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  1. I guess, many people have their own 'timeline of the Galaxy', which helps them watch, understand and love Star Wars. Most of my friends stick to Episodes I-VI or even IV-VI, while EU is a secondary material for them for the most part. For me most EU Star Wars remain truly canonical, even Holiday Special, cartoons and minor games. That's because – the silly style of them is a pure form of telling us a story. Not the best form and a mediocre story, that's true. Ewok movies on the other hand are mostly for kids, but that doesn't prevent them from being a minor layer of Endor history for exam
  2. This one – the SITH UNDEAD – was made for MOTS mod, based on Jaden Male model. In the original they would fall apart occasionally, when you bring them the 'final death'. I remember reading the post from one of the developers of MOTS of 2005, regarding these guys: Mara finds and enters the ancient Sith temple and discovers that Kyle has gone a little bonkers with dark side power. She has to chase him to the center, but first--- ZOMBIES! That's right. I don't know how we got this one past Licensing, but there is an area of the temple called The Catacombs, where the undead Sith will
  3. Ah, yes. I've noticed the model) I'm glad you included him in the story!
  4. What a good video! Brings back so many memories of KOTOR, of our stranding on Taris, our adventures and meeting Carth, Mission Vao, Master Vandar and others. I guess you could make more Legacy Videos – like a memory or homage to Kreia, Malak, HK-47 and many others. Maybe even more characters from EU, like Dash Rendar or Kyle Katarn. Your video actually reminded me of this one, which can be recreated to some extent in JA, as many characters have already been made for our beloved game – Sidious, Clones, etc.
  5. Wow, that was very good! I see a few new things, originally not see in JA, like new models, skins, effects, but even without it the story is well edited!
  6. Just a thought: what happened to the last Reborn in the end of JO? In a cutscene he is escorted by a Jedi Trainer, but is he accepted into the Academy or sent to prison? 

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    2. GPChannel


      what if he was a young Reborn,and he turned to the light.
      and he is j2 Jedi in jedi academy (you know that jedi with black outfit)

    3. Sithani


      That One Reborn: A Star Wars Story

    4. Ramikad


      More like Jedi Knight: Reborn, or Jedi Knight: The Reborn.

  7. I would recommend to scale down these chairs: unfortunately they are slightly bigger than what the JO/JA characters use. I think modelscale 0.75 would do fine. If you have doubts, check the map_objects/cinematics/chair.md3 model for reference – it's the one used in a cutscene on Coruscant in Jedi Outcast. Adding some 'imperfect side' to the textures would also help improving the general feel of realism to the walls, I think. Or shaders. I'll send you a texture, which you might like to use in the map. If not for walls, then maybe for the floor. ☺️
  8. Tried to use a separate model from my own OBJ, which I wanted to attach to a head. The name is head_hood (it was just hood upon importing), I simply renamed it myself. LOD deleted even before that. However when I press Parent Object/Tags, it gives an error: Python: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\addons\skeleton_tool-main\__init__.py", line 77, in execute if "skeleton_root" in obj.name or "model_root_" + lod in obj.name: TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str location: <unknown loc
  9. The ones, used in MOTS, were the model of Jerec and Yun from Dark Forces II. Perhaps using Jerec's model for at least one of them would be the right choice.
  10. Start with Affect (enter the name of your NPC – his NPC_targetname in the map), add tasks (give them names too), and then add (set < E "set_types">, <str>) line inside them. One such line is responsible for one option (task, action, etc). When you've added this line to your script – double click on the 'set'. By default it would offer you to use SET_PARM1 which is set to DEFAULT. Click on SET_PARM1 and look through the whole list of commands there. Most options have a short description. Don't forget to press [Re-Evaluate] button in order to see the specifics of each option.
  11. This one reminds me of S01E05 of the Clone Wars series, known as the "Bombad Jedi", where Jar Jar had to wear a Jedi robe in order to trick Nute Gunray and the droids. If this model had an alternative look with classic Jar Jar's clothes it would be even close to his look from the animated series. 😉
  12. The whole process of decompile is quite unpredictable: some maps can be opened in GtkRadiant after that, but some are full of errors or won't open at all. Even with the best results the map will be missing a lot of things and won't allow you to compile it again without issues. In order to decompile the BSP, you'll have to run a certain command, as afi suggested. I think, you can learn more about it in this thread.
  13. Looks interesting, but I already have a digital copy from GOG and I'm not sure I would like to have a physical collector's edition. One of the reasons – physical space 😅 I already have Dark Forces II box back from 1997 and Kyle Katarn's Action figure, so I feel like already having a little physical part of JK series at home.
  14. Ah, yes, the nostalgia. He was the first character from a mod, that I tried, as far as I remember. At least a new one, if not to count Mainframe and Colosseum mods. Nice old school addition.😎
  15. Looks, like a reversed Normal. In 3dsMax it could be fixed with a modifier > Normal > Flip normals, if I remember correctly Literally this means, that the surface is currently seen from the inside (which happens with Clone or Mirror tools sometimes). At least that's what I've encountered when I created md3 models for the game (but in 3dsMax).
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