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  1. Does anybody actually read these tho? I've seen some just sit there for literally years... I know people read these here. Just sayin Also I would like to learn how to just make some. Is there a tutorial section I'm not aware of? I know most of you pros just say learn how to kitbash or whatever but never say how to learn..
  2. I know you guys hate it when requests are made... But I'm just tossing it out there that Jeff did an AMAZING job making TCW version of Darth Bane. I've recently been watching Star Wars Resistance after going thru TCW in chronological order then Rebels. It's surprisingly not bad... After the first few episodes... Anyways it would be great to see Hype Fazon and Kazuda I'm gonna try to make them when I figure out what programs to use to make models... I'm not sure how right now.. I tried blender but maybe I've got the wrong version or something but it wouldn't work.. Idk
  3. I'm gonna download this bad boy and definitely change its death sound to Maclunkey! just out of spite for the Maclunkey haters out there! hahahaha
  4. I was wrong. I guess they are just the assets to build them or something... This is a job for someone much more skilled than I. *cough Jeff cough* http://www.mediafire.com/file/delpycupu2sgzxf/Dread_Masters.rar/file
  5. So i've been doing something similar. Except I want to change the music of a map that the modder who built the map used the base game's music... so it was the music for one of the singleplayer maps... He decided to not inlude his own music which would make the replacement very easy. I wanted to change it in the bsp file but get the same error because I messed with the original. I tried to make my own pk3 and even that didn't work. I don not want to change the base game's info. any ideas??
  6. These have been done. I've seen them somewhere. Lemme see if I can find them again.
  7. I was hoping to change the sizes without all the other stuff the mod does. It seems like a very busy mod. Ill try messing with it one day. Maybe I can cut it down to only that feature somehow.
  8. I assume salacious is full size... I may have to download that one and play a few games with him just to make myself crack up! 😂 Speaking of which tho, I've been trying to find a way to make my Yoda and ewoks not super tall in MP for almost 10 years now! Not sure if it's possible but if someone knows a solution, lemme know. (Btw I know about npc size editing in SP... But not MP)
  9. What are these creepy things?!?! Looks like Darth Maul is dancing XD
  10. Kicks the shit outta mine... Jeff is the man!
  11. Was this an Avatar the Last Airbender reference?
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