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  1. heya how do I activate this "rotation lock"? PS: Found it, Shift+T
  2. Hello everyone I wanted to make a player model for JKA. Unfortunatly, I get this error. I tried adjusting the tags, didnt help really. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9b4vfj6s4ub257/kaarinku.pk3?dl=0 You can have a look for yourself I would love have some feedback and help to fix the problem
  3. Okay, WOW I did it. It really worked somehow. I still don't understand it really, but thx for your help and your manual <3 (btw nice to meet you, I recently signed up here, but I saw your posts before)
  4. Okay thanks for the hint :3 I will see what I can do
  5. Hello guys :3 So I finally did my own custom model for JKA. Unfortunatly I have two problems: 1.http://i.imgur.com/ygagqFb.png As soon as I get hit my an lightsaber, the game gives this error. 2. The model has lightning issues. It looks...pretty blocky. I think it happens because I am not able to smoothen my model. Well, if I dont split ALL edges in blender I will get this error "UV seams found. Split meshes at UV seams". I am probably just to stupid to understand what the exporter wants from me. "Split meshes at UV seams"?! I mean I tried to make it use only one connected UV map, but it wont accept that. Well if I split ALL edges, I will get a vert-count of 15000 instead of 3000. I just need somehow a tutorial of how I can avoid this splitting in order to smoothen the faces and reduce the vert count. Thanks in advance, I look forward to your help <3 (PS: I tried to export my model in 3ds via importing it first as fbx, but the exporter gave me the error "Something went wrong") EDIT: I tried it with the 3ds GLM exporter again, now is Modview giving an error, saying, that I 0 bones....I am sure that I have a skeleton...
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