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  1. Ren looks good but there's a detail that is incorrect: his right hand should be gloveless like in the comic
  2. Associate of Music Man's speaking (specifically for EY4 revamp), I haven't heard from him in over a year, but since the last communication I had with him, we haven't spoken since (no drama in case you ask). I hope he comes back in the future to continue working on the mod because from our discussions we had a lot of cool ideas and reimaginings for how we wanted the mod to play out with it's revamped story.
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ht4qmot4mej4xvn/KOTFexpansions.rar/file Here you go, here's what I have. As @Lancelothas said: they're not all that special, they're just a collection of save games. Some are more well done than others with interesting premises but then there are some that just trash and unfun to play but if you have a copy of KOTF 2.0 and a lot of time to kill, give them a shot. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you You're better off playing Galactic Legacy because the concept of making unique missions based off the movies, games, etc. is more realized there. It does what KOTF tried to do, this time with a team of people who have the knowledge and skills to pull it off.
  4. Here's a series of videos where the Developers of Galactic Legacy go back down memory lane discussing the developments of the mod.
  5. Galactic Legacy is an ambitious mod, but we are but a small team. Many areas of the mod are covered, but there are other areas where we need help! That's where YOU can come in! We are currently hiring for the following roles: Translator: Currently all of SWGL is written in English, we'd like to provide text in other languages! The following are a list of languages we would like to offer translations for: - French - Spanish - Italian - Czech - Turkish Even if your language is not listed, we'd still love to have you! German is already covered Mapper : We have one mapper, he is overworked. We need moar! Texture Artist: Whether creating promotional art or creating textures for models, we need your help! If you're interested in helping us out, please send me a DM letting a member of the team know your interest! Additionally, if you're interested in a role not listed here, such as MODELING, MISSION DESIGNING, and UI/MENU DESIGN, please let us know! WE AREN'T AS ACTIVE ON JKHUB SO GO TO THE SWGL DISCORD SERVER TO CONTACT US
  6. I'm still down to help out with that, I still have the sounds I set up from kotor into jkhub (I know you commented on my forum on) Glad to see you back
  7. I was able to figure it out and beat the mod. I enjoyed playing this mod. my only complaint i have is in regard to the final level. It's too dark. The darkness makes the level too confusing to navigate. something resembling moon light would have helped because zooming around in a speeder in a place i can't see is frustrating The final map and other areas in some maps too dark to the point you need max brightness
  8. Made it to the library, still got time before reinforcements arrive. I've searched the whole library top to bottom, hitting the interact key on everything and can't find what i'm suppose to do. what do i do? what do i interact with to progress through the level?
  9. I'm surprised you were able to get that to work. Is there even source files for Ventress' and Fisto's gameplay style since they're both different from the other hero units?
  10. weird, i remember trying to convert music to 44100hz but it wouldn't play in game
  11. funnily enough my stuff are .wav files i'll have to try out music again, i need to get familiar with getting the hz configuration in audacity because i know music doesn't use 44100hz i believe it uses something else @Lord Of Hate
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