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  1. Thanks so much NAB622!!! that was a very complete and understandable tutorial! huge help!
  2. I wanna get into RP. How does one do that these days??
  3. Ah man. I suck. Almost a year ago, I promised to be starting... haven't... I've been doing other things to include shaping up the mods I currently have, making them better and adding sounds and bots etc. I'll start my Timeline mods soon. I hope. Don't give up on me!
  4. I actually love mapping and skinning but I need like a formal class in blender or GTK or something haha... maybe if there is a manual haha no no. I'm getting there! Love the support in this community
  5. Interesting! Creative. Well done
  6. Oh good! A few more days! Maybe i can. I'll do my best!
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