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  1. I do somewhat feel sad, at how the internet has changed. No longer do most people use forums, now it is all on discord. If you want status updates on mods, most of it will be on the discord servers. 

    Things in the world have changed so much, but I'm glad to see this community is still here. I do believe the JKA community needs one more mod. A mod that is based around Base JKA, and works to preserve as many of it's maps, models, and other content as best as possible. To preserve it's content for future generations who stumble upon this game, they should have a mod with all it's content ready to go. Only mod I know that comes close to that is KoTF 2.1 by Fire Phoenix (galactic legacy is focusing more on only star wars now).

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    2. Onysfx


      I understand, and I may come back to Galacy Legacy later on, I'm still checking it every once in awhile. I just didn't agree with removing country academy, I really liked that map. I do agree wtih removing the MBII maps though.

    3. Linken


      Yeah I really liked Country Academy too, that was one I didn't personally agree with removing

    4. NumberWan


      Discord is for PM for me for the most part, but I like browsing forums. And they are definitely better than most of the social networks, which require a lot more from you. While forums (for me) are a place to get the info more directly without all the popularity mechanics and likes/dislikes, views count, etc. which are common for other platforms.

  2. Resurrecting again, this was over 10 years ago, I can't remember if I even read this thread or not. I have to say this for JKA's mappers, I have astounding respect for you. The amount of time, blood, sweat and tears you put into your work has improved JKA to more than a game. The community content is a work of art, to a game's multiplayer that otherwise would have died out. Your work is worth preserving, and it should be preserved.
  3. It's been years since I've been here, just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I had a christmas JKA re-union with some old JKA players, where we went through classic maps and talked about life and the good ol days. Love this community, Merry Christmas everyone.

    1. Kessno


      Merry Christmas! It's a good thing you came back when you did, because the Jedi are taking ovah!

    2. MagSul


      I hope you had an amazing time! 🎄

    3. Merek


      It was a fun way to return to the game! What we did on New Years Eve was certainly interesting as well on the KOTF server. But I'm not sure if we missed any of the maps.

  4. Just found a video on youtube about blue ice twilight, memories flooding back decided to pay a visit. Looks like the jedi haven't taken ovah this site yet.

    1. Onysfx


      Man it's been over 8 years since this site was first created. I'll never forget the fond memories of JKA.

  5. @Lancelot jedimoves is still up? I remember that from way back in the day.
  6. @NumberWan Years of waiting has finally paid off. Congrats on the release of the first episode.
  7. Really hope this will be completed soon, we've been waiting years...although it hasn't felt like years, time is going faster for sure.
  8. I just had a nostalgia rush, I'm checking in again.

    1. Futuza


      It's too late for you my boy.  You've fallen into our trap.

    2. Ramikad


      "He has grown stronger... only together can we turn him to the JKHub Side of the Force."

    3. Onysfx


      Original art shall live on. People will always come back to JKA, sooner or later. You know, we really need to start a JK preservation project. To make one directory and preserve a ton of maps.

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