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    Author UnsungHero/Schrodinger This is UnsungHero's and mine (Schrödinger's) Galen Marek, codename Starkiller, model that we made in hope of creating a usable model that doesn't look too bad... *cough* It's just a V1, which is supposed to be a teaser for future release that will have most of the bugs fixed aswell as the face changed to proper one, since for now we are using Jaden simply because we'd rather have a good Jaden face rather than crappy photosource of Starkiller. Well, that's pretty much all. The outfits included are "Training Gear" and "Sith Robe".
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    Author UnsungHero/Schrodinger This is the classic reborns from Jedi Knight 2 skinned onto the Gallimar model. The reborns were Desann's force powered troops that dominated over normal imperial forces. I prefer the Gallimar model over the tiny skinny reborns, hence why I decided it would be fun to make this skin! I ran into some problems along the way but I got through with help from Schrodinger. Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out.
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