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  1. Where have I seen that type of Tusken before?
  2. No no. Just quietly downloading 😉 thanks again Jeff! I'll stop whining...
  3. Oy. Always some other place. You guys are sticklers! Very well...
  4. Which is a shame. I've scoured all the recesses of the internet to complete a saga-wide collection. Most are from like 2005 or something. Good stuff tho. Speaking of old stuff, looking for an opinion.. Is it acceptable in the modding world to reskin an entire map with custom textures to make it better? And maybe release it if you credit the original maker?
  5. Jeff and Omega are the kings of this town.... I'm like the shit shoveller or something .
  6. What does the "actual" Darth Andeddu look like? Just a skull guy right?
  7. I think I'd prefer this bad mamajama!
  8. I was thinking the same thing. TONS of different versions. All cool tho haha
  9. Also I apparently forgot which thread I was on... I referred to you as Jeff twice! I'm so sorry.
  10. I'm trying my very best to not be greedy but my collection would be super complete if you were to share your Mimban Stormtrooper, Mandalorian, Mandalore the Ultimate, IG88, and Royal Guard. It would mean the world to me.
  11. So you've only been learning since 2019!?! Amazing. It's time I learned too.
  12. Oh man. Everybody shhhhhhhhhh. It's only once every few millennia that the Omega pokes his head out of his little cave to surprise us with wondrous gifts like these. Don't overdo it! ... *Ahem* just need the Imperial Commando and my life will be complete *ahem*.... Don't mind me. Just talking to myself and clearing my throat again. I'm good.
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