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  1. 307 downloads

    This mod comes with 3 cap variants that are supposed to look more violent than the default caps. Comes with three variants. V1 just my original cap with a new glow effect. V2 is supposed to look more like a real cauterized severed limb. V3 doesn't have the redish look of the lower layer (the flesh if you will), and instead has a dark, blackish sort of lower layer. It's intended for people who aren't a fan of the more violent look of V2. V1 is intended for those who like my original mod, and V2 is intended for those who really want that brutal look to the severed limbs. Installation Simply extract which PK3 you desire into Jedi Academy's base folder, located in the GameData directory. Original Version
  2. 174 downloads

    This mod is support to make the lightsaber caps a bit more violent/realistic. Installation Simply extract archive into JA's base folder. Also works with JK2
  3. 830 downloads

    Description: One of the biggest things that's always rather annoyed me about Jedi Academy, is how the Sky on Korriban (The last level in the game, as you head towards Marka Ragnos' tomb to confront either Tavion and/or Kyle Katarn. Depending on whether you chose the Dark Side or the Light Side), is the lack of atmosphere on the level. It really doesn't convey any sense of situation or feeling of what path you've chosen, as such or where you are. What this mod does, is try to deliver just that (quite well, I might add too). It includes a NEW and more authentic sky for the world of Korriban, as you will see from many sources across the web and other STAR WARS games that include the Sith planet. As opposed to the default cloudy, blue sky that was in the base game. It also includes the very dark and ominous music of the Sith, so as you're exploring the Sith Temple (whether you've chosen "Light Side" or "Dark Side" in the previous mission, on Taspir III), it should deliver a more authentic experience, all-round. Known Bugs: None. Comments: None Credits: George Lucas, John Williams and LucasArts.
  4. Version 0.5


    A force lightning mod. There are tons of these around, but I wanted to make my own version with some slightly altered features. Changes: - new image for Force Lightning from JK2 I believe (I think it looks more snazzy) - less lightning bolts drawn on screen at any given time, however individual bolts are slightly thicker (meant to make individual bolts feel more "powerful", also just for a cleaner looking lightning effect) - the orb(s) the lightning comes out of are a bit smaller to be in better proportion to the lightning bolts - optional ambient lighting effects for force lightning (the lighting that appears on the ground/walls/ceiling around the lightning bolts) - choice between different colors of force lightning PK3 packages: (explanation of what the ending suffixes mean) B - Blue Lightning. No ambient light. BL - Blue Lightning. Yes ambient light. BP - Blue Lightning for levels one and two of the force power. Purple lightning for level three of the power. No ambient light. BPL - Blue Lightning for levels one and two of the force power. Purple lightning for level three of the power. Yes to ambient light. P - Purple Lightning. No ambient light. PL - Purple Lightning. Yes ambient light. I felt that in the Base JA effect and in most lightning effect mods out there, that there were too many lightning bolts drawn on screen at once. Rather, I thought the individual lightning bolts should seem more powerful, rather than the power of the lightning seeming to come from 30+ bolts on the screen at once, and I thought it looks too messy with that many bolts anyway. The image for the lightning is borrowed from JK2 I believe which is purple by default. I borrowed a couple images from a mod on jk2files.com called "New Lightning Effects" but since jk2 files is down I can't check to see who the author was. I'm pretty sure though all he did was color the JK2 lightning effects blue. I'll probably release a full version of this with more polish, like more lightning styles and some improvement on the look and color of the ambient lighting, but honestly I've tinkered with this for so long I just wanted to finally release something.
  5. 25 downloads

    Installation: Simply place PK3 into the /Base/ folder. to remove..delete it. Description: Thought id try some fonts, this was the fist i'd tried. its currently only for chat as i wasnt keen on changing the console font.
  6. Version v0.3


    This Mod aims to replace nearly all in-game textures (which are quite low res compared to the textures in games nowadays) with improved hi-rez textures faithful to the original style of the game and/or with custom textures all of 2 times (some even 8! times) the original size. It is perfectly safe and very easy to install or uninstall from your system because it will not alter the files in your installation folder directly. More detailed instructions will be included in the release(s). This newest download is a huge new Pack, combining all former packs aswell as two new levels, Vjun and the "Mercenary" level on Tatooine. For more information click check out the Changelog below. To install extract the downloaded file to the directory gamedata/base/ in your Jedi Academy directory. -- Important -- If you have other releases of my mod in your game directory please delete them, this ensures everything will be displayed properly! Please visit my Mod on Moddb.com: http://www.moddb.com...exture-overhaul Why you no help?? I do not have the resources to test my mod on different systems apart from my gaming rig, so if someone would kindly help and post his system specs and the framerate or general performance when using my mod i can provide minimum spec info for other players. Now I don't think you need a strong pc for this to work fluently, but your graphics card should probably have 128 megs of ram. but this is just an assumption! If there is someone who has experience with the id tech 3 engine and its modelling tools and would like to help and take this mod on a new level - please contact me, i'm quite positive on improving the models and meshes too which would then be a total cosmetic overhaul mod improving all graphics throughout the game.
  7. Version 2


    Title: Enhanced Impact effects + True HD Blades Author: Kalamaray File Name: Enhanced_Impact_efx+True_HD_Blades.pk3 Effects: This basically gives most of the main vanilla guns (including turrets, ewebs etc) and saber impacts/deflections a more dramatic movie-like effect. I've also removed the graphic effects for force push/pull (the line in the autoexec is needed to remove the clear distortion effect), choke, sight, player shield, and greatly reduced the visibility of protection/absord so it's just noticeable enough to tell that they're on. I've also re-made and/or increased the resolution of some of the effects graphics such as flares, sparks, blaster and other energy bolts. This is still somewhat of a work in progress so if anyone has suggestions or requests for any effects feel free to let me know and i'll do my best to include it in the next update if possible. Blades: These are an updated version of my most recent blades slightly thickened and brighter with greatly increased resolution (4x the resolution of most HD blades like my last release), this includes the trails and glows of course. There's really nothing to say about these as the quality at this resolution speaks for itself =) Additional Notes: the only side effects of the force power changes i know of is assassin droids shields are invisible (due to the the autoexec line), and the glows of npc's through walls with force sight is extremely dim as a side effect of the changes to absorb/protection. Also if for some reason you want to just use the blades and want the new saberflare, it can be found in the "borgeyeflare" jpeg in gfx > misc. the actual "saberflare" jpeg is just a supplemental flare. I almost forgot to mention it but i've also replaced the lightning graphics with the ones from Jedi Outcast as i've always thought it looked much better. Installation: Extract both pk3's into Jedi Academy's /gamedata/base directory as well as the autoexec.cfg (or add the line to your own autoexec if you have a pre-existing one).
  8. 6,409 downloads

    My attempt at re-creating in detail the lightsaber effects, sparks, blades and the animation of each blade from The Force Awakens. Since there was only one regular lightsaber color in the movie i did my best to imagine what the other colors might look like using the color layering, contrast/saturation and brightness of the blue blade as an example. I modified Darth Martyr's shader to create the animation sequences for the blades so big thanks to him for letting me use it. While i put alot of time and attention into every aspect of this mod, i really wanted to bring the effects out by re-creating each unique spark in the various effects from every aspect of their appearance, to the gravity and velocity of each one. The lightsaber clash was difficult as there was a few variations of it so i went with a more neutral one color wise, as opposed to the deep purple/violet. However if for some reason someone would like the latter version let me know as i made it as well recently just for fun. Installation: Put the TFA_Live_Blades+Effects.pk3 in your base folder along with one of the saber animation pk3's depending on what you want. The main file contains the effects and regular saber blades. Blade_Animations.pk3 - TFA animations for regular blades with a normal red blade. Blade_Animations+KyloRed.pk3 - TFA animations for regular blades but with Kylo Ren's blade for red. Kylo_Blade_Only.pk3 - Just Kylo Ren's saber blade with no animations for regular blades.
  9. Version 1.0


    This is a small fix I made for the JA+ and JA++ black lightsabre blade. So what's the difference? Well, the black lightsabre will now have a black core and a white 'coloured' bit, which looks better imo. It also makes it easier to see the black sabre now, as it isn't all pitch black, which can help in fights and duels. This will only in ja+/ja++. To install, just put the pk3 into your 'japlus' folder, which can be found in your Gamedata folder. And many thanks to KanGy from the (JAWA) clan for being an awesome beta tester, and for helping me try find any bugs with it.
  10. Version V2


    Note: This saber is only for JA+ or JA++ due to the extra saber features it offers, vanilla cannot render the saber's effects. Also note the Darksaber effects replace the black saber colour effects. To have the darksaber effects applied to your lightsaber, select the black saber colour on the saber select screen. The Darksaber was a lightsaber created by the first Mandalorian accepted into the Jedi order. It holds symbolic value to the people of Mandalore and is a powerful weapon. During the Clone Wars, Maul, previously known as Darth Maul, acquired it through beating it's wielder at the time, Pre Visla. With the saber, Maul ruled over a majority of Mandalorian clans, until his rule was brought to an end by Darth Sidious. The saber was later acquired by Mandalorian Sabine Wren, and she weld it as a symbol of unity, as she tried to unify the Mandalorian clans and combat the Galactic Empire. After consideration, she passed on the Dark saber to Bo Katan, sister of the previous ruler of Mandalore, and now she wields it against the Empire. ...Until some random spacer (you) ran up to her and punched her in the face, stole the saber and ran away. You are now in control of the historic Darksaber! The model, textures, and scripts were made by me, however the sound effects were ripped from "The Clone Wars" animated TV series.
  11. Version 0.2


    This Pack is outdated, please download this one instead: The Jedi Academy Texture Overhaul v.0.3 Full Jedi Academy is a great Game but since it is from 2003, the graphics need an overhaul for that the fan of the force may have the best gaming experience possible! This Mod will, when finished, replace nearly all in-game textures (which seem somehow blurry and grey-ish) with High-dynamic-range-like Versions of them and/or with custom textures of 2 times (some even 8! times) the original size. It is perfectly safe and very easy to install or uninstall from your system because it will not alter the files in your installation folder directly. More detailed instructions will be included in the release(s). This will be my first real mod, so I hope people will like it and use it. This Pack includes all Levels I hav finished upp to date. This is: Yavin, Tatooine, Blenjeel, Taspir and some small parts of hoth (please download seperate hoth level 1.4 for full retexture). Also I fixed several issues and did some changes to the already finished packs (see Changelog below). I will also upload each level as a seperate pack. -->INSTALLATION INFO<-- to install unpack the zip and copy the .pk3 file into the directory /GameData/base/ of your JKA Installation it is recommended to delete old version files before using this one! Have FUN!! AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK FEEDBACK IS CRUCIAL Please visit my Mod on Moddb.com: http://www.moddb.com...exture-overhaul Also please check out these other two, new and updated levels: Updated Tatooine: http://jkhub.org/fil...rhaul-tatooine/ New full Hoth level: http://jkhub.org/fil...-overhaul-hoth/ New updated, Taspir level: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1504-the-jedi-academy-texture-overhaul-021-taspir/
  12. 1,340 downloads

    this fix adds icons of forces of 4,5,6,7 levels. it is impossible to select them. setforce(name) 4-5-6-7. I want to change SP game. That it would be possible to select forces, styles of saber. Bad what of my knowledge doesn't suffice.
  13. 112 downloads

    If Delta Squad had a distant cousin during the Clone Wars, may I present Theta Squad. Their result in design are inspirations from a mixture or of places put together. It probably looks ugly, but they'll just collect dust on my PC until my harddrive fails PS, I separated the shaders between the visor and the armor, so if you dislike them being shiny on dark maps, you can just delete the shade.shader from the pk3. /model theta_squad/spartan /model theta_squad/shade /model theta_squad/pyro /model theta_squad/gear
  14. 284 downloads

    FILENAME: zz_skyrimcrosshair.pk3 FILESIZE: 1.17 kb DATE RELEASED: September, 17th 2018 CREDITS to: Just myself since this is a small mod. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the zz_skyrimcrosshair.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: This is the default crosshair from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I made it from scratch, and tried to get it to look as close as possible to the actual crosshair. I play Skyrim way too much so I want to spread my love for Skyrim into other games. This crosshair replaces the default Jedi Academy crosshair. From the screenshots you will see there is a daedric armor with weapons from Skyrim, you can get that here: https://jkhub.org/topic/10870-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-daedric-armor/ BUGS: None at all! COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod.
  15. 393 downloads

    Is just a better looking splash screen without changing the way the splash screen looks.
  16. Version 1.0


    This mod replaces the normal saber blades with higher quality ones from SWTOR. The original SWTOR blades were heavily edited in order to look ok and work in JKA.
  17. 573 downloads

    new textures / shaders by The Punisher This a re-skin of an old version of Dooku's Light saber hilt form his days as a Jedi. I found the saber hilt in an old hilt pack with over 100 hilts. Unfortunately, the zip file does not contains any read me file with more information about the creator(s). I've attached a screenshot comparing the original hilt and the re-skinned version (new textures and shaders). Also included an optional file with SP support which will replace saber #5 in the SP menu selection. Install: Place the zzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber.pk3 and zzzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber_sp.pk3 (optional) in your base folder To use: use "saber jedi_dooku" form the JKA console to activate the hilt. Uninstall: remove the file zzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber.pk3 (and zzzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber_sp.pk3 if used) from your base folder. SPECIAL CREDITS: Original creator whoever he is.
  18. 560 downloads

    This is just a simple little mod that replaces the Lightsaber Blades to give them a nicer look, because there's totally not enough of those around the place Still, I just thought I'd add these to the pile of Saber Blade mods. Have fun and let me know what you think BUGS: - This mod may interfere with other Saber Blade mods and cause a conflict. Add a comment on the mod page or PM me on JKHub if you somehow find any other bugs.
  19. 155 downloads

    Installation: Put the "Kressh and Sadow Sith Swords" pk3 file into your GameData/base folder. Uninstall: Delete/move file out of the GameData/base folder To get in single player: type saber naga_sadow_sword or saber ludo_kressh_sword in your console (watch that typo in Kressh!) I have returned! After seeing my old Sadow Sith Sword made its way into JKHub, I chuckled to myself honestly. I made a lot of personal mods across different games and my modelling skills have definitely... improved. So I decided to revisit the Sith Sword line! Not only did I remake Sadow's sword, but Ludo Kressh's war blade! After doing some research a little deeper than one sketch of Sadow's sword, I made it look more accurate and realistic. I also tweaked the .sab files too, making them able to switch styles instead of being stuck on Desann's, among other things. No, I did not add the static lightning effects to the blades mainly due to the fact it's... annoying and spammy. There is a couple lightning-y effects with blocking and hitting but they're not as spammy in my opinion. I'll admit they're not perfect, but definitely better than the old one! Give them a download if you like them! If not... download them anyways!
  20. Version Alpha


    Hello! Today I come to bring you this nice mini mod, which adds a fire aspect to our saber, that applies to the trail of the saber and its line , This is a mini mod so it does not affect anything of the game just to him saber. Bugs: The white saber contains a lot of luster around it, this will be fixed in higher versions
  21. Version 1.0


    I'm back with my first (semi-original) mod! After learning how to edit effects (kinda), I came up with this creation. This is a lore-accurate representation of the lightning seen on Sadow's sword in the Star Wars comics. There are some glitches, like lightning appearing somewhere on any map you're currently on. There is single-player support for the weapon, as well as multiplayer support. Yes, the lightning STAYS on the sword when you use it. The model itself was not made by me, it was made by Darth Java, and re-uploaded by JKHub. You can find the original model here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3156-naga-sadows-sith-sword/ Have fun with the mod, and above all else, have a great day!
  22. 162 downloads

    Description: This small modification is for all you "Revan'ites', out there and it simply changes your basic JKA console to a glassy/transparent-ish look. It's a pack of 6 different files, each with a different image of the Sith Lord, Darth Revan, himself. Known Bugs: None Comments: Credits: LucasArts & BioWare (See readme for full credits)
  23. 78 downloads

    Description: This small modification, simply changes your basic JKA console to a glassy/transparent-ish look, with 2 screenshots taken from the MMO; STAR WARS: The Old Republic. The shots can also be seen in the lightsaber duel parts of the "Deceived" and "Return" cinematic trailers for the game. Known Bugs: None. Comments: Credits: George Lucas and LucasArts.
  24. 1,920 downloads

    Was experimenting with the sabermark files and ended up with this. It looked pretty cool imo, so I decided to share it! Very simple to install, just place into your "Base" folder (or any other folder you may be using for mods). If you have other graphical mods, then you may rename this file in order to make it load last (if need be)! Also make sure you have the following inside your "autoexec" .cfg file, just in case they aren't set already: seta cg_g2Marks 1 seta cg_g2MarksAllModels 1 seta cg_marks 1 seta cg_saberEntMarks 1
  25. 262 downloads

    Author: RecklessJames Filename: lightsabers_blades_prismsaber.pk3 Filesize: 92kb Release Date: 1/7/2018 Version: 1.0 The other day I thought about how it would look if a lightsaber had multiple colors like a rainbow, so now I finally made it possible! Features the colors of blue, green, orange, red, yellow, and red. No it's not exactly positioned like the colors of a rainbow, I positioned the colors in a way that I personally thought looked the best! Also keep in mind that this will replace the Orange blade color. I hope you guys enjoy! For those who are curious, the player skin/model featured in these pics are from the mod "Kyle Katarn in Jedi Robes" which you can download here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/622-kyle-katarn-in-jedi-robes/
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