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  1. So what did you change in the npc files? Stats? Or did you do some deep-editing in the SP campaign? Interesting mod
  2. This is similar to what I'm trying to do with base JA Single Player. Just re-edit everything but also edit the maps so I can add npc placements. It looks like your mod is exactly what I did to the EY4 mod 4 years back. Good stuff, are you still working on it?
  3. Hey guys, Asgarath, been awhile, and Zahar this is wonderful work. Is there any way we could get you on discord to share some of our mod ideas? Last I checked we both had several projects ongoing. I am curious how you were able to edit the SP campaign successfully because I've been trying to do that for ages and have only been marginally successful with a .pk3 that overwrites the base assets0 assets1 and assets2 etc.
  4. Pretty cool, would love to see a shadowtrooper type enemy with this robe feature.
  5. Ah the six most common used cheats in all of JA history lol
  6. Lol not bad, got any more of these?
    This reminds me of another eastern Asian themed temple map. Does anyone remember which one that was? Not the Samurai FFA one, but a much bigger one that had a great skybox and cliffs and multiple temples, was very beautiful, looked like this one but bigger.
    Great start man. Been hoping for someone to implement what they had in JK2 for JKA for a long time. Would be great if there was some day to start the game with these features enabled without having to use codes. What about the auto-turrets, can you deploy those in SP missions?
  7. Too bad there was no mission in JA where Jaden had to be undercover as a stormie, this would fit perfectly in an SP level.
  8. Hey dude, I have never messed around with the MP coding or mods for it. Which type of modification do you want to implement in MP? The textures and music for my mod from SP carry over to MP, same with most effects mods.
  9. Wow man this is awesome, please don't abandon this project!
  10. I think I remember seeing this on pcgamemods as far back as 2004 lol
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