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  1. In 2021, this is still my favourite model. Just needs CTF skins, with robes. The robes turn gray/white boxes as in texture missing.
  2. I always thought that the name Darth Revan sounds more like a woman than a man. This is good depiction.
  3. Hey all. I enjoy the old Dark Forces 2 game, and I am sure many out there still do. One of the problems you might come accross when trying to play the game on a 64-bit system is that your screen turns black in the menus. But, when you press ALT+TAB, the menu will revert back to normal. This becomes highly inconvenient when trying to play the game solidly; you'll have to ALT+TAB all the time to make it work. Fortunately, there is a workaround of this. It's not perfect since the menus and cutscenes will be in window mode, while game is full screen. But it becomes obsolete next to requiring to press ALT+TAB whenever you wish to view your Objectives, Map, Force Powers and generally change settings. This is how you do: 1.) Go to your "JK.exe" folder. This is usually the path for the CD installs: C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Jedi Knight For Steam install, this should be the path: C:\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Star Wars Jedi Knight\ 2.) Create a new shortcut of the "JK.exe" by right clicking the file and clicking "Create Shortcut". 3.) Right click the new shortcut you've made. In the "Target" section, you should see the full path. At the end of it, after the semicolon, type. -windowGUI And then click "OK". It should say something like this for CD users: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Jedi Knight\JK.EXE" -windowGUI 4.) Place the shortcut wherever you want it, and play the game through this shortcut only. It should work. I hope this will be useful to you. Best Wishes and have fun gaming!
  4. Thanks! Sure. Can do that. Though I was aiming as movie accurate as I can make it, without obstructing too much view. Alternatively, if you have PhotoShop, you can use the provided .PSD files and just reduce opacity for the whole group for that specific crosshair, duplicate any of its Red/Green or Blue channels and rename it Alfa, then save it as .TGA file.
  5. 111 downloads

    ABOUT ====================== This mod changes some crosshair in the game to some crosshairs used in well known sci-fi movies. They are as follows: 1 - Escape from New York (Glider Scene) 2 - Batman 1989 (Batwing targeting reticule) 3 - Flash Gordon (Ming's targeting Earth) 4 - Robocop (video game reticule) 5 - Predator (Yautja laser crosshair) 6 - Terminator (T-800 scanning reticule) INSTALLATION / UNINSTALLATION ====================== Select the .pk3 file and put them it your JKA GameData/base folder. To uninstall, simply remove that file from your folder. Note that you can only have one at a time. HOW TO USE ====================== To use any of the crosshairs, you will have to use the "cg_drawcrosshair" function, and add a numeric value to choose what crosshair you want. Press the console button, usually tilde "§" (button just under "Escape" button), and type: cg_drawcrosshair 1 - The above should give you the "Escape from NY" crosshair. Keep increasing the crosshair value until you find the crosshair you wish to use. Then simply return from console by pressing tilde again. Note that these crosshairs are best used (IMO at least) with double the crosshair size. To increase the crosshair size, type: cg_crosshairsize 48 in the console. Default size is 24. KNOWN BUGS/GLITCHES ====================== - None - BONUS .PSD FILES ====================== If you wanna tinker with the files themselves, here's my .PSD file. Be warned, many layers aren't named. LOL
  6. Can this be played with bots or single player? Is this mod only put in a separate folder? I wouldn't like to tinker with my base folder at all, tbh.
  7. Heya people of JKHub... I play JKA solo, with Zykmod, vs bots. That's my way to go with this game. I have Mario and Luigi from Mario Bros in my team - I made the bots myself. I added bot relation, so they don't attack each other even in ffa, and I added funny comments/reactions if one of them were killed. So, if Luigi dies, Mario would say something about it. They are very talkative as bots. Now... I added OpenJK, the latest version, just yesterday. And the Mario/Luigi bots no longer comment if some of them die! What's odd, is that they actively seek to attack each other, despite my bot settings. What happened here? And how do I get the previous function back? It is very very annoying, as the comments give me some comic relief during gameplay. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  8. Howdy mates. How do I go about making new .EFX files? What are the variables, how do I do? Is there any "manual" or tutorial about these things? I'd like to change the look of force powers in MP for base JKA. Thanks!
  9. Thanks man. I did forget to put in the green version of the HUD, but that has been updated.
  10. 273 downloads

    ABOUT ====================== This mod changes the layout of your Heads Up Display to look a bit more holographic/techy of sorts. There are different colors of it, and it's up to you to pick which any one you'd like to play with. INSTALLATION / UNINSTALLATION ====================== Pick one of the .pk3 files and put them in your JKA GameData/base folder. To uninstall, simply remove that file from your folder. Note that you can only have one at a time. KNOWN BUGS/GLITCHES ====================== These aren't exactly "bugs and glitches" but more of what may need fixing in future releases. - HUD too big, may cover the CTF flag status on your lower left part of the HUD. - Is supposed to work with Zyk mod as I have put in code and graphics for Desann's and Tavion's saber style. However, I haven't made it work yet. BONUS .PSD FILE ====================== If you wanna tinker with the HUD files themselves, here's my .PSD file. Be warned, many layers aren't named. LOL
  11. This mod gets a 5/5. Heck, it gets 10/5. Not only has the scope been improved by an actual crosshair, which makes a huge difference in aiming, but you have made the effort to make an improved vanilla scope, and some with improved visibility. My favourite is the semi-transparent visibility one, as it has a perfect balance of showing just enough so you don't miss out important info on the screen, but also bright center enough to keep the focus on your closest sorrounding. It's so very simple, but it makes so much difference. This is a keeper.
  12. For some reason, the game crashes for me when I try to launch with her as bot.
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