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  1. Alright it wasn't worth trying to figure out, I just got a new install and it's all good now, lol. Same setup as last though, bizarre. Thanks!
  2. Completely vanilla BaseJK client, anyone know why I get this spamming my console? Seems random, sometimes just comes and floods.
  3. I'm certain that the confusion comes from this shit being so unreliable. I have followed this to a T using both GoldWave and Audacity. Some files just refuse to work and what's even more strange is that I could have swore that some PK3s from the past that actually worked years ago, suddenly seem to no longer work today. I specifically remember releasing a PK3 with the sounds working and using it actively, yet that same PK3 simply won't play them today, no matter what. I am referring to saber hilt sounds here. I am sitting on a folder right now with audio files and nothing works (except turn on and turn off) despite having followed the voice files recommendation. It just plays the default JKA sounds during clashes and what-not. Meanwhile I have another folder with another weapon that I have done and those work just fine. It's frustrating to say the least and I simply gave up trying to fix it. EDIT: I suppose I could try dropping the hell out of the quality and turning them into .wavs but I don't even want that to be a fix when I know full well that they worked in the past.
  4. The animations are just a pk3, so why not place it in your base folder?
  5. With 1.5 (might also have been the case with 1.6.4, cant remember but I don't think it was...) --> Sometimes when i close surface editor (S) on keyboard, the tab wont come up again so I have to reboot radiant. Even if i try selecting it from the top menu, its still the same shit there and it wont appear. Also while saving with 1.5 a lot of brushes went missing sometimes on one .map file which is why I had to use 1.6.4 to begin with. It's possible that my 1.5 is basically bugged or something as this was never the case on my old pc.
  6. @SomaZ Just to be abundantly clear, does this mean we can use this to entity mod existing default ffa maps and then upload them serverside (JA+) for all to see without having to download them?
  7. @SomaZ As someone clueless: Is there any reason for using this when it comes to mapping? Can we actually entity mod through this? And even decompile maps or am I missing something?
  8. Why should we use this over GTKRadiant again?
  9. No idea, I was using this on Windows 10: And I was referring to the S key in regards to surface inspector. And the FIT / NATURAL are a part of the Texturing settings. This is 1.5 => You can type and assign a texture simply by giving the path here Pressing Axial, Natural or Fit saves the changes, and then you can just add a minus or plus on horizontal stretch to flip a texture. It remains perfect that way. This is 1.6 => You can type here too but it is useless as you can't assign the texture through path Pressing fit or axial here and apply will save it. There isn't even a natural here, wow. Add that to the list of missing shit. Then when you try to flip it by adding a minus or plus to horizontal scale, it forgets everything prior. Press fit again and the minus/plus goes away. It's horrible, you have like no control at all and have to manually align every single brush on your own. No idea what that texture subsets are but maybe that explains why this shit is lacking so much.
  10. The issues I had with 1.6 are the following: - You can't input textures manually in the surface inspector by typing the texture name. You had to manually search and find them from the big dropdown list and then select the texture you want by scrolling around. Horrible and takes a ton of time to find the particular texture you want. - Mirroring textures by simply doing a negative or positive next to horizontal or vertical stretch and then pressing FIT or NATURAL would forget the shift I previously made. Doing it the opposite way would completely disregard the other properties of FIT or NATURAL. Thus I had to manually shift every single texture on my own and manually resize them by clicking on the arrows. Then sometimes when I accidentally pressed S as a way to minimize the surface inspector --> It forgot all of my progress and I had to redo this process. At one point I started almost crying. S used to close the inspector without losing any progress in 1.5 whereas with 1.6 it's like a cancel button. Or rather, 1.5 doesn't really have a confirm button. It's always confirming but with 1.6, they for some reason want you to confirm your changes. It's hard to explain with words exactly how inconsistent and messy the surface inspector is when you are trying to fix an image. But it was absolutely horrendous and made the final result be inconsistent in the end. At one point, I even decided to make a texture file be mirrored to save myself the pain. That's how atrocious it was. - Dragging items halfway across the map using the grid was far more tricky as the mouse wouldn't properly register my click as I needed to zoom in a lot to be able to click inside of it. This made moving an item halfway across the map a long and tedious project due to how large my map is. - Free rotate tool is missing and the vertex stuff was also annoying. - Clicking on multiple lights will display these big ass white balls that completely cover the camera and make you unable to see ANYTHING. What the actual hell? I had to almost guess where the next light was at times lmao. Maybe there's a way to turn off that huge radius thing but I couldn't find it. I know it was possible to do in 1.5 (although there it never actually blocked my vision, it simply became transparent if I recall right). I think there's more that I am forgetting about now but yeah. I have gotten the SV_Brushmodel: Null issue on 1.5 but it is so easy to fix that it's hardly a problem. 1.5 was far better and more consistent for me, personally. 1.6 made me want to legit hang myself. It really felt like a downgrade. I still don't understand how it's called 1.6. At times I wonder if my version had a virus or something because of how dreadful this all was. I even had @Milamber try to help me out with something and this was his response from our chat conversation:
  11. 1.6 was cancer to me, there's so many missing features that I can't fathom how it is actually called 1.6. The G-Wing map we released was made with 1.6 and it made me want to hang myself. Never again, lol. I never had bugs with 1.5 except on certain .map files for some reason. But once it actually works to use, it's so much better IMO.
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