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  1. Update: Working on the second part of the city, where all of the civilian RP sections will be. The challenge is creating visually striking skyscrapers, while also providing flight lanes and foot-traffic lanes. I worry that the section could be much too large for foot traffic. In JA+, this isn't a problem as the grapple is a good traversal tool. Maybe some atmospheric outdoor areas can serve as sort of "checkpoints", like an ourdoor cafe or a fountain or something.
  2. Version 1.3b


    Hello all! This is RPG Dreadnaught, an old, classic RP map seemingly lost to time (but not to MrWonko's JK3 mirror). The map is basically as you remember it, with one added bonus; I've fixed the missing textures on the AT-AT in the Hoth area. They are now shown exactly as the author intended. Happy to be able to bring this one back to the community with this tiny QoL fix as well!
  3. I do believe that's the already existing animated shader that's used in the Coruscant map in baseJKA. I don't think that's actually part of the skybox.
  4. Hudaw

    RPG Yalara v2.0

    Hi! No, as I mentioned it was likely in the TextureOverhaul mod, but I included it to remove the dependency on that mod as the map was designed partially around the look of that texture. So I felt the need to include it there. However, if memory serves, I did put it on a different shader specifically so it wouldn't override other maps, but I'd have to go back and have a look.
  5. Hudaw

    RPG Yalara v2.0

    Sorry about that! I do believe I extracted the texture that was in the texture overhaul pack, which included some textures from JK2 as well if memory serves.
  6. I'm saying verticality is a bit easier because you have the capability of using elevators like that, but you don't have as much of a luxury with horizontal layouts. Players expect a larger horizontal sightline for a city like this, but you can toy with the verticality to get the three-tiered city idea I already have. It's going to be a bit tough is all. It's going to take months to get this map out, and then I have to pip MJT for lighting because forget that lol.
  7. I'm strongly considering during a three-tiered main city, which would need a spaceport. It's kinda hard to do anything really horizontal, I think, but I'll have to take another look at Solo.
  8. 39 downloads

    This issue is typically caused by a shader conflict that exists in the Yalara and Yalara v2 shader directives. If you have either of those two maps, you'll notice that some maps that attempt to use flares will have problems of this kind. This .pk3 attempts to fix that issue by reordering how the .shader file is loaded. I've informed CydonPrax of the issue and will also be pushing my own fix on my version of Yalara once I've made some other changes I've been wanting to make.
  9. Ah thanks, sorry about that hahaha. Yeah it really depends on how much of that is brush vs. model work, but it definitely would be cool to look at adding some spaces like that.
  10. Hey all. I'm working on a fairly large map. At the moment I'm just doing the exterior pieces to find the form of the map before I worry about the interiors. Right now what I have is: JEDI TEMPLE SECTION Temple exterior with landing pad and spawning x-wing High-rise buildings around the area to show the edge of the available area SPACE STATION SECTION Space station exterior 4 hangars One already populated by the Ebon Hawk prefab CITY SECTION Unavailable I'd like to get some ideas for what people would like to see here and then check the viability against what I can do and what the engine can do. I'd love to hear the ideas you have. I've also included screenshots of what's currently done. Also worth noting that if anyone would like to assist with the creation of the map directly, I welcome it.
  11. Version 2.1


    Hello all, and thank you for checking out this file. This is RPG Yalara v2, a revival and remastering of the original Yalara RP map by CydonPrax, then known as Ki-Adi-Mundi. The map is very popular with RP communities, and as such, I thought I'd try to give it a little facelift. That facelift turned into a bit more time as I decided to completely redo entire sections of the map, so here we are. The readme will contain a full list of the changes, should you wish to see them. One of the biggest changes is a marked improvement in performance, as I believe the original map never had a full -vis compile. So portalling is done better and as such, the city and temple exterior sections run much smoother. A friendly alert that this map will likely require OpenJK to run, as it seems that base versions don't support the number of triggers / interactables present on this map. Under those conditions, the elevators in the temple don't work. However, you can still access the second floor via a teleport on the map; check out the readme for info on that. Anyways, I hope those of you still RPing can enjoy the map, and I look forward to hopefully producing another!
  12. I think there are two possibilities for this occurence, late as I'm responding to the topic. 1. I believe lighting on doors is done when they're in their closed position, but lighting against all surrounding brushes is done as if the door is not there. It's likely a similar issue to how func_plats are lit at their extended point instead of the starting point. 2. Depending on how the doorway is constructed, the surface of the brushes could be taking extra light because there's no break in the brush. If you make the doorway around the door its own set of brushes and then further split them right where the door is, you might get better lighting behavior. Without a screenshot of the affected area, it's tough to tell. But IDTech3 doesn't exactly do dynamic lighting like UE4, so.
    Great construction and pretty solid optimization on these. A couple of remaining faces to be caulked, but the default behavior makes this ship snap right into any map pretty easily.
    I remember helping Wyrst with this map ages ago. The architecture is really fitting for the setting, though the lighting could have definitely done with a much better hand than mine. Optimization was also a bit of an issue, but the map itself lent to some solid RP experiences and my community has been clamoring for this for a while.
  13. It's so strange because not only do I distinctly remember it, I remember the color that the levelshot was for the more recent of the two versions. The current levelshot has a blue hue, and the newer levelshot had a red hue. I know I'm not crazy but there is zero trace of a single file out there so maybe I AM crazy.
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