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  1. Nice map Frost, glad you're back into mapping ^^ How does the dueling work, I suppose it's 1 on 1? Pillars are rather small to fight on and you can easily fall down. Maybe a larger pillar in the center would be nice where you have a bit more space for duel?
    Best map I've seen so far! It has got everything you want and everything looks stunning! Thank you to everyone who contributed on this amazing project
    This is amazing! The level of detail is astonishing! 5/5 without a doubt!
  2. This is awesome Plague-Angel! Keep up the good work !
    The model looks really nice, although the textures could still be improved, if you want some help with that, just hit me up. Btw I wanted to test the model ingame but instead I see kyle, is this normal? I tried to remove my other pk3's but didn't work.
  3. Hope this map will ever be completed or shared with the community.
    This can take Atlas' grenade ball (https://jkhub.org/files/file/3479-everbliss/) to a whole new level.
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