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We need money


No, really. Please help.

You know how, every once in a while, Mr and Mrs Wikipedia ask for donations, because they don't want to run paid ads on their awesome website, but still need money to keep it going? We're kind of like that.




As of today, JKHub has been around for three months - a quarter of a year. We've achieved quite a lot in those three months: we've ensured our own stability and confirmed a website like JKHub can, in fact, work. Right now, we're hosting 27 websites for free, in an effort to aid the JKA community. Every day, hundreds of people visit a website we host. JKHub alone receives an average of roughly 10.000 pageviews daily.


Additionally, we provide downloads for 1380 mods, some of which over a GB in size. We provide DNS redirects to 33 servers, and host 102 tutorials.


Unfortunately, that costs money.


How JKHub makes money

Though JKHub is not a registered charity or non-profit organization, we do rely very much on users' donations. We currently do not have any paid ads on our website, and are not supported by any companies or investors besides our users. For this reason, we ask for donations once every year, in the fourth quarter. We'd very much like to continue being ad-free.


We try to be as transparent as we can about donations, so if you have any questions, please do feel free to yell.


What we need money for

Here is a full breakdown of all the money JKHub will need to make it through 2013.


Webhosting is what we need in order to be able to make our site available to you. These costs go towards the company JKHub uses to host our website, and to make sure JKHub and sites using its hosting are secure and fast. It will cost us $170 for the year 2013.


Dropbox is the third-party service we use to serve mod downloads that would otherwise to be too large (and too many) for our infrastructure to handle. It will cost us $100 for the year 2013.


Software licenses are what we need to pay for to keep improvements to our site coming, such as the ones posted in this article. They'll allow us to keep our site as modern, user-friendly and secure as possible. They will cost us another $100 for the year 2013.


Addons are extensions to the software we use, such as the tutorials system and the links directory, made by third-party developers. They will cost us $22.50 for the year 2013.


Domains are things like "jkhub.org". To maintain ownership of that domain will cost us $15 for the year 2013.


Fees are Paypal fees on payments, and simultaneously a little buffer in case any of the above becomes marginally more expensive unexpectedly. They're the reason I'll round up the amount a little further below. If we exceed what we need by any amount, the excess will still be used to support JKHub.


The total money needed

In total, we need $420.

We have received $420 worth of donations so far.



What happens if we don't get $420

In short, the less money we get, the further our service will deteriorate. If we come up to $100 short, for instance, we may be forced to decide not to make any software updates during 2013. If we come up to $200 short, the quality of our free webhosting and our uptime will suffer. If we come short even more, we may need to stop providing certain services altogether.


In practice, we'll certainly do everything in our power to keep JKHub running smoothly no matter how much money we get, however, we may have to decide to start placing potentially intrusive paid ads on our site to be able to accomplish that, for example.


So, in conclusion, please donate.

The button below will take you to our donation FAQ page, which is also where you can donate. Again, we try to handle donations as transparently as possible, so if you have any further questions, please post below.




By Caelum, in Community News,

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Awesome, I wish I could contribute.

Is there any way for a lowly peasant teenager such as myself could contribute?





I would but I'm broke. As soon as I become a rich rockstar you will get all my money.

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Um. This is why I said MUG and I. We both play guitar and sing. I think we both play keyboard as well.


Me2 heh

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