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  1. There are still communities around that absolutely thrive on a daily basis though, as if it was 2003 all over again. Not as many communities as then yes, but we still exist.
  2. Renting a server from https://jka.io/ is your best bet as they have have bans on some VPNs. But no such system is flawless. Anyone who tries enough VPNs will eventually slip through.
  3. I know the topic was locked, but an actual Darth Andeddu (and not the TOR one) is something our community was also considering to use at one point. So if you actually made one, know that there's more than the guy who made the request topic who would possibly use it @Omega
  4. MIght be relevant as I think I used this in the past (can't remember if it was good or not but was cool iirc): https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Sounds and Music/30573/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kel Dor Vocal Enhancement Set modifies the single player male actor's voice to be of a lower pitch and muffled (with more noticable breathing).
  5. He's literally said "it will be very soon" back in March of 2019. It's legit been 1.5 years now. Even so, the waiting isn't an issue but it's rather that his communication had us excited. Hopefully it's nothing serious and he's doing well, regardless of the map. But it does make you wonder if it will ever be released.
  6. /writeconfig RASAS then just do /exec RASAS whenever u play It remembers all your clientside settings (this is for MP, I assume it works for SP too but not sure)
  7. JA+ is still going very strong as we're the one with the most populated server to date. We're maxing out the 32 player count daily during peak hours. You can't miss the server, just look for {JoF}Public Server.
  8. Alright it wasn't worth trying to figure out, I just got a new install and it's all good now, lol. Same setup as last though, bizarre. Thanks!
  9. Completely vanilla BaseJK client, anyone know why I get this spamming my console? Seems random, sometimes just comes and floods.
  10. I'm certain that the confusion comes from this shit being so unreliable. I have followed this to a T using both GoldWave and Audacity. Some files just refuse to work and what's even more strange is that I could have swore that some PK3s from the past that actually worked years ago, suddenly seem to no longer work today. I specifically remember releasing a PK3 with the sounds working and using it actively, yet that same PK3 simply won't play them today, no matter what. I am referring to saber hilt sounds here. I am sitting on a folder right now with audio files and nothing works (except turn on and turn off) despite having followed the voice files recommendation. It just plays the default JKA sounds during clashes and what-not. Meanwhile I have another folder with another weapon that I have done and those work just fine. It's frustrating to say the least and I simply gave up trying to fix it. EDIT: I suppose I could try dropping the hell out of the quality and turning them into .wavs but I don't even want that to be a fix when I know full well that they worked in the past.
  11. The animations are just a pk3, so why not place it in your base folder?
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