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  2. Version 1.0


    GAMETYPES: duel, power duel BOT SUPPORT: None SOUNDS AND MUSIC: None This is a highly breakable duel map, yet the map randomly breaks by its own. Whole map is situated in deep space mid air. Borders of map slowly break and fall off. Triggering of the ground pieces is set to random time values, yet hierarchically, so no piece should stay alone in air(Although it rarely happens for a short time). When the map is broken, you are left on a really small dueling platform. Map could not be made for team play, due the fact that the spawn points would all hang in air, after the map collapses. Force push and pull can make an overpowered ability, so it is not highly recommended. Map is quite dark, and although it is small, you can sometimes surprise your enemies from shadows. AUTHOR: Checkman44 EMAIL: peterslivos@gmail.com FILENAME: cliff.pk3 VERSION: 1.0 RELEASE DATE: 10.3.2016 FILESIZE: 433 Kb
  3. Version 1.0


    GAMETYPES: duel, power duel, ffa, team ffa BOT SUPPORT: None SOUNDS AND MUSIC: None This is a partially breakable map map in which you can find a shaolin themed temple with its courtyard, deadly river with two bridges, deadly lake and a wooden tower.Whole map is surrounded by by mountains. The interior of the temple is a small dojo with breakable pillars, that will reveal a small elevated space after destroying them. In this space behind the interior wall are four breakable spots where the player can escape the dojo trough the broken wall. Inside the dojo you can also enter two not so well hidden pathways which leads to both sides of the temple. Temple interior has a second floor which have a balcony facing the wooden tower. The wooden tower can be best climbed by using vertical wall run. AUTHOR: Checkman44 EMAIL: peterslivos@gmail.com FILENAME: temple.pk3 VERSION: 1.0 RELEASE DATE: 7.23.2013 FILESIZE: 2,13 Mb
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  5. Version 1.0


    GAMETYPES: duel, power duel, ffa, tffa BOT SUPPORT: None SOUNDS AND MUSIC: None This map contains few deadly features such as functional conveyor belt with crushing wheel at the end, or area that can be closed to trap and burn other players to death. You can also find acid pits with barrels and lava rooms with floating shards of metal that sink or appear.The map also contains two controllable elevators and one locking door. The main trap mechanism can be operated by two buttons. First button closes the locking area, and button second kills anyone inside. However to maintain balance, the ground beneath the control room (locking button area) has floor that can be opened by Force Pull from the outside of the room. AUTHOR: Checkman44 EMAIL: peterslivos@gmail.com FILENAME: trap2.pk3 VERSION: 1.0 RELEASE DATE: 7.6.2014 FILESIZE: 931 Kb
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