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  1. Thanks so much! It has been many a year since I've done this. Thanks for helping shave the rust off.
  2. Ah that did it! I knew the problem was probably something really simple. Thanks! My problem was that I was (probably) selecting the spawner FIRST, and then the trigger_multiple. Now for one more issue if you folks have the time: I also need a button that spawns multiple NPCs at once. I recall there being SOMETHING about a team function, but I just can't dig up the specifics.
  3. I think that's about what I tried out earlier, but just in case I tried again. The result was that the NPC was already spawned when I loaded the map and the button did not seem to spawn more.
  4. Hello! I've been out of the game for a while now, and I've got quite a bit rusty as a result. I remember years ago having some luck with this, but I just can't quite get it to go now. Could someone give me the step by step to creating a functioning NPC spawn switch in a map? I've done it with vehicles before, but I'm not having much luck with regular npcs.
  5. Kalek

    AoF Arena


    This is a massive arena map I made years ago for the Angels of Fire gaming clan. Turns out I never released it publicly, and given the literal size of the map, and the amount of work it took, I decided to upload it today. It's got a few spawnable vehicles for extra chaotic goodness. There may or may not be Easter Eggs (there are).
  6. Kalek

    We need money

    aaaaand 9 + 191 = 200
  7. I could've sworn that just the other day you were telling me how very simple alpha channels were
  8. Kalek

    Jaden Addon Pack

    Oh I completely forgot about this O:
  9. I can only tell a dude that I love him over the internet so many times before it gets creepy.
  10. Hello, I am on the Council for the Angels of Fire clan and lately we've seen a disturbing amount of players using hacks. When we try to ban them they just change their IP. Now the latter isn't very surprising because I've seen that one going on for a while. What I don't understand is this rise in people suddenly being able to do things like teleport, and even disable other people's force powers. Has any other server been experiencing a rise in people like this? I mean, they're not great at what they do (one guy keeps trying to flood our server manually, it's adorable), but they are a nuisance. Any information that anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated. Just throw out what you know, who knows, maybe we can find out what started all this nonsense.
  11. They are skinny, they are legion.
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