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    Would have been perfect for the April Fool contest
  1. Are you sure you linked the trigger_multiple and the NPC_spawner? NPC_spawner entities with targetname don't spawn their NPCs, only when used. Select the trigger_multiple, then the NPC_spawner, then CTRL + K to connect them.
  2. It does support "personal" gravity (in singleplayer), that is an NPC can have g_gravity 100 and you can have 8000 at the same time, but it's always directed downward - no walking on ceilings or walls. But at least in SP it can be partially emulated by simply rotating the player entity accordingly and basically "blocking" the player on paths. In MP, it's impossible to achieve without coding. The closest thing is Force running on walls, but gravity still pulls you down, not toward the wall.
  3. Kingdom: Classic is free on Humble Bundle until November 9, 2020, 10:00:00 AM PST.
  4. Cutscene isn't really the proper term in this case - the ones you mentioned are very simply scripted sequences, that can happen either during intermission (at the end of the game, for example) or at any time during gameplay. It's all a matter of scripting them and running the script in-game whenever you want. You can also attach .ase models to func_static, so you're not limited to .md3 for that sort of scripting. I think even .obj could work, at least I know Radiant can load them. So simply creating .ase models and attaching them to movable func_static (always remember a system/origin brush!) is the easiest way to achieve what you want.
    That looks great! Very nice work, Noodle!
  5. I believe it's when Luke sends out his Jedi to check out various places, either before Hoth or Vjun. He sends him to Wayland.
  6. Not sure how to go about with other audio programs, but if you're using Audacity, simply open up the .mp3 file, set the Project frequency (bottom left) to 44100, then export as .mp3.
  7. Ramikad



    The Cube from the movie itself. It is designed for MP and with coop in mind. The goal is to navigate through a maze of similar-looking cubes, most of which filled with deadly traps. Due to time constraints I wasn't able to make the traps as nice as I hoped, so at least for this release they simply kill you on touch. It contains two NPCs, used for the hatch animations. I also included the original .map file, in case anyone wanted to mess around with it. Touch it at your own risk. To install, unpack the file cube.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file cube.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.
  8. Ramikad



    Several player models of aliens frequently reported and described in literature or depicted in movies. Go abduct an unsuspecting player! Included are NPC files with accurate height. NPC names are gray, gray2, gray3, gray_doctor, gray_walton, gray_female, slave, orange, orange2, orange3, nordic. To install, unpack the file z_Aliens.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file z_Aliens.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.
  9. Europa Universalis II is free on GOG until 24th October 2020, 1 PM UTC.
  10. What is the animation mod you're trying to install? All I can think of is that either you unpacked it in the wrong base folder (there's Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Base and the correct Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base), or the mod you're trying to use conflicts with another animation mod.
  11. Essentially you have to make sure that every piece of the model is attached hierarchically to another (Parent - I recommend you to take a look at the various JA models for a clearer idea of the hierarchy), then add an Armature modifier named skin to all new objects, setting skeleton_root as Object. You'll also have to add Ghoul 2 Properties in Object and give each piece a name - the name you'll use at the end for the .skin file. Once done, you'll have to mess with Object Data, and add Vertex Groups named after the bones themselves (for example, for the head, cervical, cranium, jaw). At this point all you have to do is weight the model pieces to the bones you defined in Vertex Groups, which can either be done manually, by selecting groups of vertices, selecting the desired Vertex Group and Assign or Remove the Weight (ranging from 0 to 1), or you can paint the weights in the Weight Paint mode, by selecting the Vertex Group of the bone and slapping it over the model piece. There are other ways to weight a model, like using Envelopes, but I haven't really tried them. Rinse and repeat for every model piece, and don't forget about Tags - which you can really just port from any base JA model. If every model piece is weighted correctly, if the ghoul2 properties are set correctly, if the hierarchy is correct, you should be able to export and use it in-game just fine. If it doesn't show up fine, generally re-importing the exported model helps you pinpoint the exact problems and oversights. This is pretty much it, essentially replicating how the base JA models work, or at least how they're rigged once imported in Blender. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  12. Ramikad

    Halloween Contest 2020

    I don't think they are:
  13. Not quite a tutorial, but I can help people through the animation process in Blender step by step. And yes, as the name implies, Dragon is horror now. It was OK back then when there was no real alternative, now the only good options are either Blender or Softimage. I can help you with Blender if needed.
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