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Release Date: 18.11.2016

Filesize: ~12MB

Story background:

As invasion moves forward, Sith forces had managed to break thin line of Alliance defenses and are directly threating Dac system. Small strike team from local garrison slipped through enemy's security systems. Few Jedi Knights are trying to reach bridge deck, before invasion starts. Eliminating Sith leader just in time might save whole planet from total annihilation...



Play as a Jedi (BLUE team) or Sith forces (RED team) on this TFFA map. The fate and the result of this extremely important clash is in your hands. Map was designed for saber dueling and epic cinematics. It has several breakable objects (mostly glass and some cables), traps (huge heat radiators may harm or even kill you) and powerful trigger on the bridge, which completely changes whole room after activating (use your lightsaber or force push to activate it).

This is my second map, it was meant to be small and full of lights/effects, but it has developed to be a little bit larger. ;) Although I've added FFA and DUEL gametypes, I would strongly suggest using TFFA gametype, just for the "story" purposes. I placed spawnpoints in distant areas, so fight should occur in the middle section, and later move on the bridge itself. I wouldn't recommend fighting in BLUE team spawn area though.


Lastly, I would like to give an advice for current or future mappers. This map was meant to be a short project, but it somehow took me extra months to finish. I've learned a lot during that time, made many changes to initial idea and, for sure, as many mistakes. I wasn't really keen to rush this map, but it started to delay me from different projects. It shows the neccesity of planning everything before you start building it in Radiant. You will save yourself a lot of precious time.


Also, check out my previous project: Yavin 4 Riverside




Put pk3 file to your gamedata/base directory. Choose map from in-game menu (TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, FFA modes) or open your console and type /devmap siege_of_dac


Known bugs:

If you're having problems with performance (low fps, etc.) turn off dynamic glow.

Explosion effects at the bridge sometimes won't play after restarting map and on modded servers. Dunno why. Map will work corectly on base jk3, but more advanced mods/overhauls might override effects.



Feel free to download and play. If you want something different, such as reuploading to different sites than jkhub, contact me here (@kwenga). I do not claim any rights to music/soundtrack. Full credits to original creators and author of the remix.


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can you add more screens? because the ones you added are mostly some kind of bridge...

thats what the map bascially is

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thats what the map bascially is

oh. i thought it was actually a big ship map for ffa, because otherwise it'd be more of a duel\ powerduel map...of course, it's just a shot in the dark since I didn't yet open the map :D

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This is a beautiful map that came in the nick of time for me, I was needing some more bridges out there. Wonderful work!!!

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