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    JA++ Download

    You can find a windows build from 2019 here: https://japplus.github.io/site
  2. Morabis

    Site Down?

    @Raz0r @Circa Hey. I made a mirror of the original site on here: https://japplus.github.io/site/ Added the 'recent' builds (05.30.19) to the download section.
  3. J.A.C.K is not supporting JKA so I'd stick to GTK Radiant.
  4. If you have anything in mind let me know. I might can make it for ya.
  5. 41 downloads

    JKA MP FF5 map was made into a skybox. If you want to make a map with a Taspir setting you might find it useful. I removed the middle platform as it was easier to take the images for the skybox. Installation Instructions: Unzip the taspir_skybox.zip archive. Put the taspir_skybox folder to your Gamedata/base/textures folder. Put the taspir_skybox.shader file to your Gamedata/base/shaders folder. Don't forget to add the shader to your shaderlist.txt in the same folder. In Radiant you can find the shader as taspir_skybox in the skies folder.
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