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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.5


    This is a new and improved version of the AT-ST walker. This model works in both JK2 and JA as direct replacements to the enemy NPC, the SP driveable entity and the MP vehicle. It also comes with 4 extra skins, clean, rusty, mossy and snow. This model was quite some time in the making, it was originally meant for the Dark Forces 2 mod but because of the popularity of the model I'm releasing it publicly outside of the mod. I have to give a huge thanks to AshuraDX for making the amazing high quality textures, writing the shader for rend2 and help with testing and bug fixes. It was practically a
  2. Noodle

    Battle Gunk


    Inspired by the SOLO movie, here's a gunk that shoots lasers and rockets. To use you must enter the following command in your console: /npc spawn vehicle battle_gonk Known Bugs: - It won't work if you have too many NPCs or Vehicles in your base game. NPC: Yes. LODs: No. SP: No. Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.
  3. 115 downloads

    Frankly I am surprised nobody has made this for JK3 sooner! (Unless someone did and I didn't know?) To get in game, open the console and type npc spawn vehicle arwing_v2 (yes I made an experimental version before this one but am not releasing it) If you've never heard of the Arwing, it's the starfighter from Star Fox games made by Nintendo. I modeled this one roughly around the one from Star Fox 64 (3D). It's a nimble and fast fighter with plenty of firepower. It's probably an unfair vehicle for JK3 for the fact it has more health and shields than the X-wing, out runs the Tie-Fighter, and
  4. 106 downloads

    This brings NPC and Vehicle versions of the R7 series astromech droid to Jedi Academy. The R7-series astromech droid was created by Industrial Automaton during the Galactic Civil War. The R7-series was designed specifically for use with the Rebel Alliance/New Republic E-wing escort starfighter. NPCS: /npc spawn r7a1 /npc spawn r7a2 /npc spawn r7a3 Vehicles: /npc spawn vehicle r7a1_vehicle /npc spawn vehicle r7a2_vehicle /npc spawn vehicle r7a3_vehicle Title: R7 Series Astromech File Names: R7-A1.pk3 [769 kb] R7-A2.pk3 [768 kb] R7-A3.pk3 [283 kb] Date Released: December 21 2018 Type: Model
  5. Version 1.0


    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I hope you enjoy Darth Vader's Tie Fighter this new version Title : GustavoPredador's Darth Vader Tie fighter 1.0 Author: GustavoPredador (Darth Lord Vader) Credits: NeoMarz1 all credits for NeoMarz1 Original File: https://jkhub.org/files/file/649-vaders-tie-vm/ By NeoMarz1 Installation: Place GustavoPredador's VaderTiefighter.pk3 into the "StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/basefolder". Steam "C:\Program Files\Steam\ste
  6. Version Release Candidate (RC)


    =============================================================== STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 - THE FORCE AWAKENS (TIE FIGHTER RE-SKIN) =============================================================== FILE NAME: TIE FIGHTER--Episode 7 by Dark_Apprentice.pk3 Autor of the re-skin: Dark_Apprentice CREDITS: - LucasArts, Raven, Disney (for the original TIE Fighter vehicle in Jedi Academy, Idea & Design) - NumberWan (some tips for Photoshop) - Zappa_0 (for his version of the TIE Fighter model, that I use to put the new textures I've made) - AshuraDX (for helping me out with the shaders) ++++
  7. Version 1.0


    I finally finished my skiff vehicle for Academy to spawn it open the cheat console , activate cheats and type : "npc spawn vehicle skiff" Please notice that using the skiff_anims.pk3 file will make swoops and other vehicles that use the swoop animation ridiculous while only this skiff profits from the aniamtion replacement - this makes it also incompatible with any other animation mods Have fun !
  8. 544 downloads

    *************************** JEDI KNIGHT ACADEMY MODIFICATION *************************** Title :Republic Gunship Skin Pack Vehicle Imports :Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" Modeling :Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" Skinning :Dark_Cuillere Rigged :Zappa_0 E-Mail :neomarz1@sbcglobal.net :zappa0@gmail.com Website : :http://www.jedioutcastmovies.wordpress.com File Name :gunshipVM_AOTC.pk3 File Size :2077KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_ARC.pk3 File Size :2067KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_Camo.pk3 File Size :1949KB Date Released :1/30/2014 File Name :gunshipVM_Kenobi.p
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