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  1. Damn, now the Patchinspector seems better than the one from NetRadiant... šŸ˜„ I will definitely give this a try. What platforms will you deploy this on?
  2. I'm very thrilled about the balancing with full teams. This looks massive šŸ™‚ Can't wait to try it out!
  3. Looking very good! Keep it up šŸ™‚
  4. Folks who checked this out, beware that I have occasionally updated this topic to include my latest findings with regards to mapping the q3map_ parameters in the shaders to their surfaceparm counterpart...
  5. Are you planning to do this for SP or for MP? There are a few key differences regarding the functionality of func_train in MP and SP... SP does support changing angles between path_nodes like yaw, etc. in MP this cannot be achieved the same way. If you're doing this for SP you're lucky, because you can also make the moving platforms rotate around a NĀ° Corner if set up properly. Also considering splitting up the physics and visual part... You can have path_corners trigger something, when they are reached. That way you can let each visual platform trigger the teleportation of the physical platform, when that was blocked realligning both.
  6. Cool effort so far, having an eye on this next to netradiant custom...!
  7. That is unless you only use a physics_clip brush and an origin brush for your escalator steps and bind a model2 key with an escalatorstep and a shader with rgbgen lightningdiffuse? that way you could even have moving soft shadows / fake ambient occlusion with each step... On another note... it would be wise to even have one entire conveyor belt with physics_clip or nodraw_solid and another one with nodraw and the model2 key, that way when you accidentally block one step from moving, the animation will seem non broken, because you cannot block the moving models... the physics clip will get stuck but you can have a timer trigger each step when it does not reach it's path_corner in time - basically teleporting to the next path_corner and restoring the clipping parts. That's how I did it for my ringtransporter. It's a crusher now, but will never glitch its animation
  8. As this is WIP I would suggest you also go for more variation wrt. sounds... not so dominant saberhumm and a little less agressive crushing sounds when corpses drop. I really like the artstyle - keeps in line with JKO a lot more than JKA ever did!
  9. I wonder where I said you should šŸ˜‰ Just providing another option here, because I really have grown fond of this tool over Radiant 1.6.6 because of its advanced BobToolZ plugin for Patchmeshes and the new patch primitives. I also like to compile with the version of q3map2 it brings along. Thinking about it, I will now edit the post again to include what I did to get that to work properly. Granted it's a bit of effort but nothing special.
  10. 33 downloads

    This file accompanies the setup guide for NetRadiant Custom from Garux here: It includes modified preferences and configuration files needed to have NetRadiant Custom work for JKA Mapping You should modify the following lines to match your game executables and paths: file: "games\ja.game" lines: 6 - 9 instruction: modify gamepath and executable names to match your environment file: "settings\1.5.0\ja.game\local.pref" lines: 41, 49 - 57, 69 instruction: modify gamepaths to match your environment
  11. Download a release from Garux GitHub: https://github.com/Garux/netradiant-custom/releases https://github.com/Garux/netradiant-custom/blob/readme_files/unverified_gamepacks.7z And the gamepack contents from: https://icculus.org/gtkradiant/downloads/1.5/gamepacks/ja-example-maps-2005-01-16.tar.gz Extract the .tar.gz file using 7Zip for example so that the folder "ja-example-maps-2005-01-16.tar.gz\ja.tar\base\" ends up being your base folder of the environment you want to map for. You may want to use notepad++ - extract the shader files from the base assets or use the ones from the above gamepacks. Replace the the following keywords from the existing shader files or enhance your shaders so that every keyword on the left of the list below is enhanced by its counterpart on the right side of the list... q3map_origin => surfaceparm origin q3map_patchshadow => q3map_patchshadows q3map_nolightmap => surfaceparm nolightmap q3map_hint => surfaceparm hint q3map_clusterportal => surfaceparm clusterportal q3map_alphashadow => surfaceparm alphashadow q3map_areaportal => surfaceparm areaportal q3map_structural => surfaceparm structural q3map_detail => surfaceparm detail Especially important to do this for the system.shader! You can use the "search in folders/files" option in notepad++ and use replace for an entire folder (shaders in this case) Check the documentation that comes along with NetRadiant Custom from Garux, you will see what shader instructions can be used with the included build of q3map2 docs/shaderManual/contents.html docs/Complete_list_of_shader_keywords.htm docs/Complete_list_of_command_line_parameters.htm Don't worry. The only relevant part of the documentation is about what instructs q3map2 to modify a surface - don't worry - undocumented stuff that is specific to JKA such as clampAnimMap and oneshotAnimMap do work of course as they are not what you have to look with regards to compatibility here - only instructions that affect how q3map2 modifies the surfaces - not the engine later on. Extract NetRadiant Custom so I has a "netradiant-custom-DATE_OF_RELEASE" folder inside the "netradiant-custom-win64" folder you can place about anywhere you want. I'll share my template adaption of the unverified_gamepacks ja.game package so you can extract this alongside radiant and overwrite the existing files. I've customized the compile options as I didn't feel the need for the original variations anymore with more sophisticated q3map2 features in use. Inside the archive will be my preferences and modified compile commands. The original ones can be found in the unverified gamepacks if you want to see it. However look at my zip file so you know where your files should end up incase you want to build this yourself... The file linked to this post is to be found here:
  12. Are you talking about SP or MP? In SP there is: g_saberLockRandomNess to affect the rate at which saberlocks occur. I've set it to 1.5 - as for blocking I'm only aware of g_saberRealisticContact but I'm not sure if that really affect blocking or something about the sabertraces... For MP I was hoping there is a similar command that a dedicated server can be set to globally?
  13. seta helpUsObi "1" seta broadsword "1" seta cg_g2Marks "1" seta cg_g2MarksAllModels "1" seta cg_saberEntMarks "1" seta com_blood "1" seta g_corpseRemovalTime "0" seta g_dismemberProbabilities "0" seta g_dismemberment "3" seta g_saberDamageCapping "1" seta g_saberLockRandomNess "1.5" (does this accept only integers or fall back to an integer?) seta g_saberMoreRealistic "1" seta g_saberRealisticContact "1" I don't think any of those should be an issue.
  14. Really @@redsaurus, where's your defense speech? jk jk - nothing to respond there^^ Entitlement much? Oh my, so much effort for such little message transported. I wonder how the author of above rant fares irl, especially when faced with anything rigorous with regards to autodidactic experience. Btw... Idle animations fixed for me, regardless of cg_trueguns. That did not affect the issue prior. I think openjk introduced a few issues wrt to dismemberment that might have slipped in to JK:E not on your behalf. I will verify if my hunch stands the test. So far thank you a lot for keeping up the updates! BR mjt
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