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  1. If so, can someone please assist me in replacing them, or maybe someone can do it themselves?
  2. My mod, "Denton's Lightsaber Sound Mod" has been waiting for approval for 8 hours now. Is this normal? Is there something included in the file that shouldn't be there? If so, then what? It's just a sound mod. I'm very new to uploading mods here, so please forgive my ignorance.
  3. 27 downloads

    This mod is supposed to make lightsabers sound more impactful, and that's about it. I'm fairly certain it also works for JK2. DSOAL EAX IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS MOD Guide on getting EAX working Installation Simply extract into Jedi Academy's base folder IF YOU LIKED THE MOD, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW! FEEDBACK IN THE COMMENT SECTION WOULD ASLO HELP
  4. I would have to say "no". This would be just the right difficulty for tier 3, at least fighting the Sith enemies. Every other part of the level would be easy on any difficulty on any tier. You just have to use the speeder boost and you're basically fine until you have to fight the reborn.
  5. I did not change anything in the npc files. I changed weapons.dat. I doubled all the weapon damage that I could. Excluded weapons are the lightsaber and some npc exclusive weapons here and there like the Tusken rifle and staff, and some Jawa weapon that is 100% unused. It doesn't even have a model.
  6. 13 downloads

    Specials thanks to Dusty for the "Expanded Weapons.dat mod". Link here NOTE: You need OpenJK to play with this mod. Mod Features Most of all weapons have their damage doubled. Exclusions listed later. Centered weapons (bowcaster is a bit off-center, can't fix that) Annoying Hazard Troopers Worse Boba Fett fight Literal pain and suffering if you're playing on Jedi Master Installation Simply extract the file contents into Jedi Academy's base folder found in GameData Excluded Weapons WP_SABER (Lightsaber) WP_MELEE (Fists) WP_TUSK
  7. The Tatooine level is WAY too difficult for a Tier 2 level. It should be added to T3. Also, I'd gladly voice the Rebel who does the intros for these levels. I am experienced in voice acting. Add me on Discord, JoJo#2142, or message me here on JKHub.
  8. I'm not sure if this project is still active or not, but I'll glady be a random goon if there are still open slots for voice actors. I'm a guy, by the way.
  9. Oh... I feel stupid. No, I did not. I made a folder for OpenJK and I put the OpenJK files in that folder. I did that because I did not want any files to conflict with base JA. I fixed this issue by simply copying my Base folder to where I have OpenJK.
  10. ERROR MESSAGE: "Couldn't load default.cfg The crash log has been written to C:\users\mypc\Documents\My Games\OpenJK\crashlog-2020-09-12_22-43-20.txt" The message within that txt file is: OpenJK: v1.0.1.1 win_msvc-x86 Sep 7 2020 Initialising zone memory ..... ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: C:\Users\mypc\Documents\My Games\OpenJK\base F:\OpenJK\base ---------------------- 0 files in pk3 files Couldn't load default.cfg I don't know what's wrong, I have downloaded the latest version (Uploaded September 7th, 2020). I had OpenJK be
  11. Mine didn't come with rdsp-rendsaurus_x86.dll. What do I do?
  12. Very good mod, but I feel like there needs to be Kel'dor, Zabrak, Rodian, and Twi'lek White Mages, too.
  13. Good mod, it's just that it's not realistic with a Lightsaber or Blaster, would be realistic with Tusken Raider's weapons, they use bullets and... things.
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