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  1. I'm still down to help out with that, I still have the sounds I set up from kotor into jkhub (I know you commented on my forum on) Glad to see you back
  2. I was able to figure it out and beat the mod. I enjoyed playing this mod. my only complaint i have is in regard to the final level. It's too dark. The darkness makes the level too confusing to navigate. something resembling moon light would have helped because zooming around in a speeder in a place i can't see is frustrating The final map and other areas in some maps too dark to the point you need max brightness
  3. Made it to the library, still got time before reinforcements arrive. I've searched the whole library top to bottom, hitting the interact key on everything and can't find what i'm suppose to do. what do i do? what do i interact with to progress through the level?
  4. I'm surprised you were able to get that to work. Is there even source files for Ventress' and Fisto's gameplay style since they're both different from the other hero units?
  5. weird, i remember trying to convert music to 44100hz but it wouldn't play in game
  6. funnily enough my stuff are .wav files i'll have to try out music again, i need to get familiar with getting the hz configuration in audacity because i know music doesn't use 44100hz i believe it uses something else @Lord Of Hate
  7. Nice work on the purge troopers It would be interesting in whatever mod (can't think of specifics) if someone recreated the purge trooper commander's blaster rifle with one of the unique functions it has
  8. I recently got a character model of Lord Skere Kaan I requested over a year ago and I am SOOOOOOOOOO greatful for it. Also it helps that I had other things to keep me patient knowing that the modeling process is not a cakewalk (well to Jeff it probably is, depending on what he’s working on lol).
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eAw_L9sKiic Here’s something I did the other day: An expansion on one of my previous experiments, results are all over the place I’ll admit that. Based on what i did for the video where Atton and Rax go at each other, I decided to add to this by replacing more of Rax’s and Jaden’s and even the stormtroopers dialogue. Making Rax more passive aggressive from the use of Commander Derns dialogue and one pitched down line from Patrol Captain Dehno (that czerka officer you see near a dead Wookiee who you can fight, when you early on the great walkway on Kashyy
  10. These old Battlefront 4 concept art designs are definitely going to be a gold mine of reference images for you and others to make character models lol
  11. It’s looking good, the hair of course still needs to be worked on and I’m also guessing the poncho is in development?
  12. Soooo i guess i’ll wait for a new build for a MP/SP openjk version
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