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  1. I think a script to SET_WEAPON <weapon> will suffice - not sure though, the player might be unable to return to it once it is deselected.
  2. 96 downloads

    A recreation of parts of the Cavrilhu Pirates Base, based on the description from Specter of the Past by Timothy Zahn. It is an asteroid in the Amorris system, in the Kauron asteroid field. It features a landing pad, quite a few corridors, a trap (recreated as best I could from the description from Specter of the Past, but thank multiplayer for having to downgrade it!), a warehouse and several rooms. I included the map file and script sources, in case anyone wanted to take a look. I didn't find any bug, although I may have missed a couple of caulked spots here and there. To install, unpack the file Cavrilhu.pk3 in your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove Cavrilhu.pk3 from your GameData/Base folder.
  3. Easiest way I can think of is to let the script run twice, but use a script that is run before it to declare a variable or set a parm and then run a check so that it runs the first part during the first cutscene and the second part during the second, like this: //(BHVD) declare ( /*@DECLARE_TYPE*/ FLOAT, "script_stage" ); set ( "script_stage", "1" ); in the early script; //(BHVD) if ( $script_stage$, $=$, $2$ ) { rem ( "*Run second cutscene*" ); } if ( $script_stage$, $=$, $1$ ) { rem ( "*Run first cutscene*" ); set ( "script_stage", "2" ); } in Mara_Stand.ibi. From what I experimented in the past it should be doable and work nicely in this case.
  4. There's one in the Dark Forces mod, and you can find it in its Source Files.
  5. I'm on it, Gold Leader!
  6. Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. Closest one (but still not quite like it) would be the Rockettrooper suit or the Hazardtrooper suit. Other than that, I'm not aware of any space suit player model.
  8. Feel free to add it to the mod if you guys like it, though I don't have the .map file anymore (not sure if you need it).
  9. Ramikad

    SC Island

    Yes, I basically rendered a high resolution heightmap and baked it onto a much less complex version of the terrain, then I exported it as .md3 and completed it in Radiant with palms and bushes.
  10. 193 downloads

    A recreation of the first level of Dark Forces 2 I did many years ago. Found it a few weeks ago, and when I tried it again I found it quite enjoyable and fast-paced, so I decided to share it. I made the NPCs more dynamic overall to make them actual threats, and not just fixed targets. To install, unpack the folder DCONS and dcons.bat into your GameData folder, and launch dcons.bat. To uninstall, remove the folder DCONS and dcons.bat from the GameData folder.
  11. Ramikad

    SC Island

    "Maybe you can use your lightsaber to cut those trees down and make a bridge."
  12. 71 downloads

    A simple island map with palms and bushes. I had really little time to work on it these months, so it's not as fully developed as I would have wanted, but I really wanted to bring out something for the contest and overall I feel like it's a nice map to relax to the sweet music of Manaan and the sounds of ocean waves. The most glaring issue is the lack of any lighting (the island shadows are baked on the terrain model), and the trees don't have collisions. It's really mostly for eyecandy with all the trees and for sniping from treacherous bushes or unsuspecting horsetails. An issue I can't really fix is with tree LODs, which are broken in singleplayer. I also included the original .map file, in case anyone wanted to mess around with it. To install, unpack the file sc_island.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file sc_island.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder. Feel free to use any of the trees and bushes in this map - that's also a reason I wanted to bring this out, in case anyone was interested.
  13. You'd have to open the .efx file (you can open it as a .txt) and fiddle with the correct scale or size value (not sure which one it is).
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