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  1. ATTENTION: My brother found a bug that I missed, Hoth won't load due to some ridiculously large textures (from the Mr. Zz JKA Texture overhaul). I must have accidentally added those ones to the pk3 instead of the textures from the patched version. To fix this, you can either: 1. Go into the Revenge of the Jedi.pk3/textures/hoth and delete all of the h_outside and h_basicwall textures (or just the whole folder, it will just default to the hoth textures in the assets1.pk3) OR 2. Download the Hoth patch that went with the JKA Texture overhaul and put it in the Revenge of the Jedi folder https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-jedi-academy-texture-overhaul/downloads/jka-texture-overhaul-v03h-hoth-fix The download link will be updated to the new version that has fixed the bug
  2. I just looked it up and wow, I can see what you mean. I'm excited to give that a shot
  3. Yeah I saw your prequel replacement tc, I looked through that and the music mod to learn how to do a few of the things. I would like to do something like this again with either the Prequels or a Leia/Han thing with the Jedi Outcast mod, but getting the models to work in the cutscenes has proven tricky.
  4. Name one 3d pc or console game where you play a story mode as Luke Skywalker (and not as a freaking lego). There's Rogue Squadron, but you're basically just playing as a ship. I can't think of a single one
  5. I'm very much looking for feedback and criticism, so anyone who plays this feel free to comment your thoughts or PM me
  6. I don't know how JKHub does updating for posts like these (I'm new as fuck at this) but I added a download link so enjoy
  7. Yeah, that's what I've been trying to figure out for the last 23 years, so I finally decided to fix it. I actually think I used a couple of your models, I know that finding your WIP was like a treasure trove haha. I'm going through all of the assets now to find out who needs credit for what.
  8. Here is a conversion of the entire Jedi Academy campaign. I've reimagined the story of the original trilogy -- Obi-Wan survived the duel with Vader and Yoda had begun a new Jedi Temple on Dagobah. Luke and Leia are told that they are siblings and head to Dagobah to train under Obi-Wan. I've finished testing it, and the few bugs that remain are not a hindrance to game play. If you find any bugs or know how to fix any, please let me know or feel free to workshop it yourself. STAR WARS EPISODE V: REVENGE OF THE JEDI DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rgc1ov94jx9wnr9/Revenge%20of%20the%20Jedi%20v1.01.7z (updated with Hoth fix) Follow the instructions! It's a huge mod (2GB), and pretty much any additional mod could interfere with something in the game, so the download includes a GameData folder already set up with the latest OpenJK build, a base folder, and a Revenge of the Jedi folder with the pk3s. Instead of installing the pk3s, I've set it up so you copy the assets into the RotJ base folder then run the game through there. The dialogue and menu scripts are in the subtitles pk3 in the mod's base folder. For some reason they wouldn't work in the same folder as the other pk3s, so once again feel free to play around with it and get a better set up. Enjoy! Note: It only works with OpenJK (I haven't tested it with JA+), and you have to play it with the voices muted. Otherwise the normal voices play over the new characters and it is terrible. New: Models Enemies Menus Sounds Animations Music Skins Textures Basically Everything
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