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Jedi Academy turns 9!



2003 - Present

Exactly nine years ago - on September 17th 2003 - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was first released. at the risk of using a cliché, it's been a hell of a ride since. This is what Wikipedia has to say on it:


Jedi Academy was released in September 2003 and received positive reviews, achieving an 81% aggregate score. In September 2009, the game was re-released along with its 3 predecessors through Steam and Direct2Drive.


Here's to several more years to come. :)

By Caelum, in Community News,

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The awkward moment... when you realise that there will be a time when you played this game half of your life (in 2-3 years)

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so as of next year its licensing should offically expire unless ravensoft, whom doesnt exist renews the games licensing contract, on average most games only have a 10 year license

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Just to think that I found this game by pure luck... I didn't even know a squel to Outcast had been released until I saw this... maybe 8 years and 30 days ago-ish.

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i had JKO, but i found out about it from another "nerd" at the library club, we did lan games at school.... wow my 7 years in high school paid off, I learned about Jedi outcast and academy

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your only a year older then me Inyri, well technicly 2, but im going on 26 soon, how do I know this, well what kind of job would someone with a garrus DP be doing if he wasnt being an investigator? :P

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Hm, just turned 22 myself :P

Either way, the past 9 years have been great.. and I look forward to the rest of the time we have.

Not sure how many more years it'll be before I finally put this game up, but it'll happen one day I'm sure.

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Twenty Three myself....Nine years...Wow, that's pretty crazy.


Happy Birthday to Jedi Academy and all Players in it ^,.,^

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4 Predecessors. Why is everyone forgetting the original dark forces? D:

Mysteries of the Sith was only an expansion for Dark Forces II. Therefore, only 3 predecessors. :P


Dark Forces, Dark Forces II Jedi Knight (+ Mysteries of the Sith), Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast


That's how I've always viewed it, anywho.

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