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Sith-J-Cull's Stargate SGC 1.0

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My long started Star Gate map... Its not what I set out to do with it, the Gate room and command room are as faithful to the earlier episodes of SG1 as I could get them.. I spent a lot of time on the textures and effects, the gate effect kind of works, but there is no proper dialing ... I found a way to reflect the moving event horizon in the windows from inside the gate room, so be sure to check that out.. I also spent a lot of time on an animap shader to get the watery effect on the gate.. Hope you like it.


The planet at the other end of the gate is just my reworked Naboo Crystal Sanctuary map that I used for quickness, however I added a bunch of new effects, sky box and scenery which was inspired at the time by the home planet of the Navei from Avatar.


No doubt this map will get bashed for the fact that its not as playable as others as far as flow goes.... but I treat it more as an experiment in recreating a location that I love from a show that was amazing.


The 'Naboo Sanctuary' part of the map, which basically incorporates one of my older maps contains some textures by SIMONOC, mainly his vegetation textures and some brick work textures. The original credit can be found in the readme of Naboo Sanctuary that is uploaded here.





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Thank you so much SJC! I am so happy to see this map released!


The symbol on the jump pads and the waterfall were both very nice surprises, and its good to see the naboo crystal map in a new light, or new night as the case might be.


I am glad that even though it wasn't quite finished in a few spots that you shared it anyway. Some of the interactive features are quite interesting... The double panel wall in the hallway perplexed me, lol.


So good, especially the architecture! So spot on, I love it! The rounded hallways reminded me of your great millennium falcon map as well.

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That's cool Lord Revian, I plan to get all the ones I was working on completed and uploaded. Vis a vi..


The homestead (my version) with Tatooine streets and cantina, Kamino II and the new Falcon in space :-)

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Oh, SJC, make sure if you make the falcon in space, you add some kind of planet or deathstar space station. There will no doubt be RPers that will swarm over that map :D.

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You know what I checked this map out, dude, ok you nailed this one for sure XD. I even referenced to the movoies and tv show TRYING to find some thing... NOPE XD.

10/10 mate!

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