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  1. Still ploding along - droid model updates going on, as well as prep for a good retexturing.
  2. Its a from time to time project - mostly just experimental rooms, connected by a long hallway at the moment. I want to attempt the open air pyramidal hanger as the starting spawn, then connect and detail the rooms with some different hallway structures and layouts. I booted the map up a few weeks ago, but did not make too many forward moves..
  3. Needed a breather from the transport map. Took first baby steps on the shadow council meeting chambers.
  4. Recessed light bulb panel, replacing the flat placeholder texture.
  5. So close to having the mandalorian Prison ship map done! Trying to focus my free time on completing the map - Would anyone be willing to create/kitbash this character? He is essential to the map, as an NPC that is freed and escorted from the ship. I would try, though that takes away from my time working on the map, and hence delays the release further... Many thanks for considering! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Qin
  6. OCD2

    Hand-Shaped Terrain

    What program are you using? The NetRadiantCustom shortcut to clip geometry is really easy - just hold CTRL and LEFT click to set Point 1. Then move your cursor to where you want to second point to create a line to "cut" the brush. Hitting enter will cut the piece away, holding CTRL and then enter will keep both. Those are the basics that should get you cutting!
  7. Still slow progressing... Texture and shader upgrades begun, more refined geometry and mostly complete team objective based experience ready for movie battles 2. Just the main halls and crawlspace shown here, in the midst of improving textures (still improving!) and trying to get to the finish line.
  8. Finishing up a "prisoner records" room. And testing shaders on the droid.
  9. Custom chairs, new grating, and more. One more detail pass, before retexturing.
  10. You can! Just start practicing, people are willing to help if you put in the effort.
  11. Thanks to some Noodle magic, the second droid is playable! Needs some texture work and tweaking but exciting time for this big - little mod!
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