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Caelum & JKHub partner on Patreon


Wtf, it's Caelum

So. Hi. You might remember me. I'm Caelum. These days, I mostly run around everywhere obnoxiously advertising my JKA.io server hosting business. In the past, I created JKHub. I'm retired now, but I still occasionally do some JKHub work behind the screens.


Recently, I've been working on expanding my hosting business to other games. That's going extremely well, and I'm very happy with how that's working out. At the same time though, I'd like to be more involved with the JKA community. There are a few things I've always wanted to do but been unable to do, like offering free JKA servers to the entire community. Frankly, I'd also like to breathe some new life into JKHub and the community at large.

Unfortunately, I eat, sleep, and work, and as such only have limited time. JKHub's staff and I have come up with an experiment that allows me to do both.


The Patreon madness

You know Patreon, right? That site that lets you give a monthly amount of money to creators, artists, and so forth? In cooperation with JKHub's staff, I've set up a Patreon page allowing people to give me monthly money. It's an experiment - there's no harm at all if it doesn't work out, and I'll go back to my hosting business - but it's one I'm very much devoted to if there is enough interest.


What if people donate and this works?

Here are some of the things that will happen if people are interested:


ACHIEVED: At $99/month

I will un-retire and return as JKHub staff member. I'll actually dedicate quite some time to it. JKHub will see a lot more news articles, improvements, and activity. I'll be holding lots of polls to see what people are interested in and what I should start with.


At $199/month

The JKHub 2.0 overhaul will begin immediately, instead of waiting longer. It will be the biggest face lift in the history of JKHub, featuring a clean, modern redesign based off constant feedback from the community. It won't be one of those crappy corporate redesigns that suck - it'll be awesome.


At $299/month

JKHub will never need donations again. I will pay for JKHub costs out of my own pocket (through these Patreon donations). Also, we'll create a cool custom server tracker that's infinitely better than Gametracker and Jeditracker.


At $499/month

I will offer unlimited free JKA & JKO servers to the community. Seriously. No strings attached. You ask, you get a free JKA/JKO server. Any mod, no restrictions. Nobody will ever need to pay for a JKA/JKO server again. I'd really like to hit this goal.


At $699/month

JKHub will expand into other games and become like the old FileFront network sites, or Nexus Mods, only community managed, ad-free, and more future proof. The strong focus on JKA and JKHub will always remain, but we'll start providing the same thing for many other games, and I'll work on it full-time. I'm really not expecting to hit this goal, but I won't complain if we do!


What if people aren't interested and don't donate?

None of the above will happen and I'll go back to working on my upcoming hosting business. Really, that's it. This isn't something I'm desperately begging to happen, but I'd regret not giving it a try and seeing how interested the JKA community is in this. On a personal level, it's actually quite scary trying this out and seeing what the reception will be like. I think some of these goals - like the free servers - would be amazingly cool if at all possible.


Where can I donate or learn more?





Current amount donated: $128/month

By Caelum, in Community News,

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Special thanks to our second donor just now, we're up to $27 :)


@ I was having the same thoughts when I created that page but found myself struggling to think of anything meaningful. Do you have any ideas for what sort of things could be given in return?

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I don't really know much about server hosting, so dunno if that's possible. But since you're a server hoster... What's about giving away small game/voice-servers? Or if someone gives you a lot of money even big ones. Or webspace/domains or w/e.

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About those zero to the costs you like so much to add. Its 699/month/person am I right? So if you got, let's say then people then you have it. 6990$/month. Of course you do have your own income as well right? Still not enough to buy a license?

EA holds them? I thought EA only borrows (sorry don't know a better english phrase for that) from Disney? EA is licensee, Disney is licensor. That doesn't mean they can't give a license to another subject? I remember long time ago a Star Trek license was granted to 2 companies: Interplay and Activision. That worked out well. Its just Interplay was limited to produce TOS era games, and Activision the TNG era games, so it was kind of a compromise.


Secondly I don't fancy an idea that modders who do they work for free, they sacrifice their own free time, buy expensive softwares (like modelling or painting programs) and yet they need to pay for a place to share their work? But that's only my opinion. I already weared my flame suit :)

For starters, let's get this out of the way - $699/mo is like, nothing. I don't know where you're from, but $699/mo is enough for rent in America. For one person. In a cheap apartment. And that's not including utilities. Game developers have a starting salary of roughly $40,000/yr - $60,000/yr. Caelum is not developing a game so this isn't really relevant however. EA currently has the sole rights to produce any Star Wars video games as contracted by Disney. So no, they can't give the license to other people.


Secondly, what Caelum is offering is server space. For $499/month, he gives out unlimited JA, JK2 etc servers for free to anyone that wants them. He's not suggesting that modders pay him or else they can't share their work - this site is and has always been funded via donations. If the $299/month goal is met, JKHub will never need donations again. If the $699/month goal is met, JKHub will expand into a modding network that will encompass multiple games, similar to NexusMods and Curse. It's an insane stretch goal and not the ultimate goal of this website.


Third, this deal is not related to JKHub staff. Anything here goes into Caelum. @@Circa and myself for instance don't get funds, we are volunteers. It's not a per-person arrangement - $499/month is all that's needed to get the unlimited servers goal.

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I just want to point out that just because we meet a goal doesn't necessarily mean we've succeeded, as people can cancel their paetron subscriptions anytime thus dropping potential funds for ongoing months.  So...this wouldn't be like a one-time fee, just in case anyone is unclear on that.

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Thanks to everyone promising to pay when they have money, would be awesome :)



I just want to point out that just because we meet a goal doesn't necessarily mean we've succeeded, as people can cancel their paetron subscriptions anytime thus dropping potential funds for ongoing months.  So...this wouldn't be like a one-time fee, just in case anyone is unclear on that.

^This is true. If we hit the $99/month goal (which is the absolute minimum I'm aiming for to not trash this idea), I'll add a sidebar block somewhere with a Patreon link/funds counter. I feel like at that point we'll have a really strong momentum and evidence it can actually work though, so I'm less worried about maintaining it than actually getting there at all.



I'll donate when I can, does this include 1.00 servers? :P

Maybe. Probably. How many 1.00 servers are there these days? I dare not make any definitive promises about 1.00, but with the changes I'm making with my upcoming hosting business right now, I should be able to do it.

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Holy crap, JKA. Whichever one of you that was, I can only thank you very profusely (which seems woefully insufficient), and wish I knew who you were.


We just hit $122/month after an anonymous $100/month patron. Welp, this means I'll be un-retiring from JKHub. I have some stuff to take care of and need to figure out how to do this with the rest of the staff, but expect a full news announcement within the next couple of days, followed by lots of cool new JKHub stuff.


Next stretch goal is $199/month, at which point I'll get started with JKHub 2.0 development straight away rather than waiting longer. This Patreon thing is already a huge success now, and I take back everything I ever said about little interest.


Wow. Was not expecting that.

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Woke up to another $5/month donation, putting us at a $127/month total. Thank you! Some updates on what I'm doing meanwhile:


First: I just posted a staff thread to discuss my coming back. There are a lot of things I missed, and practical stuff I need explained to me before I start working on anything. I don't want to step on a thousand people's toes and do horribly stupid things because I don't understand some practicality or other. Plus I want to talk to them about how they feel about all this privately.


Second: once that's out of the way and I feel comfortable I understand what I'm doing, there's going to be a news post announcing I'm back, and some of the things I'll be working on. Part of this depends very heavily on whether we reach the $199/month stretch goal, and I might even wait a few days to see if we'll hit that: a lot of the changes I want to make to JKHub will be much easier if I can start with a more or less clean slate software-wise. JKHub's current code base is embarrassing and scary. As part of that announcement, I'll be asking anyone willing to fill in a survey to give me a better idea of the state of JKHub and the JKA community right now. I've been semi-gone (hosting lots of JKA servers, but only skimming the forums & not keeping up with JKHub much) for, what, 4 years now? I'm definitely just going to need more information for starters, please bear with me on that.


Third: well, I'll be doing things, obviously. I have so many things to do next. I do understand some of you might be (understandably) quietly skeptical about me and my sudden coming back; please do give me an honest legitimate chance to demonstrate I'm competent and not a total ass. And bear with me if I make mistakes or don't know things yet: I'm only human. :P

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