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  1. There is a member on our forums who has done some nifty stance stuff (one arm behind the back, think Dooku and Makashi) by having it set to an actual model, eg. /model ari/makashi Can't remember exactly who right now though and it may be too much work to create something like that for a non member... But if you have no luck here, check out our forums at jofacademy.eu > forums and start a topic in introduction there as he/she may be able to help out. EDIT: And if you're the same Ari who is currently on trial to join us, then yeah just make a topic XD
  2. I'm certain that the confusion comes from this shit being so unreliable. I have followed this to a T using both GoldWave and Audacity. Some files just refuse to work and what's even more strange is that I could have swore that some PK3s from the past that actually worked years ago, suddenly seem to no longer work today. I specifically remember releasing a PK3 with the sounds working and using it actively, yet that same PK3 simply won't play them today, no matter what. I am referring to saber hilt sounds here. I am sitting on a folder right now with audio files and nothing works (except turn on and turn off) despite having followed the voice files recommendation. It just plays the default JKA sounds during clashes and what-not. Meanwhile I have another folder with another weapon that I have done and those work just fine. It's frustrating to say the least and I simply gave up trying to fix it. EDIT: I suppose I could try dropping the hell out of the quality and turning them into .wavs but I don't even want that to be a fix when I know full well that they worked in the past.
  3. WTF how did I miss the date LOL my bad <3
  4. It was quite a while ago when I did this and I haven't used it since so I really have no idea. But I uploaded a .zip of virtualdub that I found on my PC. Hoping thats the one and that it is of help. If the uncompressed avi function isnt there when exporting then maybe you have to find it seperately. Just google for it. But its probably there I think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vt07fdwh4ihk892/VirtualDub-1.10.4.zip?dl=0
  5. It has to be uncompressed AVI fam. Get virtualdub, throw your file in there (mine was mp4 but i assume a compresed avi or whatever should work too) and save as uncompressed AVI. That's how I made the JoF Cosmetic Mod video into roq. That might solve your problem.
  6. For the first time in our community: The {JoF} Annual Saber Ladder Tournament had 64 participants, and we filled it up within just 2 days! Finals Find the full results below: https://challonge.com/jofladder2021 Full roadmap of activities/events for this year:
  7. I don't remember the exact details of this but check if the images have "progressive encoding" and try both with and without it to see which works (whatever that means, I just recall that fixing a few texture issues).
  8. Yeah he was asking for "JK Multiplayer with movie duels" so MB2 came to mind! If you want SP, then Movie Duels is probably the closest.
  9. unknown.png

    Any soccer/football fans here? Ever heard of JoFBall? It's our spin on Kyleball!
    All credits to @PreFXDesigns, Weske & @{JoF} Atlas ❤️!

    Teaser: https://streamable.com/e/uhyt05

  10. Haven't watched this myself but I hope that's helpful Source:
  11. Just a word of caution: We're absolutely booming on our {JoF} community forums to the point of the activity being overwhelming and a big part of that (outside of constantly recruiting new members) is that we don't officially endorse/use Discord. We believe it detracts from forum activity (and we have past data from experimental attempts to back that up). Discord is faster and more modern, people will form groups with each other and just quickly share links/questions there rather than bring up a forum and start a topic, waiting longer for replies etc. So whatever Discord plans you have, It'd be a good idea to tread carefully (assuming the aim is to increase or maintain forum activity here). We also try to share what we're up to every now and then here (especially custom created content). I made a topic earlier wanting to share some of our screenshots/videos as we have monthly picture and video contests but I don't know where to place any of that without the fear of it coming across as aggressive marketing. But I generally believe it would be of benefit to have new gameplay footage rolling in on the forums. It basically scratches an itch to get ingame when you see footage of others having fun. Other than that, tutorials, competitions and just all things JK related is gold here. We link to JKHub in many cases inside of our pinned topics. Expanding all of that would be a good way to go.
  12. Just use Q3Map2GUI as a program with Ydnars latest Q3Map2 compiler. Point your GTKRadiant install to Ydnars compiler too and only use Radiant to compile it whenever you want to fix leaks, as it will draw them visually. Q3Map2GUI: http://3d-get.de/q3map2gui/ Ydnar's latest Q3Map2 can be found there too (press Important Links). Now if the latest Ydnar Q3Map2 doesn't work for some reason (I haven't exactly remained updated) => Then just go with the probably outdated 64-bit >2GB Ram unlocked one here at JKHub: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1335-q3map2-2gb-memory-usage/
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