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  1. Excuse me, can you add arcann to a movie south western Atlantic Ocean fish?
  2. Montross! Yeahhhhhh Merry Christmas Jeff! Thank you so much! ...feels like when I'd open a present to find my favorite action figure! Haha thanks again!
  3. I was gonna try a season 2 Boba. If I can get it done in time for the contest, I plan to submit it
  4. K2SO is very similar in shape. Maybe a good starting point?
  5. Has anyone ever considered making a Batuu map? Maybe based on the area in Disney Land. That would be cool! I know not many mappers exist anymore but if someone has done this/considers doing this, let me know!
  6. oh perfect! couldn't find it.... Time to do some sifting haha There are far fewer contests and contest entries than i expected! I'll be participating from now on i think!
  7. There must be a way to decompile BSP files to MAP files. I have tried a variety of programs that claim to do this but are not compatible with JKA maps for some reason. Any Help? Also I intend to decompile for learning purposes only!
  8. It may already exist but I'd like to see an area devoted to all the contests and their entries with the winner at the top. That would be great!
  9. I just had a great idea for next year!!... a bit too late haha... But I'm excited! Stay tuned for the next one!
  10. Hey. I saw your comment on the blender 2.80+ plug in. I got Blender 2.83 lts and tried to put in the plugin there but it says it loads in but is not in the listed plug ins...

    Any help here would be hot - Jar Jar Binks

  11. I think he's just saying his superhero name along with his normal name "Logan -[aka] The Wolverine!"
  12. I think it looks almost unfinished.. a bit too human and stormtroopery. But gotta start somewhere! Once I'm back at the computer I'll take a look but either way, thanks Omega! Huge help!
  13. That's good to know! I'm trying to avoid total conversion mods and i think i can probably extract assets from larger mods to fit into my base game (for personal use only, of course). I've done that with lesser mods. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the help! Also thanks for the clarifying title edit ?
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