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  1. 2,314 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: The Old Republic Saber Colors FINAL AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: torsabers.pk3 FILESIZE: 147 kb DATE RELEASED: March, 25th 2015 CREDITS to: Myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the torsabers.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: Saber Colors from Star Wars: The Old Republic, which replaces ALL of the default colors. This is the FINAL VERSION. Here is a small changelog for those interested: 1.0 - Contained only the purple saber with a pure black core. 2.0 - Contained an updated purple saber core to look more like the game, also contained new glows and cores for the yellow, blue and red sabers to look exactly how they do in SWTOR. FINAL VERSION - This will not be edited anymore, as this has fixed the red glow to look darker like in TOR and I have changed the yellow saber glow to match the TOR version, adding the TOR green saber and finally the TOR orange saber. To note the orange saber is the ONLY saber in the pack to contain a black core. BUGS: Sometimes the colors go a little brighter at certain angles, unavoidable due to alpha usage. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. EXTRA: If you just so happen to be a fan of TOR, or play it yourself, then you may contact me in regards to creating a new Saber for you. Please note this will only be the blade color, I will not be making any Hilts. If you want Hilts, contact Rooxon at JKHub. If you want new blade colors then contact me, Kylo Ren at JKHub. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  2. Version 2.1


    JEDI OUTCAST EXPANDED MENU A complete new menu for Star Wars Jedi Outcast. Expanded Menu bring many new features to Jedi Outcast through a new reworked interface. The purpose of this mod is to use the full potential of the base game engine possibilities. Play to Jedi Outcast with a modern interface, and unlock all the possibilities of the game. Choose your game mission through a new menu, and access for exemple to the bonus missions on Alzoc III or Bespin Pit. Select a map among all those in the game, use the NPC Spawner to make your own Star Wars Battles. Choose your Force side, fight your selected ennemies with your desired teammates, and control them if you want... Use the Camera menu to freeze NPC or Effects, take the best screenshots with the desired point of view. Access to the cheats menu to change your saber color, select your Force Powers, weapons, inventory, or even bring up a drivable AT-ST... Personalize your gameplay. Unlock all saber stances, select your movement speed, fight with your fists, choose your crosshair, be invicible, and more. Feel the power of the Force and the Lightsaber through unlocked dismemberment and configurable pushing force. Unlock all game settings options and push the game engine to the limite. Select your custom resolution, toggle curve details to the maximum, or listen to the game in 44kHz instead of 22kHz... Interact with the menu in your language. Expanded Menu tries to be the most accessible by being translated into English, French, German, Spanish, and compatible with the remaining ones. Use the Expanded Menu configuration file to customize your game settings, like manual lightsaber blocking, or even the npc quick spawn key bind. Find a lot of game elements in high quality. Like icons, fonts, and even loading screens. Also, the Mod fixes buttons that didn't work like the swaying view, the Alzoc III skybox, and other annoying bugs. Expanded Menu work in singleplayer and multiplayer. Configure your network options, allow dismemberment, display details like FPS, time, lagometer, or even toggle the graphical options to the maximum. The Mod behaves like a .pk3 archive as compatible as possible with all other mods, except for those which change the font. It should even work on all platforms PC, Mac, Linux. Do not wait any longer to experience the Star Wars atmosphere with new menu music, new sounds, and much more... And try a new approach to Jedi Outcast... List of some new features : New NPC Spawner menu New camera menu New music menu New cheats menu New mission select menu New map select menu New ingame HUD New unlocked settings options New high quality fonts New high quality icons New music and sounds Multiples languages Dismemberment unlocked Cheats unlocked Best settings selected Controlable NPC, Selectable lightsaber color, crosshair, movement speed, force knock back effect, etc. And more... Installation : 1. Before you start the installation you should backup and remove any configuration files in your "Base" folder, to let Expanded Menu generate its required parameters during its first launch. 2. Extract "Expanded_Menu.zip" to your "..\GameData\Base" folder. 3. Be sure to load "Expanded_Menu.pk3" in last, alphabetically after the other Mods, by adding a "Z" in the first letter of the file. 4. Launch the game and go to the video menu to set your custom resolution and apply it, after the video restart use the "Best Settings" button, remember to configure your keys and you will be ready. 5. To uninstall the Mod, just delete files that were extracted, "Expanded_Menu.pk3" and configuration files. Credits : New Expanded Menus : Lyo New Menu Fonts : Lyo New Menu Sounds : Lyo New Clean HUD : Lyo High Quality Loading Screens : Lyo, Quiet Bob High Quality Large Fonts : Grab High Quality Fixedsys Console Fonts : Didz High Quality Crosshairs : Grab High Quality Teams & Flags Icons : Angel Soul High Quality Force & Weapons Icons : Grab High Quality Cursor & Greyscale Icons : Sentra High Quality Models Caps Texture : Langerd High Quality Animated Flag Model : Lyo Translation Review : Lyo Translation Italian : HellBaron, Xarabas Translation Hungarian : Dániel Szõke Translation Russian : IoG, Enpy, Фаргус Enjoy !
  3. Version 1.0


    This is my first improved HUD for Max...oh, I mean Jedi Academy. This is the result of my love for Max Payne and Jedi Knight series.
  4. Version v2


    I decided to make a new chat icon since I've never been too fond of JKA's original. Big thanks to @Ruxith for making it animated with shaders came out great. Simply extract the pk3 to your japlus folder or your base folder, whichever you prefer. Apologies about the poor quality of the gif below... imgur tends to make everything lesser quality... it IS transparent as well. Edit - Also, the gif below is a little inaccurate now as of the latest version, it displays no dots, then 1, 2, 3 and repeats rather than always having 1 dot.
  5. Version 1.0


    ......High quality icons...... Author: Grab File name: GGHDIcons v1.0 Description: High quality icons replacement of old ones. Instalation: Take one of these .pk3's and put it into your base folder. Known issues: No new icons for: melee, cloak, zoom. Copyright: Grab
  6. 141 downloads

    Installation: Simply Place the PK3 file into the /Base/ folder. To remove simply delete. Description: A few crosshairs i decided to trying and add into jka, hope someone gets some use out of them ^_^ Notes: I've only tested these with EternalJK but im assuming they should be fine for most, they are simply your 1-6 crosshairs which you can switch via the game menu or using command.
  7. Version 1.1


    Replaces the default chat icon with a "quest" icon found in many popular MMORPGs.
  8. 26 downloads

    My submission to the April Fool's contest. It's straight-forward. It inverses the sound and animation of Force Push and Pull, as well as swaps their respective logos. So when you pull an object, you make the Push animation and sound and the same in reverse. Though most people use key bindings, I found having this still throws you off your game and it's fun to sneak into a skin pack!
  9. Version 1.00


    This mod changes your chat icons with logo of JKHub.org, and improves voice chat icon looks into ultra gorgeous hi-res. Included in this pack is also a .PSD file, for PhotoShop ninjas to use - should they desire to do so. So the PHOTOSHOP PSD folder is only for such use. It has no use for the mod itself.
  10. 420 downloads

    This is a mod that updates the voice icon in multiplayer to be of higher quality. The default one is pretty bad, and since I made the chat icon high quality, this needed to be the next step. Thanks to Ensiform for pointing that out.
  11. Version 1.0


    This mod simply changes the normal saber color icons with crystal icons from Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  12. Version 1.2


    This is a mod that updates the chat icon in multiplayer to be of higher quality and animated. I was tired of seeing a really ugly pixelated one, and it was about time for an update. I used Ruxith and SiLink's animation shader for the animated dots. All credit goes to them.
  13. Version 2.00


    - Team Icons HD - ----------------------------- Team Icons in HD and from all Star Wars eras. Just choose!
  14. 898 downloads

    This mod adds RGB (char_color_red, char_color_blue, char_color_green) support to the 45 playable base models. For any default model, the RGB skin can be accessed via the console (SHIFT+`) by typing the following command: /model MODELNAME/rgb where MODELNAME is any of the models listed below. Other supported custom models are Hapslash's Stormtrooper and Mandalorian's Boba Fett (http://jkhub.org/files/file/1947-fettpack/), if you set up the model to overwrite the default boba_fett and include the [RGB_Skins_MandaBobaFix].pk3 in your base. Once you have the RGB variant of the model selected, you can change the color instantly to any color (and other people see the change instantly [only if they have the mod as well], they do not have to "refresh" their skin list to get the updates). For example: /char_color_red 255 /char_color_blue 0 /char_color_green 0 will produce the color red. You can use any combination of R G and B (just make sure each one is between 0 and 255). If you have JAPLUS, you can use the single command "/amcolor R G B" instead of the three char_color commands. (For example, "/amcolor 255 0 0" will produce red). This mod also includes team skins and icons for the jawa model! The models with a * next to it denotes a comment, and the models with a + next to it indictates that there are additional variants of that model included. alora alora2 bespin_cop boba_fett*+ chewbacca chiss cultist desann galak gran human_merc+ imperial imperial_worker jan+ jawa+ jedi jedi_chewbacca_rgb* jeditrainer kyle lando luke monmothma morgan noghri prisoner rax_joris rebel+ rebel_pilot reborn+ reborn_new reborn_twin reelo rodian+ rosh_penin saboteur shadowtrooper snowtrooper stormpilot stormtrooper*** swamptrooper tavion tavion_new trandoshan**** tusken ugnaught+ weequay***** *If you are using Mandalorian's fettpack v.01, refer to the installation instructions! **This model, jedi_chewbacca_rgb, is included to allow the use of the Chewbacca RGB skin in team gametypes. Having "jedi_" in the model name forces the RGB colors displayed to be red or blue, depending on the team you are on, while also retaining your char_color_red, char_color_green and char_color_blue values. Without "jedi_" in the name, Jedi Academy appears to reset char_color_red, char_color_green and char_color_blue to have values of 255, but these values aren't locked. ***If you are using Hapslash's Stormtrooper model, refer to the installation instructions! ****This skin, trandoshan/rgb, is essentially the same as the default trandoshan/sp skin. This additional skin is provided for consistency with the other models. *****This skin, weequay/rgb, makes use of the tint_torso.png texture included with the default model for weequay/sp, but also changes the legs to have RGB. +Other variants included are: boba_fett/ nocape nojetpack none rgb rgb_nocape rgb_nojetpack rgb_none human_merc/ key_carrier_nocape nocape racto_nocape rgb jan/ novest rgb rgb_novest jawa/ blue red rgb rebel/ noholster none novest rgb reborn/ rgb rgb_blue rgb_boss rgb_red rgb_s rodian/ novest rgb ugnaught/ lunch nopurse rgb rgb_lunch rgb_nopurse
  15. Version 1.0


    High Quality Chat icon for JEDI KNIGHT II : Jedi Outcast (v1.04) Description: This mod replaces the classic texture 1.04 chat icon with new 512x512 texture in very high resolution, there are also several animations for add more realism. Multiple choice for textures: Normal(default), Metal, Gold and Black Credits: Textures by fly3r, idea based on "High Quality Chat Icon" by Circa (http://jkhub.org/files/file/2194-high-quality-chat-icon/) Shader by Ruxith in "SiLink's custom icon" (http://jkhub.org/files/file/1493-silinks-chat-icon/) Installation: PC: Extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy/Outcast directory. Mac: Place in Applications/Jedi "Academy" or "Outcast"/base folder Enjoy
  16. Version 1.0


    _____________________________________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION This pack contains several chat icon replacements. Just put ONE of the files in your base or mod folder. If it doesnot work, you can try to rename it "zzzzzzz_chat_icon_X.pk3". _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION AND CREDITS - chat_icon_Ahsoka : animated chat icon of the scene Ahsoka leave the Jedi Temple made especially for Cerez who provided me some computer help - chat_icon_bb8_art : rolling art BB8 - chat_icon_bb8_sand : rolling BB8 on sand - chat_icon_kyloren : "I will finish what you started..." animated chat icon - chat_icon_loading.pk3 : animated loading icon with 4 points - chat_icon_razor : animated icon of the picture of Raz0r made especially for Raz0r who provided me some computer help - chat_icon_windows : the animated loading icon of Windows 10. Be careful, the icon is not very stable and can crash - chat_icon_woof : animated wolf icon with flames The icon is from Eezstreet If you have an idea of a chat icon to be added to the pack, here is the topic where you can give your ideas : https://jkhub.org/topic/7075-chat-icon-pack/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ KNOWN BUGS These mods use a modified "mp.shader" file. If you use another mod which modify it too, you can get conflicts. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ LICENCE You can use the mod as you want as long as you provide credits to the authors of the mod, and not for a commercial use.
  17. 23 downloads

    This is just a small shader modification to replace the chat icon with cutscenes from JKA. Put ONE of the files in your base or mod folder. If it doesnot work, try by renaming it with "zzzzzz_chat_icon_movie.pk3" - chat_icon_movie_imperialship : use a cutscene of JKA with an imperial ship as a chat icon ! - chat_icon_movie_introjka : use the introduction cutscene of JKA as a chat icon ! - chat_icon_movie_ojpbattles : use the main video of the mod "OpenJediProject" as a chat icon. Video from OJP Team (http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=542) - chat_icon_movie_ravensclaw : use a cutscene with the Raven's Claw as a chat icon ! - chat_icon_movie_spacebattle : use the last cutscene of JKA as a chat icon !
  18. 52 downloads

    This is just a chat icon replacement, using the C symbol of @Circa. This mod was first created as a joke but it quickly became a serious mod. There are 3 versions : C_chat_icon_1.pk3 : animated C chat icon based on the "high quality chat icon" from Circa and on the animated shader of Ruxith and SiLink C_chat_icon_2.pk3 : animated C chat icon using a rotation, based on the shader file of "Arcane Weapons Pack" from Dyyor C_chat_icon_3.pk3 : animated C chat icon using an alternative rotation 1: 2: 3:
  19. Version FINAL VERSION


    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Rainbow Saber FINAL AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: rainbow.pk3 FILESIZE: 25.5 kb DATE RELEASED: March, 25th 2015 CREDITS to: just my self since this is a small mod INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the rainbow.PK3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: A rainbow saber that replaces the green saber color. BUGS: none unless you count the green sabertrail and saberglow. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  20. 338 downloads

    HQ Ultra Flags for Jedi Academy and Outcast Description: This mod replaces the classic textures flags with new textures in very high resolution from 256x512 resolution to 2048x4096, which signifi they are expands x8 ! Icons of flags have also been expanded. detail on this gif: Credits: Textures by fly3r, Flags models by Raven software Installation: PC: Extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy/Outcast directory. Mac: Place in Applications/Jedi "Academy" or "Outcast"/base folder Enjoy
  21. Version 1.00


    Changes the CTF flag icons into subtly transparent neon-like icons. The icons are high-resolution, and will look crispier and neater.
  22. Version FINAL


    All I did here was replace the Chat Icon with an image from the JK3 Assets.
  23. Version 1.1


    Hidden Icons This mini-mod includes some icons so you can see some extra skins in the menu. No more stupid "?" icon. Include: ​No Jetpack Bobafett SP Gran Key Carrier Merc Racto Merc Commander Imperial Officer Imperial Siege Jan ( = Default Jan ) Jawa Jedi SP: Keldor, Twilek, Human Male, Human Female, Zabrak, Rodian 2 Elder Prisoner Merchant Prisoner Reborn Boss Reborn_twin Boss SP Rodian Stormtrooper Officer Possessed Tavion_new Trandosan SP Weequay SP Replaced Japlus "?" icon.
  24. 210 downloads

    This mod contains two .pk3s that once installed, will change the appearance of your chat icon in Jedi Academy multiplayer to resemble the quest icons found in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Place SWTOR_IconComplete or SWTOR_IconQuest.pk3 in the Base folder of your JA directory to install. You may only have one of these installed at any one time.
  25. Version (V1)


    This gives you a couple of options to improve the base chat icon. I got the idea after seeing some recent chat icon mods. Place whichever pk3 you want into gamedata/base: AnimatedImprovedBaseIcon - Recommended: My modified version of the base chat Icon, where the speech bubble actually points at the character, with animated dots. AnimatedBaseIcon - The default JKA chat Icon, but with animated dots. ImprovedBaseIcon - My modified version of the base chat Icon, where the speech bubble actually points at the character. Credits: Animated shaders are based on a shader by Ruxith in SiLink's custom icon: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1493-silinks-chat-icon/ Get other base improvements here: http://jkhub.org/topic/696-mugs-list-of-mods-everyone-should-have/ Published Exlusively on JKHub - 20th March 2013 Feel free to modify/use as you please.
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