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  1. Spelling! Yes, Tython would probably be better suited for a dual map. I had an idea for a king of the hill type siege map, though a duel version probably is easier to realize. The Morak refinery is another favorite that I thought would be a fun creation. A storming the fortress type map would be fum to build. I have ideas for all of the above!
  2. What program are you using? The NetRadiantCustom shortcut to clip geometry is really easy - just hold CTRL and LEFT click to set Point 1. Then move your cursor to where you want to second point to create a line to "cut" the brush. Hitting enter will cut the piece away, holding CTRL and then enter will keep both. Those are the basics that should get you cutting!
  3. Im nearing completion of my main map project, and thinking to the future about the next location - I have a few ideas, and hope for your input on which map would be most interesting! Ideas and thoughts welcome!
  4. Nearly everything is in place. One more minor pass on geometry and detailing (in some areas) - then a focus on texturing before release!
  5. These are all things I wonder about as well, especially since learning blender opens up so many more opportunities.
  6. Congratulations, it was hard to make a choice with all the great submissions! !
  7. Interesting to hear the anecdotes of the creating of the game, wish they had more - why dont they remember every little detail of 20 years ago!!! *sarcasm* Good of you to put this together, nice to see all involved had good memories of the experience. Six hour, 20 year Jedi academy anniversary video next year!
  8. When your "easy" project becomes a full capital ship! Everything that you see in the show as source material is included - the docked RC ship, the laddered entryway, the hallway structure, the accessible cell interiors and the control room. And then to add more variety, I built several other unique points of interest to build out more of the ship as playable space. I built an engineering bay, an engineering crawlspace that was inspired by the concept art for the episode (that leads to the control room), several ladderways to access the crawlspace, access to the sensor area in the crawlspace, access to the forward and rear center turret bays in the crawlspace, a central maintenance bay(also inspired by concept art), a prisoner contraband/evidence storage room, and droid bivouac stations. I also made each of the three main-hall "subsections" distinct. Each team will experience the map a little differently, hopefully that asymmetry makes if more fun. If not, I have designs on extending the map forward to lead into a ships bridge (which I could use to symmetrize the whole map further) !!! Everything was built as if you could take the map outline, and impose it over a picture of the ship to a nice clean fit. My plan to push and motivate myself to get the map to a 1.0 version, is "finishing" the map to submit to the Underworld contest - the ship is a perfect home for members of the underworld!
  9. The advertising keeps saying it will be the rematch of the century - maybe Palpatine vs Windu lol?
  10. Gimp, and paint.net. Both are pretty ok free options.
  11. Did you mean vertical? If so, having a large freight those elevator that takes playets down to a portaled "underground" area seems possible. Something on my radar was to make a spaceport area ala the solo movie, with an imperial recruiting center. Perhaps another time I would be interested in working together, but right now im in deep finishing a long running project - and have three other mandalorian themed map ideas id like to push out also!
  12. A spaceport or an "underground" area sort of based on the solo movie could be interesting.
  13. Really cool model! I have an issue with it as an NPC, he spawns with missing pieces / pitch black areas around his body, and if he is hit on an arm he dismembers into multiple pieces.
  14. Beefed up the proportions significantly. Much happier with the profile now. And started on the bonus variant from the original trilogy.
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