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  1. @UM-3154 Beautiful work mate, extraordinarily well done :+1:. Seamless porting and editing
  2. The Obi Wan outfit is almost ready from Kyle Katarn's Stealth Outfit from Hapslash Maul can be achieved with a combination of Savage and the inquisitor neck+shoulder pads. (Or the desann shoulder pads). Qui gon s can be achieved on the base jaden tunics outfit (i have done an outfit that is inspired by that toy even if i ended up taking artistic liberties.
  3. Haven't checked all of them @Jeff, but I can say for sure the Jaina_Jedi one needs flipping of normals on the back of the head, otherwise her head appears half invisible ingame. They look absolutely fantastic however, I am in awe. Adore the tunic texture as I adore the 'fur' on the jacket (things I believe are added that I hadnt seen before anyway)
  4. Let s avoid littering on Jeff's thread. I ve no clue about making something available as an NPC. If anyone is able to do that, they can try that!
  5. Model is shaped like that. There is supposed to be a belt there or something. That s what you are seeing sadly ? The vertical line is muscles. Also i have no clue about everything else you said in regards to the NPC ?
  6. I had a go at the Taron Malicos idea. Utilized the Savage Opress body, the naked Darth Maul hands, Combination of Darth Maul tabards and Starkiller Jedi Hunter tabards. Theron's swtor port belt flaps. A custom modeled belt piece on which the triangle was textured. The Gar Iblis model for head/hair/boots. A beard I have had for a looong time that I know not how it originated. Quinlan Vos torso texture. Felucian shaman bones/teeth. Edited the model extensively in blender while adding the many different parts and retextured many many things in Photoshop. https://www.dropbox.co
  7. https://i.imgur.com/zzHWRWO.jpg An attempt at a kitbash that i had done when that concept art leaked.
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