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  1. I do not see the option at all in settings
  2. The problem here is that it's AI upscaled, so allot of detail is lost because it's being done by what the AI sees and not what SOMEONE sees, therefore some grit and dirt on female Jaden's boots and the poors on Rosh's face are less detailed/less apparent now. It's okay to use AI, but next time try modifying the textures to keep that original look. So much is lost with only using AI, and that can be seen with the Scarface AI upscale mod and the HL2 AI upscale mod.
  3. I think it's mostly good but the rock textures, I feel, don't fit the original feel and look of the original ones.
  4. I really hate to ask, but because I am so impressed by this, will there ever be a version for Jedi Academy?
  5. That seems to be tied with the game code, or specifically, how Ghoul2 works. I don't think there's a way to change that currently.
  6. Not really sure, but I know Movie Battles does something like that. Example: For there's a "projectile rifle" that causes bloody bullet hole wounds and I think maybe bloody caps too because it also severs limbs. I would probably ask the Movie Battles team about that.
  7. 1,062 downloads

    This mod comes with 3 cap variants that are supposed to look more violent than the default caps. Comes with three variants. V1 just my original cap with a new glow effect. V2 is supposed to look more like a real cauterized severed limb. V3 doesn't have the redish look of the lower layer (the flesh if you will), and instead has a dark, blackish sort of lower layer. It's intended for people who aren't a fan of the more violent look of V2. V1 is intended for those who like my original mod, and V2 is intended for those who really want that brutal look to the severed limbs. Installation Simply extract which PK3 you desire into Jedi Academy's base folder, located in the GameData directory. Original Version
  8. Edit: Nevermind, it just got approved not too long ago


    It's been well over 2 days since I've uploaded my dismemberment cap mod, and it's yet to be approved. So, I'll just drop it here. If this is by any means against rules, someone please notify me.


    Differences are shown below

    New caps are image 1 (top) and old are 2 (bottom)20210613150152_1.jpg.7a5d1ee41eaa9e0c03293999b65ca624.jpg


  9. First and for most, sorry the late response. And secondly, I understand. Do forgive my ignorance.
  10. 784 downloads

    This mod is support to make the lightsaber caps a bit more violent/realistic. Installation Simply extract archive into JA's base folder. Also works with JK2
  11. If so, can someone please assist me in replacing them, or maybe someone can do it themselves?
  12. My mod, "Denton's Lightsaber Sound Mod" has been waiting for approval for 8 hours now. Is this normal? Is there something included in the file that shouldn't be there? If so, then what? It's just a sound mod. I'm very new to uploading mods here, so please forgive my ignorance.
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