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  1. Such an amazing project The model is very unique and almost unreal for such an old game as JKA. Great job man LL{JoF}
  2. Great map and great event! Looking forward to more
  3. Of course The anfield (stadium) map is quite big and there i noticed lower performances during testing. I fixed it by setting detail/structural brushes, but the better performance mostly came by setting all hidden brushes into caulk. More specifally all brushes behind the stadium that you can't see anyway. Yeah you are probably right and yeah i don't see the point in doing a +15 hour compile anyway. I appreciate you guys trying to help out this noob
  4. Thanks for the reply! I tried setting up a custom compile in Q3map2GUI with the following settings like you described: -light -patchshadows -v -samples 4 -thresh 0.1 -bounce 1 -bouncegrid. I was optimistic that I wouldn't take too long. I started compiling 19:45 my time and when I woke up to check my pc at 7:45 it was still running Isn't there a faster way to solve this or do I really need this bounce? It seems that this is causing such a long compile time. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm PreFX and I'm a member of Jedi of Freedom (JoF). I'm an experienced skinner but still quite new to mapping. This map you are about to see, in the spoiler below, I have made for JoFBall. This is an upgraded gamemode of Kyleball. Some of you might still remember kyleball, it's a football/soccer themed game. In JoFBall we have replaced the 'Kyle npc' with a ball (edited sentryball) and have scripts running that prevent you from dying on the pitch. This new map allows everyone to play on the same time instead of having to take turns (3v3) in the original Kyleball4 map. I'm really proud on what I have achieved in such a short time period (+/- 3 months). The issue I have is that the playermodels tends to be very dark in most spaces with a fast light compile. However only in the stadium (Anfield) it seems to be rather okay. Perhaps this is due to the larger open space? It seems that the character is also brighter while being in the air, i think this is due to the red/blue panels in the arena (1st & 2nd picture) and the bricks in the street map (3rth & 4th picture) blocking off the light. Below you can see another demonstration on the difference between a FINAL(BSP, Full VIS, Full Light) and FINAL (long time compile) from the Q3map2GUI compiler. You might think, why not go for a final long compile? Well, I tried this for only 1/3 of the map and this already took over 8 hours (still at bounce 2 at that moment ...). I noticed in the Q3map2GUI compiler that you can choose a ton of options. Perhaps it is possible to fix this issue by making a custom compile without it taking to long to compile? I would really appreciate if something could give me his/her expertise on this Greetings, PreFX
    I was fortunate to be present at the first live event on the JoF public server. This is such a beautiful map with full of surprises! The dark distance cull is perfect for a scary ambience! Amazing project guys 5/5!
  6. Nice map Frost, glad you're back into mapping ^^ How does the dueling work, I suppose it's 1 on 1? Pillars are rather small to fight on and you can easily fall down. Maybe a larger pillar in the center would be nice where you have a bit more space for duel?
    Best map I've seen so far! It has got everything you want and everything looks stunning! Thank you to everyone who contributed on this amazing project
    This is amazing! The level of detail is astonishing! 5/5 without a doubt!
  7. This is awesome Plague-Angel! Keep up the good work !
    The model looks really nice, although the textures could still be improved, if you want some help with that, just hit me up. Btw I wanted to test the model ingame but instead I see kyle, is this normal? I tried to remove my other pk3's but didn't work.
  8. Hope this map will ever be completed or shared with the community.
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