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  1. I suggest you try entity modding with NetRadiant Custom - You'll have to add a custom compile command in the build menu options of Radiant to add the ability to entitymod from that menu. It seems your setup is calling q3map2 with too little information - usually GTK Radiant and NetRadiant Custom have the full paths to the games and q3map2 to call compiling / decompiling. It also supplies the q3map2 command line with some additional information, such as the gameprofile to use. I suspect you don't tell it which profile to use and thus it assumes you're trying to compile / entitymod for the default Quake 3 format which is IBSP. While I see some of that in the scripts posted in the tutorials you linked, maybe that's a start to verify you're doing everything correctly.
  2. Yes you're correct. I had used the func_static because current q3map2 in NRC didn't respect these keys on func_group but for other func_ entities it works fine for regular BSP usage. Since I used q3map2 to convert .bsp to .ase or .obj I thought it would be there too. Seems that I used to set those on the worldspawn and not func group anything. It's just a pity since it would be nice to use multiple sets of func_groups with different values for subdivision or patchmeta. I had a fix on a custom q3map2 but never ported this stuff back to main. Maybe those keys work in GTK as well but I thought they were q3map2 specific from NetRadiant Custom.
  3. mjt

    DEvaheb 2.0

    Thank's a lot for this update! I've gotten it to work now - was still missing the .net 6 runtime on my machine. If anyone else has the same issue: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-6.0.6-windows-x64-installer
  4. You can also func_static your patchmesh geometry and set _patchMeta 1 as key / value pair on the entity instead of forcing it in the compile options - _patchSubdivide / _patchQuality are further options to check out if you're using NetRadiant Custom instead of GTK Radiant
  5. You can exploit the SET_VIDEO_PLAY here to make the player equip the weapon - then check if that succeeded: //(BHVD) set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_VIDEO_PLAY", ";weapon 10" ); affect ( "player", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { if ( $get( STRING, "SET_WEAPON")$, $=$, "WP_THERMAL" ) { print ( "!WP_THERMAL is equipped and thus still in inventory" ); } if ( $get( STRING, "SET_WEAPON")$, $!$, "WP_THERMAL" ) { print ( "!WP_THERMAL is NOT equipped because you are out of ammo" ); } } If you are using OpenJK, which can query and set cvars - there is a way to hide the .roq not found message temporarily, if you're interested... If you want to overengineer this, you can even revert to the previously selected weapon - depending on whether this happens when the player still is in control or not.
  6. ffmpeg can convert into .roq format much easier: with audio: ffmpeg -i inputfilename.containerextension -ab 256k -ar 22050 -r 30 -s 512x512 outputfilename.roq without audio: ffmpeg -i inputfilename.containerextension -r 30 -s 512x512 outputfilename.roq The reverse should work just as fine but might need some different parameters.
  7. There are a few things to take into account to make for decent water reflections - first you would want to use a bit lower q3map_tessSize For example 128 or 256 That aside - I take it you're trying to achieve this for SinglePlayer in which case you're lucky - since SP projects the tcGen environment shader stage for horizontal surfaces while in MP it get's projected onto one of the main vertical axis. I'll look up the exact steps I used to replicate this - here you can see roughly how the halfsphere mirrored on the surface you want to have this effect is projected onto the texture used in the tcGen environment shader stage: SP: MP - although tbh I should have made the horizon show up horizontally on this texture too: You can use photoshop with the flexify plugin or bake things out in blender - baking out a halfsphere from the view the reflecting surface has into the world. For SP you'd have to cut it up into 4 sections and shift / rotate / mirror accordingly to get the proper result: tcGen environment SP projection (links to youtube)
  8. q3map2 that NetRadiant brings a long as been improved quite substantially by its maintainer Garux - it's got a lot of quality of life improvements and better ressource management. The editor has a lot of added features - takes a while to get to know them all. You have probably seen this but just in case: https://garux.github.io/NRC/ The CSG tools have been improved over GTK Radiant a lot! Texture allignment is improved and you have UV lock button to retain them properly on rotate / move brushes - especially if you switch map type to V220 in preferences / brush
  9. NRC gamepack only has entity definitions and build menu configs. I was suggesting installing the assets from the original JA SDKs for shaders, editor relevant textures and so on. Those are not included in the NRC gamepacks.
  10. The deform vertexes normals acts really fancy on moving meshes - I like to see it reused here! Would you mind also releasing the PBR ressources so we can have this model rend2 feature compatible? Love it!
  11. Damn those look good! What workflow did you chose with regards to going from PBR to JKA shaders? Love to see the cape vertex deforms again - I immediately noticed it on the preview animation
  12. Do you intend to bring this one in at the current polycount?
  13. Good catch on the lightgrid data being intended to be used. I think this feature could actually still be imlemented without too high a cost... It doesn't really need lightmap data, just the lightgrid, and also no light entities. That'd be overkill to calculate from - and also the lightgrid can include indirect light, bounced around. It'd make more sense to use that for visibility checks.
  14. If you were to lightmap your map in blender instead of q3map2 - using _keeplights 1 still spares you an extra import of a file with just the lights compiled into it. The keeplights stuff doesn't affect ingame entity count as far as I'm concerned and thus the few KB extra per .bsp really are worth the effort - especially if sourcefiles and compiled files magically get separated by whatever circumstances.
  15. The lights included in the .bsp are decompiled too - if the mapper compiled with _keeplights 1 - if not, like most ravens JKA maps, you don't get the lights back
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