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  1. We have some former KAS with us at JoF, @Milamber for one. You can check us out at https://jofacademy.eu/ and we have a full server daily on the JA+ mod with over 150 active members.
  2. Any chance you're still working on that Sith Temple and got some updates to share?

  3. We'd also love this but yeah, releasing the source is quite a big ask so it's fully understandable if it isn't done.
  4. We do indeed, still not ideal to have to rely on that though.
  5. Problem is that ours is and we probably have to ban this client if it (in theory) is widespread lol.
  6. Is there no way to make it so it doesn't take +1 slot in the server? I assume that is the case now
  7. Another lucky one here that just got to see it. What a fantastic map and easily one of the most gorgeous maps I have seen to date. ❤️
  8. Due to popular demand by the members, we've even launched our own official merch store!
  9. Delete the somethingconfig.cfg file (jompconfig?) in base folder should do it. (back it up to desktop first, just incase) It will reset all your settings to default. In Jedi Academy its called jampconfig.cfg, unsure what the naming convention is for Outcast.
  10. We still have an rare lugormod RP events (1-2 times per year) over at {JoF} if it's just about scratching that itch/experiencing the mod for the first time, you'd have to be a member though. Our Lugormod is roleplay oriented with every player having an account which has a profession between jedi/merc and the goal is to earn credits to level up your character. Levling up allows you to upgrade your skills (guns/force/items) along with whatever else we mod into the map (such as renting or buying houses, stocks, high quality guns, companions such as npcs that follow you around and more).
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