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  1. Very fair. I'd like the CW 2003 version!
  2. I really hate the character of Darth Plagueis... but your adaption is great!
  3. Shit! That's tomorrow! Damn it! Ah well
  4. Good news, JKHub friends! I just had a very life-interrupting surgery.... normally that would be bad news for every other aspect of my life... but! It means I'll have more time at home... more time for this! Once I'm able to get up and about, I'll be hard at work becoming a better modder! Love you all
  5. I think it's @DarthValeriathat does regular artwork. I wanna see some of that! .... At least I think that's who I'm thinking of...
  6. Alright. I've got too many side projects going on. Gotta remain focused!! I'll finally be starting now... ----------Formation of the Old Republic----------- Visions: The Ninth Jedi I've decided to attempt a skin for Margrave Juro and his steward droid. Maybe a skin for Roden, the Sith wearing white.
  7. Oh alright I guess I should get that mod
  8. Yes. That's what I meant... Sorry for the confusion!
  9. Oh wait... All im seeing are some old ones in the file section... are these all still in progress then?
  10. I'm a dummy. Haha thanks! Good work!
  11. Maybe I missed something but are you sharing these anywhere?
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