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  1. This? https://jkhub.org/forum/75-jedi-academy-moviemakers-edition/
  2. I'm up for it! Iffo (tis ex-jawa Gravitas, Jango hope you're good!)
  3. Soon as I heard this I thought it'd make a great SW Cantina song!
  4. Did a bit of work on the reception area. Featuring a piece of set from 'Rixes: Jungle Warrior of Endor' and the Original Wampa costume from 'Wampas Revenge XVII' The wampa pod has falling snow, and I'm going to sort the grate at the top and the blackened side of the rock All artwork on the walls is just filler artwork for now too
  5. Not at all, this is probably where someone will tell me an easier way . Create the lighting unit (which is just a rectangle brush) Apply the texture of the off bulbs on one face. Duplicate the brush and move it down slightly before shrinking the width so it's 1 grid square thick (think like a piece of paper) Caulk all the sides of this new thin brush Apply the 'light on' texture to the face of the thin brush Turn the thin brush into a func_wall Use the trigger you use for the lights to also toggle the func_wall. So when the light entity turns on the thin brush also appears.If you use the thi
  6. 2017 has been hitting seriously hard, so not made nearly as much progress with this as I would of liked, but that said managed to get a spare few hours tonight. Messing about with electrical wiring Started the lighting but didn't like the way that lights I'd chosen always seemed 'on' so messed about with a texture and made it toggle quite nicely. Did the exact same with the kitchen and news desk glows
  7. I've dabbled in mapping for about a year or so, never released anything publicly as I've just used prefabs and whatever textures have been in my base.. That said decided I want to release something, so have come up with a Holonews Studio concept sort of this, sort of like an all morning show.. the ones where they present the news, sit on couches and have cooking segments.. Appreciate there are some borrowed textures, but all these will be changed by the time release comes round or permission acquired! Some screens for now.. comments and criticism welcome, just bare in mind my first
  8. Iffo

    Secret Santa 2016

    I was a very lucky Iffo and got a hilt of Gungi's Lightsaber. Although just arrived back and seem to have a bug with it in-game? Happy for it to be released publically too if the author wishes it! As for the person I had, I assume the message was passed on, so feel free to contact me if you require anything!
  9. Iffo

    Secret Santa 2016

    I've only been able to peak inside the pk3 of mine but thank you so much whoever you are! Looking forward to getting back and testing it!
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