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    It's a very aesthetically pleasing map, I especially enjoyed the fully mapped out skybox. The playable area feels a bit small compared to the scale of the visuals though.
  1. Small update: I had forgotten my workflow so I had to re-acquaint myself with all the mod tools, as well as troubleshoot the 3DS Max to Assimilate pipeline. Troubleshooting old software like Assimilate with little remaining documentation can be very frustrating, but I've gotten it all working now. Thank you to people like Psyk0sith, Ashura, and Minilogoguy who have a wealth of information on this website already - I'd never figure this out without looking through your tutorials and posts. I've successfully given the Geonosian Fighter proper LODs and fixed a few tag issues, as well mostly finished the effects for all vehicles. It should only be a week or two before I get all of it done and ready for testing if I have the free time.
  2. While playing as Jango on the Sith Lord difficulty, all the named Jedi on the Geonosis Arena map have infinite health and cannot be killed without cheats. I tried for a good 3 minutes to focus down one Jedi stuck in a corner with flamethrower, and they took it the whole time without so much as a damage grunt. I feel like I've been trolled edit: I played through the mission again and I see what the intention was. However, what's bizarre is that you can kill Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme, and yet they'll show up in the cutscene later in the mission. This was what confused me initially as I thought that if you could kill the main cast, then you would have been able to take out everyone else without a special scenario.
  3. I love the look of it so far. It's just a walking turret! it reminds me of the enemies in the game Armored Core
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