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Character models of the Deathtrooper from Rogue One.


Originally made for Movie Battles II, sadly spawning npcs in vanilla singleplayer will cause the heapsize error.


So adjusting your heapsize or using Open_JK client is advised.


Modelled in 3ds Max, Topogun and zbrush. Maps Baked in xNormal and textured with Quixel Suite and AshuraDX's Substance shader.


Npc Support.
Bot Support.
New sounds.


Npc Spawn List:






Known Bugs: Minor clipping


Comments: Let me know if there are any issues.


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Really top-notch models, allthough as a Substance Painter user i still can't shake the "plastic" look i gather from the model's textures which quixel suite produces. I hope that i will one day see a model from you by using substance painter for texturing - imo by far superior to quixel. 
#constructivecriticism 5 stars all the way for each and every one of your products nevertheless, not to be missunderstood. At such a level of talent it's really down to the details - so software you use and work with. Most people will not understand what i am talking about - but you certainly will Scerendo. Models can only be this good - it's textures where a product as good as this shines.

To add another suggestion, Substance Painter has a far superior baker as xNormal as well. Really, just try it out and be amazed. I never learned substance painter, my mods are purely self-taught routines. You seem to have been tought by others - put that knowledge to use with the currently best software availible. You'll become an even bigger god to the community than you already are + you'd reduce texturing to *only* substance painter and nothing else. In case you are interested, hit me up and i will set you up, either on discord or PM here on jkhub.org

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I don't seem to get any errors, but when I shoot it with a blaster or hit with a lightsaber it crashes, most likely because of all my other enhancement mods. Could you try a less detailed one, it's probably because of the high resolution and shaders on it. Other than that, awesome model!

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Really top-notch models, allthough as a Substance Painter user i still can't shake the "plastic" look i gather from the model's textures which quixel suite produces.

You get the results when you put the additional effort in, quixel or substance shouldn't have anything to do with the outcome, if you treat your textures as PBR for a diffuse game it won't look right. There's a tendency to just click the "make art button" with those tools and it doesn't always work ;).

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Wow, it's pretty nicely done!


The only thing I can suggest is to make textures darker, because in the game it looks like light grey or more silver, than dark grey or black.

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