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Introducing: JKA Secret Santa



This is all therfiles' fault.

I'm just saying. It's all his fault for coming up with this.


As you may or may not have noticed, winter Christmas is coming. I intend to put up some decorations on the site in a few weeks, but I think we can do more than that. Specifically: a JKHub Secret Santa event.


How this works

Any registered JKHub user can participate in this (if you're not registered yet, go fix it). If you are certain you are both willing and able to spend time creating a (small) mod or present for someone, you can sign up by PMing a wishlist to the Secret Santa 2012 account. I am the only person who has access to that account, and will semi-randomly assign you another person to send a gift to.


To answer your first question: no, the person you're sending a gift is not the same person who's sending you a gift.


You will then have one month to make a gift for the person you have been assigned - for example, a neat graphic, a small mod, and so forth. If you want, you can be extravagant as giver, but it doesn't have to be something big. The gift does not have to be something that's on the receiving person's gift list, but it is of course preferable if possible.


Once you are done creating your gift, you should PM it to the same account. On Christmas Day (December 25th), you will be sent a gift anonymously. If you sent a gift yourself, you are guaranteed to receive one. If you fail to send a gift, you will not receive anything yourself.


Anatomy of a gift list

There are some reservations I should mention here. Your gift shouldn't be too large and unreasonable to create. For example, requesting a personal model to be made would be unreasonable. Sure, feel free to make something large you've always wanted into one entry on your wishlist, but have more modest entries as well.


You could, for instance, ask for a small mod (such as a skin recoloring), or some kind of neat graphic.


Your gift list should be reasonably broad or have some variation in it. For example, don't make your only request a map - your Secret Santa might be someone who has no idea how to make maps.


You must be a modder of some kind to participate - be it a skinner, a mapper, or even a graphics designer. You must know how pk3 files work, and how to make a JKA mod.


Some ideas:

  • A forum signature (Be detailed! What should it look like?)
  • An avatar (Again, be detailed!)
  • A recoloring of an existing skin (Details, again)
  • A very small, modest map (It's up to the mapper to go beyond small and modest if he/she wants to)
  • A modest model, such as a very simple saber hilt. Spoon saber, anyone?
  • A very, very modest code mod

The list goes on, but in any case, be detailed in what you want, and remember to list at least four different things you want have some variety in listing what you want, in case someone does not have the time, motivation or skill needed to fulfill a specific request.


So, in short

JKHub is doing a secret Santa event, orchestrated by yours truly. To sign up:

  1. Be capable of making a small mod or graphic. Know how pk3 files work.
  2. Be absolutely sure you have the time and motivation to create a small mod or graphic for somebody anonymously
  3. Send a PM to the Secret Santa 2012 account listing some things you might want. Do this before Saturday the 24th of November.
  4. You will receive a PM from the same account with details of how to proceed, as well as someone's wishlist, at some point on the 24th.
  5. Make a small mod, graphic, or otherwise neat thing for the receiving person and send it to the Secret Santa account before the 23rd of December
  6. Receive your gift on December 25th :)

Gifts are not allowed to be physical (don't send someone a book, socks, etc), should be JKA/JKHub-related, and there may not be any money involved from either party for obvious reasons.


JKO-related mod requests are unlikely to be honored, but hey, who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.


That's all, hope to see some signups :)


Update: I've removed the requirement to list at least 4 things in your gift list. Still, remember to keep it broad enough to accommodate for people's potentially varied skill sets.

By Caelum, in Community News,

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My wishlist is full of the best stuff. Although for all of your sakes I took the penis saber off the request list...

If I could make sabers, I would totally enter this and bribe Caelum to give me you just so I could make you that anyway.

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umm inyri, wouldnt a penis saber be a weapon from saints row the 3rd now? >.> im not participating to one person, I will be doing a map for everyone

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Little do you all know that all these mods are being collated into one big pk3 and we're having a group gift opening session on the JKHub server. Prepare to be embarrassed like that time you got that old sweater with the initial of your first name stitched on.

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soexcitedsoexcitedsoexcited this is going to be fun :D


My apologies to whoever got me. You can make whatever you want. :P

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Good thing there's multiple things on the wishlist - I don't want to make one of them, but luckily there's still the others to choose from. Which are all fine, so if I have the time I might just make all of them.


Hmm... I should've wished for an Avatar.

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