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  1. This is very cool! I have some similar documentation in my old hard drive, I should check and see if there's anything I can contribute.
  2. Hey, for anyone interested, a guy named George is currently hosting a Modwooty server, join us on Discord if you'd like to play: https://discord.gg/HX3Gb4
  3. Smoo was dabbling in the source code, he'll probably be interested in this revival ? Thanks for setting up the server, it brings back memories!
  4. I believe that's a local IP address, so it doesn't work for people outside your local network. Check your external IP on www.whatismyip.com
  5. I saw your comment on Youtube! I can't see the server, sadly, neither in JKA nor in the JKHub Master List.
  6. Sorry for going off-topic, but does it really make a difference, in this day and age? I mean, it's seems perfectly wise not to post your email in public forums, but if I go check my spam folder, I get like 5 spam emails per day, and it's rare for one to get past Google's filter. Aren't all our email addresses already on every single list of addresses to spam?
  7. Update! I've finally uploaded the mod files. Thanks to everyone for your kind feedback I want to remind you all that the source code is included, if anyone is crazy enough to check it out! Unfortunately, I edited the submission and it seems JKHub requires it to be re-approved every time you edit it, so you might not be able to see it until they do. Hopefully it will be quick, though! I'll avoid editing in the future.
  8. Petzi

    Ninja Mod

    This should be in the Server-Side section :/ Great mod!
  9. Petzi



    The author of this mod is a man named Bubba (by himself, as far as I know). It ran for several years on a server called Jawascript, almost always in Power Duel, on a particular map. The server has since vanished, along with the mod's website and the author himself. If anyone can contact him, please let me know, as I'm very curious about this mod's history! Anyway, at some point I downloaded the mod's files from the website, so I decided not to let them become publicly unavailable (after waiting the 30 days required by JKHub). Mod Description I would describe ModWooty as a fighting game fever
  10. I sent you the files by PM I'm looking forward to it!
  11. In two weeks, you'll have it! Well, actually, I can send it to you sooner, I just can't upload it to JKHub yet. Will you really host a server?
  12. Hey, everyone! So some of you may know about or played Modwooty. There was one server that ran it for many years, but sadly it's now gone. Worse than that, the mod's website berealistic.com is gone, too. Thankfully, I anticipated this and downloaded and kept some of the mod files. I have the files for hosting a server, the source files, the optional client files (hadouken sound effects!) and what appears to be a custom map. I emailed Bubba (the author) yesterday, but I doubt bubba@rubbernub.com is still used, so I'll probably have to wait 30 days without a reply, as per JKHub rules. In the m
  13. Man, your name is familiar
  14. It sounds like Movie Battles is the mod you want to play, you should check it out.
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