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  1. r_lodScale from 0 to 20 affects LOD of GLM Models and I don't think misc_model_static or model2 key loaded md3s that have Lodmodels are affected r_subdivision affects patchcurve detail r_lodCurveError affects when the LOD from Patches starts to affect them - doesn't affect models or players If you want you can force patchMeta either by shader, or by entity key or globally during compilation. If you're making an SP map there is also a way to force the above cvars on a client to change abusing icarus and making potato players have to look at gorgeously high detail curv
  2. Just updated the instructions - shader editing no longer necessary during setup
  3. This must not become abandoned! Beautiful use of Radiant 🙂 Also of blending shaderlights and probably switchable styled lights seems superb :)-
  4. Sadly there is no lift trigger and the ladder texture in system/ladder is not implemented correctly or at all. Crashes SP, does nothing in MP. The above .map file should give you a good starting point. trigger_multiple for limiting the activation of going up to when you look up (additionally you can leave or take the condition of use_button) and the only other thing to take into account is that linear spawnflag does not take into account what speed you set. It uses the vector from brush center to target_position as direction AND speed vector - here I let the player be pushed agains
  5. Do you currently try out your map in SP only? AFAIK there is a ladder surfaceflag inherited from SOF2 / EliteForce prior to when Raven did JK2 and JKA - as q3map2 parses the headers one after the other if I'm not mistaken, it should still be possible to put this surface flag into a map - based on a shader keyword. How the engine reacts to it is another thing altogether. You can make a lift trigger brush close to only the ladder - instead of being a volume, the bounding box of the player would only need to touch it. And you can specify direction based on wheter the player comes from b
  6. Yeah, we talked about how CS-Go Battle Royale did VIS blocking. However I never checked out the portal *.prt files so I didn't recognize this was an issue with q3map2 / workflow. Seems you lucked out! 🙂
  7. @SephFF I summon thee! Do you remember the VIS blocking you did under your terrain? Good for you! 😄
  8. You mean the free time to do a myriad of projects simultaneously 😉 Nice this finally sees the light of day! Or shall I say the light of an X-Wing gun rack? Beautiful
  9. When you say compatible with OpenJK - does that include rend2/gl2 .mtr shader and textures? 🙂 I haven't seen this quality much in a game such as JKA! Impressive to the last detail. Also did you make sure no surface has more than 500 vertices, to ensure that cg_shadows 2 and 3 actually work for projection shadows? I'll give this a try soon 🙂 Cheers! PS How about modding Boba NPCs Jetpack with a new model to suit your Mando model... I'd help out with new .EFX to match the Mandalorian series amount of smoke and thrusters glow...
  10. Takes a shit ton of trial and error and I nearly hung myself over transferring UV Unwraps for the lightmaps between one version and another - sadly this took out a lot of my time for another project I had hoped to help out with - but maybe I'll be able to keep up with the pace now that I got back into it properly. Btw... Movie Duels Developers - did your coders change anything with regards to dynamicGlow / rendering of Fog / OpenGL blendFuncs? Because I had tried to make this map look good in BaseJKA / OpenJK - not with the Movie Duels fork. If so and you remember what it is, PM me a
  11. Check out how smooth the TIE moves in the beginning!? That's what you get with ROFF - also in MP it's smooth enough. You can ROFF certain entities and the cinematic camera should be ROFFable by script as well. However I'm not sure if in MP the camera can be captured globally as it would in SP. Maybe you only have the info_player_intermission POV that you have to work with. Not a problem if this is just about showing a scene as you could use a misc_skyportal with your ships as func_statics and move those instead of the fixed intermission POV. In BehaveED: //(BHVD) camera ( /*@CAMERA_CO
  12. Seems like you need a lesson in utilizing ROFF files for your splinepaths for cameras and models instead of path_corners or ref_tags via script. I would love to help you out with lighting but it's hard to find time to write it up for you - if you can find a timeslot for a screenshare session where I can fully explain stuff and also have the ability to correct misunderstandings straight away, I'd appreciate that 🙂 If not it'll have to wait a bit longer.
  13. Shader / Arealights cannot be used to cast switchable lights in RavenSoftwares idtech3 branch. At least not with q3map2 - there's some trickery where you can bake your own light with blender and use whatever of those 4 lightmap UVs you want to. What I usually do is make light entities in q3map2 to cast the lightstyles to the surfaces and then redo the lighting in Blender. I'll be thinking about the best way for your scenario within the limits of q3map2 and come back to it later.
  14. Sampleshaderfile coming up... textures/yourfolder/yourtexturesshadername { //q3map_normalimage textures/yourfolder/yourtexturesshadername_norm q3map_lightimage textures/yourfolder/yourtexturesshadername_lightimage qer_editorimage textures/yourfolder/yourtexturesshadername_colormap q3map_backSplash 0.25 0.125 q3map_surfacelight 250 q3map_lightsubdivide 0.125 q3map_lightmapFilterRadius 4 8 { map $lightmap rgbGen identity } { textures/yourfolder/yourtexturesshadername_colormap blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO rgbGen
  15. Also ShaderEd2 does screw with the parm order that q3map2 relies on - that's something to take into account depending on what advanced features you use. It's good for previewing but not good to author shaders for production. When using switchable and styled lights, remember that each style (also style_off) counts as one style. The bsp. will have 4 UVmaps for lightmaps. Each surface can thus far only have 4 styled / switchable lights on it. If you want to mix flickering with non flickering but still switchable it will cost a few of those. Take that into account. q3map2 does some optimizatio
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