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  1. I always liked Star Wars mostly for the crazy huge lore. Even if the EU was filled with ridiculous stuff I loved it that way. A lot of people didn't care about EU and only liked the movies in a casual way and that was okay, because the EU always felt like just some extra thing you can choose to care about or not. So the moment they deleted the EU and announced that everything will be tightly checked by Disney to make sure everything makes sense, I realized I wouldn't like Star Wars anymore. The new lore is just nowhere good enough to justify deleting 30 years of old stories. I didn't like ROS, it felt completely unnecessary (just like the whole new trilogy). It doesn't expand anything beyond the original trilogy since Also although I don't like using plot holes as an excuse too much, these new movies just have way way too many plot holes compared to the old ones. I mean the old ones probably did too but they weren't so obvious, you wouldn't find yourself thinking too much about stuff that didn't make sense. The old Star Wars movies were simple enough. The sequels have too much stuff that requires you to think and find a way to make sense out of it. The stuff you guys mention above like I also thought it was very very tasteless to use Leia the way they did. Her lines are so out of context that it makes her really look and sound like a corpse. And the was just the worst they could do to her as a character and actress. I wouldn't mind if these new sequel trilogy stories were EU stories. But they are "numbered" Star Wars movies so they are the main part of the lore/story, they need to be of way better quality than what we got. EDIT: I guess I liked a few things about ROS though: How they expand Rey's character and how they try to answer for most plot holes and questions left from the previous two movies (I like how they mention the Holdo crash). I also liked the planet where they meet Keri Russell's character, it seemed like an excellent location for Star Wars Battlefront. The new droid was also pretty cool. I liked the scenes where But then they undid those scenes in later scenes and removed any emotional impact, that was a cop out imo.
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