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  1. Absolutely love that you ripped his lines from the audio book, this model is awesome– Bravo!
  2. Just noticed that when I go to Jedi Academy files and hit the Hilts category it takes me to the Jedi Outcast Lightsabers category.

    1. Circa


      Fixed. Sorry about that!

  3. I was trying to find a multiplayer code for the SFX sabers addon. I saw a link in a different thread on jkhub but I can't find the link for it anymore, does anybody else have it?
  4. Grunge

    JA++ Download

    Is this file available for download? If so... Could you please provide a link?
  5. So a group of friends and I have been trying to trouble shoot the mod located in the google drive link below, and we have been stumped on trying to make it able to run in conjunction with Openjk similar to many other mods and still retain its functionality. Any assistance on this would be awesome https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Xbj09jZQUaWnlaZGFvSHJobDg/view
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