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  1. Updated Dantooine. The farmland and spaceport areas are expanded a bit, but are a lot more detailed as well. The gameplay is also slightly changed so that the mission is nothing like 'a very long corridor, you run through'. While on a mission with Luke Skywalker, Kyle encounters a few enemies near the landing area and has to deal with them.
  2. NumberWan


    Funny, but I do remember reading about the Nordic guys. Described as intelligent and wise kind of aliens, not bothered with aggression, but rather relying on technology and common sense.
  3. Why mediocre? It's actually very neat! The building might not look as smooth as in the above mentioned anime, but getting that kind of dome, attached to a different form from the other side – might be a bit tricky. I guess, you could use more Bevels, Cylinders and Arches for some parts of the structure. For example the entrance could use 2 brushes as walls and an archway above. You can use the Thicken option to complete the look. However, as I said, I like the cubic form of the dome you'd created: it could certainly look that way if the builders used square parts. Not sure about the mountains – is it a recoloured MD3 or is it a Skybox?
  4. Hmm, this one looks like a familiar issue. I'm not sure about NPC models, but I came across this in MD3 models. In 3dsMax I tried selecting all the vertexes and using option Weld (weld Selected 0,1), when the necessary part is turned into an Editable Mesh. I also used Smooth, though it works better if the previous method was used. But I guess my method might not work in your case, as these seams are part of the dismemberment system where model Caps are also placed, when sliced by a lightsaber.
  5. It is indeed not for children. Well, at least not for kids as I remember them from some time ago For reasons such as these: Also this: Aside from this
  6. Experimenting with NPCs in the maps, I always felt it's too bad, that once the enemies spot you, they would most likely keep you as the main enemy even if provoked by other NPCs. I would definitely prefer the enemies to run and explore the area more often, and not just via scripts or additional commands. When the enemies spot you, 99% they won't stop looking for you. Too bad, it would be nice to trick them like escaping and hiding in a shadow place – like in Deux Ex of 2000. In fact NPCs in JA won't see you if it's too dark unless you use your weapons. It also seems unfair, that whenever we pull away their weapons, stormtroopers would never try to attack us again unless they find a blaster somewhere. Using fists here is a reasonable option, it seems, like it was done in MOTS. on the other hand, who would try such attacks against a guy with a Lightsaber?
  7. I must say, that after seeing Mandalorian, I didn't hope to see anything really good (as I dislike Mandalorian). The Book of Boba Fett didn't deliver anything either, while Kenobi held me by the screen for a number of reasons. Yet it also had a few doubtful things, which I don't like at all. So I read a bit about Andor, whether it would follow the path of its predecessors and I must say – I'm glad it's nothing like what we've seen before. I watched 5 episodes, which I could rate in different way. Yet for now I would say that Andor is probably the best we get since the end of The Clone Wars Season 6. What I like here: So far we get 5 episodes, quite different in pace. Overall the show is enjoyable at least for me:
  8. I actually came across the above mentioned issue within OpenJK, not just JA, JO. I made my own map for a separate mod, but using OpenJK as a base, I\m still looking into this.
  9. Thanks for posting this mod! In fact, it's quite helpful in terms of understanding some JA limits with FX and entities. As I experimented with these on my own maps, I came to an interesting conclusion, that mines' lasers don't like too many other FX. I tried to place 2 EWEB turrets on a map and for some reasons the tripmines didn't like being the first to lose the effect (probe droids being the second after them exploding without explosion FX). There were other specifics too, but in any case that wasn't normal to have only 2 tripmines in one base with two turrets.
  10. Looks great! I would definitely like to know, what his master, Darth Sidious would look like in the very same style.
  11. I can't remember, but perhaps the very first 3d software I tried was perhaps MilkShape 3D – a minor program, which could be used for free for 1 month back in 2000s. This had a variety of plugins to create and incorporate models to such games like Half-Life or Sims. I used it to make primitive models or rather convert existing ones to be used in Jedi Outcast. Much later I would try GMax and 3dsMax, but more like a technical tool. In 2011 or so I tried DAZ Hexagon, which I use up to this date, but in most cases if not all I combine this with UV Layout (to create UVs obviously), Photoshop and Illustrator (to make textures) and 3dsMax for final polishing and to export the model as a prop or a character model. I also tried zBrush, Blender and currently studying Maya. But as I said, they aren't currently my favourites. Several of the models for my projects got textures, which I made in Substance Painter.
  12. This very screen brings up so many memories. I recall the cool sounds in the Installation Menu, not sure how to describe them. All together this is that very feeling.
  13. The first half of the series seemed good to me. I really enjoyed the references and the new planet Dayio, which reminds several locations from classic EU Star Wars. Too bad this theme wasn't explored any further. I'm still puzzled why all the planets in new SW look like a grey dirty desert, why nothing exotic like crystal trees or cities made of organic matter... I don't like the new inquisitors in the stories, but here Reva was truly good. I do like her character. While it was interesting to see the whole path of Kenobi, some things looked unbelievable or even stupid. Indira Varma is a brilliant actress, I absolutely love her Ellaria Sand in GOT. She is also quite good in Carnival Row.
  14. 1 more map to go and to polish all the things in the mod.

  15. A similar effect is used in JK, when you control a Droid – in this case your eyes show you a slightly different screen. I always thought it would be neat to have an effect, similar to that of vision/premonition from KOTOR II, when sides of the screen go into wiggle/blur style.
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