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  1. IMBYjlh.png

    {JoF}'s Easter Event on Milamber's Tarascii Mod (suicide barrels):


  2. Take all the time you need, hope you recover quick ❤️
  3. Our community makes a lot of streamable gifs/videos and it'd be kinda fun to make a topic and share those here too. The only caveat is that the plugin for embedding streamable does not exist on these boards. Could this be added? (iirc it should be free) https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9386-embed-streamable/ Example: https://streamable.com/n76qz1
  4. Don't wanna look at the spoiler as I'm still waiting for mine and it's only been shipped a week ago. But yeah, HYPE!
  5. rhqTmtO.png

    Our official road map for JKA in 2021. 
    What are you guys up to?

    1. Cor


      A lugor weekend? That is amazing!

    2. SomaZ


      I want to fix three things in rend2. Sabermarks on ghoul2 models, flares, refraction rendering. Also want to finish some more features of my blender bsp importer/patcher, improve usability etc. Last but not least is writing tutorials for all of this, which is long long overdue... Busy year for me I guess 😄

    3. Darth Futuza

      Darth Futuza

      Will be trying to release v.1.3.23 of Jedi Knight Galaxies (with a bunch of quality of life fixes) before Summer, and then hopefully getting the beta of v1.4 with saber combat out before the end of the year.  Then hopefully I can start some of the more RPG features I want to focus on with those out of the way 🙂

  6. In regards to laming, you guys need to factor in the other side of it too. I personally loathe the traditional laming rule myself purely due to how damn unrealistic it is. However, there is a reason for it's existence and I would argue that expecting everyone to FFA in an FFA server is equally unrealistic. You argue that this is not good for new/outside players, but a new player getting beaten to a bloody pulp by more veteran players with no way of protecting themselves is the main reason why that laming rule became popular to begin with. JKA is a highly skill oriented game, and new
  7. JA++ isn't being actively developed anymore as far as I know and most servers still use JA+ with EternalJK as client so your chances of fixing those/any bugs are unlikely.
  8. @Coco Cala What are the chances for map source files to be released or for the levels to be playable in MP (with co-op in mind?) Looks awesome!
  9. I just checked the site and it seems they're "on deck" so they just have to ship them out now... fingers crossed on it being sometime soon.
  10. Anyone else getting tired of waiting for this? 😞
  11. Holy shit! Looks and sounds wild ❤️ We probably will settle for an entity mod later wherein all we really want to do is throw the spawns right outside the mainhall with the mosiacs, and possibly have all doors open up faster whilst also making sure the other 3 massive buildings are disabled (the version you spoke about sounded perfect). Oh and also some minor retexture job is all. The map file is just a great way to inspire future mappers and to have references incase we ever decide to do something new for our community. In short, putting sources out there for others to see and use is A+
  12. We have some former KAS with us at JoF, @Milamber for one. You can check us out at https://jofacademy.eu/ and we have a full server daily on the JA+ mod with over 150 active members.
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