multiplayer.
  5. I tried this command and we discussed it here at JKHUB. Unfortunately the set_modelscale doesn't seem to work on NPC models in SP. There is no understanding, why it works on objects/items and not on the characters. However I made the command work through affect [NPC_targetname] and not directly with a runOnActivator, set in GtkRadiant.
  6. Can't remember if this particular model were ported to JA. But a different Revan head, like this one (Left Top) actually was. But with a Heavy Armor body, not Jedi clothes. Finding it now wouldn't be an easy task though.
  7. I experimented with textures over 4096 px, the game doesn't always welcome such large files. In certain situations they wouldn't work at all, especially if it's a complicated case like a TGA with an alpha channel, and a few shaders applied. Also this might work differently for map textures and character textures (props textures). Polygon count also makes people follow certain rules, when creating their own characters. But it also applies to models, like a vase for instance. I once made a high-poly model of an object, which works just fine, if you put it into your map as a misc_model. But if it's a misc_model_breakable, which actually loads the model into the game – the game crashes. There're dozens of other specifics of JA engine, that you have to keep in mind, like NPC count, limits for sounds, map size, number of entities in the map, number of NPCs in your map, etc. The only way is to avoid such things or trick the game via its own rules (replacing HP models with low-poly for background, adding area portals, splitting your map into two, using scripts to change appearances of NPCs...)
  8. My main concern with JO and JA is that they give you a lot of freedom in terms of making new stories, new maps, new NPCs, etc., but you couldn't add new force powers or new weapons the same way without dealing with the code. In fact mapping for JA was quite the feature, that several games boasted back in those days (Half-Life, Quake, Dark Forces II, many others). And there are other non-obvious limitations, like total count of menus available. But this is an old game. Still I remember playing mods for Deux Ex (2000), and they've included new abilities as well as new weapons, like a rice pistol in the Nameless Mod. Not sure if they changed the code, most likely the game itself had various mechanics for this.
  9. I wonder if this is the same author, who released Nar Shaddaa cantina in UE4 before. Looks a lot like him, but there was no mentioning of a complete remake. Looks quite good and almost finished. Not only did he make the levels, but also various models, which look amazing.
  10. If only the same opportunity were available within the game itself.
  11. This is one of a few designs, which I enjoyed a lot in the series. In fact this whole episode was quite fun. The model for JA looks great. I'm glad we've got more droids for JK community.
  12. In the last several months aside from mapping, I also started working with models. You might have seen several of our creations by our team. Since January we added about 4 more new NPCs (actually models, which replaced JA skins), but there were a few things, that ought to be replaced. Thus the idea of replacing the Mark 1 Droid walker from Jedi Outcast came to our mind. Meet Mark IV Droid Walker. Mark 1 was one of the units developed by Galak Fyyar, which you encounter at one point in Jedi Outcast. They are somehow missing in Jedi Academy, but can be found in game archives. Originally I wanted to add a slightly changed Mark I model, but later I made a few sketches and a modified Droid Walker was created. It's actually pretty logical to make a step forward from the Peacock Droid, that was used by the Imperial Remnant: Galak is dead, it's been several years since attack on Yavin IV. So the Imperial Remnant used the old blueprints and developed the next generation of these droids with the help of Dr.Lekett in his secret facility. Why Mark IV? Jedi Outcast introduced Mark 1 and Mark 2, but there was a non-canonical version of Mark 3, created by Chairwalker years ago. A nice model, which I also planned to use at one point. Sort of homage towards one of the people, who inspired me to work on DP. You can see a full gallery here.
  13. After the map crash checked the textures – some old files somehow were CMYK (print) 🙄 How and Why in the Galaxy? Doesn't matter, just a hint: if the map crashes textures profile might be an issue too.

    1. AshuraDX


      Jpegs saved as "progressive" can be fun too

  14. I guess, many people have their own 'timeline of the Galaxy', which helps them watch, understand and love Star Wars. Most of my friends stick to Episodes I-VI or even IV-VI, while EU is a secondary material for them for the most part. For me most EU Star Wars remain truly canonical, even Holiday Special, cartoons and minor games. That's because – the silly style of them is a pure form of telling us a story. Not the best form and a mediocre story, that's true. Ewok movies on the other hand are mostly for kids, but that doesn't prevent them from being a minor layer of Endor history for example. Star Wars Galaxies used a clever method of introducing characters from these into the main story as subquests. Cindel Towani appears as a journalist on Coruscant in later sources for adults as well. After 2015 the community became very much divided, as you already know. Some fans ignore Clone Wars project completely, while others enjoy it. I was sceptical about it and Ahsoka Tano in the very beginning, but changed my mind after Seasons 1-2. Currently my personal 'timeline' omits the survival of Darth Maul, and I consider him to be very-very dead in The Phantom Menace. All other appearances after that – are a Dopplegänger for me.
  15. This one – the SITH UNDEAD – was made for MOTS mod, based on Jaden Male model. In the original they would fall apart occasionally, when you bring them the 'final death'. I remember reading the post from one of the developers of MOTS of 2005, regarding these guys: Mara finds and enters the ancient Sith temple and discovers that Kyle has gone a little bonkers with dark side power. She has to chase him to the center, but first--- ZOMBIES! That's right. I don't know how we got this one past Licensing, but there is an area of the temple called The Catacombs, where the undead Sith will rise and fight you. Yep, Sith Zombies, people. It was great. They shot lightning from their hands and were generally pretty pesty. And it's canon. Zombies are canon. That was a time for experimenting.
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