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  1. This looks great! Can’t wait to play it, I may even stream my play through 😁
  2. This looks great. I would recommend downloading another HUD mod, opening the .pk3 and using that as a guideline for the required files and their structure.
  3. All good, thanks. I managed to extend the blade in blender, and then used trial and error to match its length to the default saber length. I use the command /cg_forceownsaber Murasama to visually give me the sword, and then /saber single_8 to show single_8 to everyone else, and to use single_8’s length. This way I can use any hilt/sword in hilt I like, without it defaulting time the kyle saber on everyone else’s end. unfortunately adding the hilts to the server isn’t an option for me. Hope that helps explain what I’m trying to achieve and why. Basically I just want the sword to draw
  4. Let’s say I have a sword that I want to be the same length as saberlength 40, how would I achieve this? Would I have to recreate the model to be longer?
  5. Thank you so much! You just made this process so much easier. QVM was a big hassle, and finding a free GUI for ffmpeg seemed impossible.
    SanadaSan's reskins give a fresh breath of life to the base textures. Would highly recommend them.
  6. This is a great write up! The example for the command cycler is close, but will not work as is. Here's the fixed version: bind "." exec cycler bind "[" vstr cycleprev bind "]" vstr cyclenext bind "P" vstr cycle seta cycle "vstr cycle1" seta cycle1 "set cycleprev vstr cycle7;set cyclenext vstr cycle2; set cycle COMMAND1; echo NAME1" seta cycle2 "set cycleprev vstr cycle1;set cyclenext vstr cycle3; set cycle COMMAND2; echo NAME2" seta cycle3 "set cycleprev vstr cycle2;set cyclenext vstr cycle4; set cycle COMMAND3; echo NAME3" seta cycle4 "set cycleprev vstr cycle3;set cyclenext vstr cycle5;
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