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  1. I guess it's because the script is read from top to bottom, right? Also if this is for MP purposes remember print needs an exclaimation point (!) before the message for it to appear. (Although that appears to everyone) If it may help you, here's something I used in MP for my map mods. A player gets their parm2 set to 1 at spawn and a scaler adds +0.1 every "use" until the limit is reached. The "2big" and "defaultsize uses are just target_prints I use to tell the user they're at the biggest size or the default size. Obviously you can use something similar for other map features like scaling
  2. Try a trigger_multiple targetting a target_push (which targets a target_position). I've been using this (inactive and active) without issues.
  3. Yeah, I know of the method and use it myself. However it should look like: set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SCALE", $get( FLOAT, "SET_PARM1")$ ); edit: ignore the set types part obviously, its just a BehavEd thing, but you should use float and get the value from parm1, is what I'm trying to point out.
  4. If you're trying to spawn a vehicle like a swoop, use NPC_Vehicle. I believe all you need is classname, origin, targetname, and NPC_type for this to work. EDIT: took a quick look at your file, whats the purpose of set ( "SET_PARM1", $get( STRING, "SET_PARM1" )$ ); and the parm1 you're using on your button model? For me the changes seem to work ingame on Lugormod, by the way. Your button model is just a bit in the wrong place and not angled the right way, but the trigger+spawning ent worked there. Try clearing out your base folder of other .pk3s to ensure that whatever issue you have isn't c
  5. What I meant with the rotating part was, that if you have a func_ entity that you end up rotating to another angle, you'll need different coordinates from the usual !brushmoveorigin, which is where !brushmrorigin comes in. However you're still using a trigger so again, ignore all of that. Triggers don't get rotated obviously, and the angle key is used for the facing flag that is part of the entity itself. Again, never mind, this should be all good then. Based on what I can see from your entity, it looks good. Note that the multiple spawnflag has always been broken from what I believe, but it
  6. When I mod maps, I usually host a local lugormod server. I don't use any of the lugormod entities/features at all, except for the commands to reload the entities. In other words, I can conveniently edit the entity file, and reload all of them (/mapents load default) to see 'live' changes without needing to re-compile or restart maps. This can usually speed things up. It's just something I recommend to most people. Just keep in mind that some features are present on LMD that aren't on other mods, and some things may work there that can be absolutely broken on Base/JA+/JA++. It's just a tip, so
  7. About entity modding and GTKRadiant: Generally you don't want to do this. There's a way to add solid objects (brushes) or resize them with GTK for entity modding. But it often doesn't work ideally. You can even remove collision, but it will give you a somewhat laggy effect when moving through said brushes because the client thinks it's still solid, prediction yada yada. There is a way to add or stretch brushes, but I only have found it to be good for walls and ceilings, not for floors/things to stand on. Your client will think it is still falling. Generally I suggest you forget all about GTK i
  8. Just so you know, it showing up in local for you is usually normal. I would put my money on a firewall issue if he cannot connect directly with the IP:port.
  9. I can merely tell you what I know. If you want to dismiss what I'm telling you, that is your choice but it doesn't make what I'm saying invalid. Possible. All I'm saying is that not everyone is having this problem. I for one was downloading at around 18 MB/s just fine the other day. I'm not saying this. The way it current goes is that if you're using OpenJK without the launcher, it will write to those folders. Our launcher overrides this behaviour and forces it to the MBII folder, but again if you do not use the launcher to launch the game, then this override is not in place and it
  10. 1: Aware of this. All we can do is force the launcher to check if all files transferred properly and do another file check when the update finishes. Right now it doesn't do that automaticly so a repair installation in the settings in the launcher would be recommended. Beyond that, all I can tell you is download speed depends on your internet connection. 2: This doesn't seem right to me. You shouldn't have to put any mod (cgame jampgame uix) DLLs in base for MBII to run. Let alone in GameData where as far as I am aware nothing will read/use it. I am however aware that if you don't use the launc
  11. What files exactly are you talking about? MBII does not need anything in base other than assets0-3.pk3. Beyond that nothing should be an issue in there. We distribute the DLLs for the mod in the MBII folder, which assuming your download goes well, should all be there. You really need to explain your issue better OP, aswell as your solution if you fixed it. Details are important if you actually want us to be able to help other people in the future and solve these kind of issues. So from what I can get from this, your normal game works? As in, multiplayer, joining a server and playing e
  12. You should be able to play it just fine on regular OpenJK. Just know that we didn't test it so issues may occur.
  13. Yeah, I have the answer, I just decided not to give it to you for fun reasons. I'm also a retired dev, am not a coder, and know little to nothing about OpenJK. I decided to bring in what info I did know, since someone was asking about that specific thing. By the way, why aren't you asking this on the MB2 forums, if you actually want help from MB2 devs? We have our own fork of openjk for MBII, and because we don't want it to conflict or overwrite the normal version of OpenJK (say, if you use it in BaseJKA/JA+/something else), these files have different names. As for the IGP crashing af
  14. Probably the launcher for MBII setting it to MBII's one
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