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  1. No, it does not appear to work with that mod installed.
  2. /npc spawn human_merc bob /runscript bob altfire
  3. You cant. The altfire 1 in the .npc file simply does not work and npcs cannot use this. I suggest using this mod if you want altfire and also control the firerate of npcs: There may also be a few mods that make the game support altfire in .npc files.
  4. Citrom

    Cuis Clone

    wow men a stormtrooper with a lightsaber!!!!!11!!11!
    very nice map here are a few problems though: - consider packing the files in a pk3 - fps drops in some areas, really bad massive fps drops in the last area - the game started me as human male jaden with female sounds and a single_10 hilt which does not exist in the game, so it instead gave me the short reborn hilt - the second time i started the game i had the right sounds, but all force powers were level 3, saber still bugged, might have just been me though
  5. v1.3.21 - when cooking a grenade, changing weapon at the end makes it detonate in ur hand. but the grenade does not disapear from ur inventory. instead it removes a random gun from ur inventory. - jetpack not turning on after shooting/reloading but still showing the effect for a second. i got used to it myself, but i know many ppl get confused or annoyed by this. - tripmine (laser) does not always detonate when enemies pass through it. maybe they move too fast for the mines? - bowcasters (especially assault bow) have way too low ammo. - q2 pistol is op. second cheapest pistol in t
  6. Where to get the new maps like jawa fortress? its not in the download
  7. Citrom


    mod can be downloaded here we also currently have a server up, 'Zyk Mod Europe'. /connect t3gevil.de ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information about the mod zykmod is a serverside mod, clients do not need it installed in order to play on zyk servers the zyk client adds more stability, a new menu, a few cool effects and more zykmod is a RPG mod where players can defeat npcs or other players to get levels and credits evreytime a player levels up, they gain more skills and they can buy some
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