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  1. If you were to lightmap your map in blender instead of q3map2 - using _keeplights 1 still spares you an extra import of a file with just the lights compiled into it. The keeplights stuff doesn't affect ingame entity count as far as I'm concerned and thus the few KB extra per .bsp really are worth the effort - especially if sourcefiles and compiled files magically get separated by whatever circumstances.
  2. The lights included in the .bsp are decompiled too - if the mapper compiled with _keeplights 1 - if not, like most ravens JKA maps, you don't get the lights back
  3. Texture allignment is much less of an issue when decompiling with current q3map2 from NetRadiant Custom - misc_models are not lost, the point entity will be where it should be - it's just when the mappers didn't include the md3's you'd have to extract those in another manner - such as the blender bsp importer route and make .md3s out of them again.
  4. First of all, it must be made sure that the material names on the .md3 model actually reference either a file that exists in that path, or a shader that you write for it. Set qer_editorimage in your respective shader properly, and you'll see textures on your exported md3 models in Radiant - btw... which Radiant are you using rn?
  5. mjt

    SC Island

    Interesting concept of using 2d Sprites for LODs of the trees - on modern hardware, the pop-in and -out of these seems to cause more FPS drops than straight away rendering all trees at highest LOD using: r_lodscale 20 r_lodbias 0 or -2 It gives a nice jungle impression. If you could update this map with a bit higher resolution terrain (using .map exporter from blender instead of .md3 with autoclipping) you can give this island a nice few animal / vehicle NPCs maybe? Hope you can fix up some clip brushes for the trees eventually Map got some crazy vibes due to the skyshader and water.
  6. Take a look at that Sweet references!
  7. One question wrt Razor Crest - did you use _patchMeta on the curved surfaces of the engines or do they generate LOD dynamically as non static patch meshes still? The image has a hint Mitre *can* help to prevent lightleakage...
  8. r_lodScale from 0 to 20 affects LOD of GLM Models and I don't think misc_model_static or model2 key loaded md3s that have Lodmodels are affected r_subdivision affects patchcurve detail r_lodCurveError affects when the LOD from Patches starts to affect them - doesn't affect models or players If you want you can force patchMeta either by shader, or by entity key or globally during compilation. If you're making an SP map there is also a way to force the above cvars on a client to change abusing icarus and making potato players have to look at gorgeously high detail curves - so what's your flavor?
  9. Just updated the instructions - shader editing no longer necessary during setup
  10. This must not become abandoned! Beautiful use of Radiant Also of blending shaderlights and probably switchable styled lights seems superb :)-
  11. Sadly there is no lift trigger and the ladder texture in system/ladder is not implemented correctly or at all. Crashes SP, does nothing in MP. The above .map file should give you a good starting point. trigger_multiple for limiting the activation of going up to when you look up (additionally you can leave or take the condition of use_button) and the only other thing to take into account is that linear spawnflag does not take into account what speed you set. It uses the vector from brush center to target_position as direction AND speed vector - here I let the player be pushed against the clip brush which has base friction. Certainly worth a try to see if the multiple spawnflag on trigger_multiple and the trigger_push can be left out so only one player can use the ladder at once. This configuration doesn't work in SP - it seems that some of the features such as setting speed and so on work differntly in SP - I'll try to adapt it one day.
  12. Do you currently try out your map in SP only? AFAIK there is a ladder surfaceflag inherited from SOF2 / EliteForce prior to when Raven did JK2 and JKA - as q3map2 parses the headers one after the other if I'm not mistaken, it should still be possible to put this surface flag into a map - based on a shader keyword. How the engine reacts to it is another thing altogether. You can make a lift trigger brush close to only the ladder - instead of being a volume, the bounding box of the player would only need to touch it. And you can specify direction based on wheter the player comes from below or above by setting the trigger push inactive for the desired direction based on a separate trigger. I'll try to make a little sample for it and push it here.
  13. Yeah, we talked about how CS-Go Battle Royale did VIS blocking. However I never checked out the portal *.prt files so I didn't recognize this was an issue with q3map2 / workflow. Seems you lucked out!
  14. @SephFF I summon thee! Do you remember the VIS blocking you did under your terrain? Good for you!
  15. You mean the free time to do a myriad of projects simultaneously Nice this finally sees the light of day! Or shall I say the light of an X-Wing gun rack? Beautiful
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