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    This reminds me of another eastern Asian themed temple map. Does anyone remember which one that was? Not the Samurai FFA one, but a much bigger one that had a great skybox and cliffs and multiple temples, was very beautiful, looked like this one but bigger.
    Great start man. Been hoping for someone to implement what they had in JK2 for JKA for a long time. Would be great if there was some day to start the game with these features enabled without having to use codes. What about the auto-turrets, can you deploy those in SP missions?
  1. Too bad there was no mission in JA where Jaden had to be undercover as a stormie, this would fit perfectly in an SP level.
  2. Hey dude, I have never messed around with the MP coding or mods for it. Which type of modification do you want to implement in MP? The textures and music for my mod from SP carry over to MP, same with most effects mods.
  3. Wow man this is awesome, please don't abandon this project!
  4. I think I remember seeing this on pcgamemods as far back as 2004 lol
  5. Did anyone ever get this working? I'd like to use the faceplate saboteur in one of my mods!
  6. Love the SOTE guard, anyone remember the other imperial npc which was a green-colored version of the shovel head / at-st driver? is he more like this? or this? could never figure that out
  7. Thanks dude, I may post the music as a separate pk3 here for people to try out
  8. If you want we can discuss it on discord Basil. The script doesn't need heavy re-writes, it's mostly just changing names. Also Some of the dialogue is a bit cheesy, we can change that to something more serious.
  9. Thanks Basil! Yes I still want to use your help. I could give you the files but it would be a huge upload, but everything you could overwrite would just be in the vanilla anyways. You could download EY4 yourself here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/escape-yavin-iv/downloads/escape-yavin-iv-the-lost-maps Most of the files you want to replace for voices are in EY4-->sound-->chars (characters) and cin (cinematic cutscenes) As for the sabers, I'm not sure, the mod takes place in an alternate timeline future (30+ years post dark side ending) so instead of the Yuuhzan Vong War, the Mysterious Sith Overlord, drawn by Jaden's dark side rampage after the end of JA, is drawn to the galaxy, and he is the one who shocked the galaxy with mass genocide and resource depletion. As a side effect of the conquest though, the Sith armada blended with their conequests and some of the cultural differences are made apparent in the sabers they wield, and the armor they wear. I may not keep every single one, but the light discs and the saber axe are two that I think add more layers to fighting enemies you haven't encountered before.
  10. It was originally a vehicle, made by Hatrus eons ago for either the Desert Warfare map (which is now gone!) Similar to the choppers from the infamous Raid3_FFA. I turned it into an enemy npc that flies around and shoots you, moves just like a helicopter too. No death animation, just explodes in a little fireball when it dies, but still fun to play.
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