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  1. It looks really slick and modern, love the aesthetic
  2. Great post to read, thank you for sharing
  3. Congratulations and cheers to everyone who participated
    Any strugglers against the flow of causality?
    Man, you put some work into this! I'm a fan of having a big variety in mods, suit everyone's tastes. Kudos!
  4. Lovely idea, cheers to everyone who partakes, really excited to see the submissions!
    Milamber told me he doesn't remember what he did here, so 5 stars. They look fantastic!
    Played during the annual Pilot event, sick work. Big kudos to everyone that put effort in this - @Milamber the skybox looks fantastic and without FPS costs, stellar work.
    Great map, very immersive with the Yavin theme and a lot of functional rooms and areas as well as eye candy. A bug I noticed is that a lot of the floors use this texture: However this texture is not included in this pk3, so the floors looked bugged for me. Then I realized from the texture directory that they are included in the_academy_v3 map. (https://jkhub.org/files/file/138-the-academy/) You could fix this by simply implementing those textures and the texture folder called /the_academy_v3/ into THIS map's pk3. Cheers and great work!
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